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Lightning Round -2014/02/05

The end of the game debate.
Related: The difference between the red pill and game.
Why Keoni follows game.
Related: Reclamation of masculine knowledge.
Related: The righteous virtues .
Related: Virtue and the beatitudes.
Related: Tools, use, and abuse.

Headship game.
Related: Discerning your mission for marriage.
Related: What Deep Strength is looking for in a wife.

Ace with a great post explaining manosphere “anger”.
Related: Why the manosphere exists in one post.
Related: Casual sex and male incentives.

Before you give up, read this: Don’t sacrifice.
Related: How to retire 35 years early.

How to use fear of embarrassment.

6 principles of effective persuasion.

Attraction as a handshake. Related.

Traditional sex roles week at RoK. Hashtag: #BacktotheKitchen
Related: The empowered female parasite.
Related: How feminists attack the traditional woman.
Related: Why is Rebecca Sparrow attacking young moms for staying fit and pretty?
Related: Submission and door mats.

The importance of congruency and structures rather than specifics.

Women are heavily influenced by men’s opinions.
Related: Don’t validate women.
Related: Don’t let women abuse your time.

Passive-aggressive Christian nice guys.

Ton on why alphas may be the logical choice.

Why women fail with men.
Related: The insanity of some women.
Related: An object lesson for women concerning online dating.

5 mistakes Frost made in his early 20s.
Related: 15 life lessons.

The free man’s movie list.

The groundhog day of life.

Both Gromar and Die Gallantly have gone to self-hosting. I think it’s time for me to do over the next couple of weeks. If anyone knows how to do a 301 redirect from the WordPress domain, that’d be super.

Radish knocks it out of the park again on studies of conservatives, bad science, and the inevitable “treatment” of “racists”.

Creating the Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries.

Anissimov adds to the neoreactionary canon.

The first entryist attack.
Related: The necessity of neoreactionary doctrine.
Related: A warning on the risk.
Related: Avoiding libertarian HIV.
Related: Premises of neoreaction.

You’re miserable because you are free.
Related: Neoreaction and libertarianism.
Related: Freedom in Russia and the US.

The hopelessness of the left.
Related: The heart of the leftest is empty and lonely.

“The left’s sharpest edge can’t even scratch us, but we can cut them to their bones.”

Pell at Taki’s writes a good article on neoreaction.
Related: John Derbyshire on the DE.
Related: American Catholic on neoreaction.
Related: DE at Trending Central.
Related: The human centipede of the media.

The Cathedral, the Patriarchy, and the Jewish question are all similar structural questions.

Reaction and pork.

The DE is united only in its hatred of the Cathedral.

It’s not nurture and nature, it’s nature and randomness.

Rod Dreher on why people should ignore the reality of HBD.

The basis of salvation.
Related: 6 things you have to believe to be a Christian.

How Christians can take credit for game.
Related: I think the satire was missed by GBFM.

Evangelicals committing suicide.

Think I posted this before: Science on the differences in brains by sex.

No man dehumanizes women to the degree feminism does.

Fat acceptance in Japan.

Divorce, not gay “marriage”, destroyed marriage.
Related: Cost of married sex calculator.

5 reasons the sex pay gap is bogus.
Related: The wage gap is a lie.

The sperm bank as in vitro cuckolding.

Sailer points out feminists eating each other.

Equality in action: ‘Men aren’t protecting us.’

The damage a mother can do.

A woman admits the truth and gives an object lesson of what to avoid.

People, especially women, do not hold to their stated online dating preferences.
Related: Dating profile advice.

Did Sara C Nelson commit libel?

Obesity isn’t a disease and you have free will.

The HR nightmare.

Development destroys neighbourhoods.

A bit more of our gradual decline.

Mangan reviews Survive – the Economic Collapse.

Robots destroy the case for immigration.

The population decline in Japan. And in Iran.

Vox starts a new publishing house.
Related: More information.

Seems a few ideologues are trying to ruin science fiction.

Related: Madison health officials shut down 11-year-old girl’s cupcake business.

The establishment Republicans are fundraising less than the Tea Party.
Related: Shooting the elephant. No support for Republicans.

The GoP earns its reward for being soft on illegal immigration.

Having female loved ones makes you Republican.

Democrats destroying the black community.
Related: Slate is starting a series on liberal failures on race: this should be fun.

Blacks have taken a back seat to gays on the victim bus.

3rd grade curriculum: Don’t ‘liter’; don’t argue; pay taxes.

On the superbowl commercials.
Related: The commercial reactions were a fake media non-event.
Related: It’s a parlour game.

America’s legal drug culture.

Canada’s hate speech laws constitutional.
Related: Slate makes it clear: it’s bigoted to believe in religious liberty.

Some people refuse to learn: housing loan edition.

Afghanistan’s flirtation with communism.

Seems some red I never heard of before died.

(H/T: SDA, RPR, Isegoria, WS)

Lightning Round – 2014/01/29

Be decisive.

Motivation is dead; go and get what you need.

Don’t let perfect be enemy of the better.

Musashi’s 21-point checklist.

Courage and confidence.

The alphaness, control, and masculinity of Putin.

It’s never too late for self-improvement.
Related: Quora: How can I become an asshole?


Alone has a new one and it’s amazing, as always.

Christianity, eros, and trad’s lack of understanding.
Related: Why do Christian reactionaries and PUAs get along so well?
Related: How PUA’s benefit from and promote feminism.

Cane, Vox, and Simon (twice) go back and forth on game.
Related: God, game, and the men’s movement.
Related: Game is not just a toolbox.
Related: Lifting weights.
Related: A Jew and an Assyrian walk into a bar.
Related: Wisdom, eros, and the church.
Related: A wife is a gift from God.
Related: Women are attracted to men whom other men give status.

The aspects of masculinity.
Related: Christian masculinity, mastery, and the internal and external.

God’s will, will, and force.
Related: Every man is given the force to change the world.

Good fruit, bad fruit, and game.
Related: Listen to God about how you spend your time.

Anchored emotions.

16 ways to find a wife according to scripture.
Related: Marriage increases health and happiness.
Related: Christian women submits to her husband, brings him closer to Christ.

Being attractive for a husband, why not for a wife?

Thoughts on game for the ladies.

A Christian response to “let’s just be friends”.

Puritanism and progressivism as Gnosticism.
Related: The restless heart of darkness: gnostic progressivism.
Related: Never appease the nothing people.
Related: Oswald Spengler also identified the nothing people. So did Lewis.

Being in the world, not of it. What we can do.
Related: You cannot serve both God and modernity; you will lose your children.

Bryce has created a neoreactionary canon.

Reactionaries need logos, pathos, and ethos.

Land comments on the media and the immediate future of neoreaction.
Related: Naming neoreaction.

American Thinker has a piece sympathetic to DE.
Related: DE at Metafilter.

How the Cathedral attacks.

Another telegraph article on NR: seems we’re a sad lot.
Related: Noah Smith on neoreaction.
Related: You, me, and HBD.
Related: The critics of neoreaction.

“Political correctness is a war on noticing.” Picked up by Patton Oswald.

Why neoreaction? More Right’s take.

Liberal hierarchy destroys true hierarchy and makes it sociopathic.

Vox points out that neoreactionaries such as Moldbug and Land aren’t as influential as others in the Dark Enlightenment.

Splitting the US.

Steve corrects an Atlantic article that ignores the obvious to smear the south.

Warfare deaths in the 18th and 20th century.

Chad linked to Chesterton on Job in the comments. It was interesting as I read Job recently.

A dreadful thought: there will there be no persecution.

Is atheism doomed?
Related: The distribution of atheist intelligence.

A reading of the rich man and Lazarus.

Defending the pope from AmRen.

A story of men behaving lamely in the church.

Planet of the bitches.

Matt and Roosh in running for most hated man on the internet. Notice the order in which the Cathedral ranks horribleness.
Guy who lays sluts and hurts self-esteem > guy who opposes self-esteem > two guys who celebrate/advocate soldiers deaths > KKK/Stormfront racists > guy who posts gore > guy who helps criminals find people testifying against them
Related: A letter to Caitlin Dewey.
Related: A bit more on Caitlin Dewey.

I’m a 2.5 on the Clarey test.

Why women are liberal.

The Boss-Secretary sexual strategy.

Slate discovers what anybody with a brain already knew: Broken families block social mobility.
Related: Parental income’s and genetic effect on income inequality.
Related: Assortative mating creates income inequality.

Some blue-coated red pill is served to some woman giving stupid advice.

Women viewing other women pleasing her man as betrayal.
Related: Short hair is an indication of emotional damage.
Related: Feminism is an attempt at androgyny.

Top 5 signs a woman is using you.

I won’t accept you at your worst; earn a relationship.

Women are getting sluttier.

Born this way if gay, otherwise, it’s all find your own way.

Hair and usefulness.

Broken homes and broken women: a recipe for disaster.

Hubristic young women looks down upon women who marry young, yet thinks a promotion and backpacking are accomplishments, gets smacked-down.

Moderately amusing tale of a Man U soccer player on a date.

Sperm donor ruled legal father in Kansas.

Frost thinks Bitcoins are in trouble.

Remember: Money in the bank is not your money.

Multi-culturalism serves neo-liberalism.

Humour: Cracked has some decent advice, especially 1-3.

Don’t write for a living.

School ditches recess rules and bullying declines.

Doctors in Europe kill as many as 800,000 people due to guidelines.

Y-Chromosome “Adam” not necessarily human.

Wendy Davis, child murder and unsafe hospital crusader, divorced her husband the day after he paid off her student loans. Hurray for being strong and independent.
Related: Child murder advocates are liars. I’m surprised.

A litany of the uselessness of the US federal government.

IRS intimidates another right-wing group.

64% of Chinese millionaires have either immigrated or plan to immigrate.

Don’t trust self-reported stats.

Christianity’s most ancient communities are being destroyed and no one cares.
Related: Egyptians celebrate the death of democracy.

Islamic infertility.

“You may have heard recently that the richest 85 people in the world have more wealth than the bottom 3.5 billion. Tim began by pointing out that his 2 year old also has more wealth than the bottom 2 billion since his 2-year old has no debt.”

Beards are racist.

Peer reviewed science journal killed for issue doubting IPCC claims.

I never knew Matt Yglesias’ grandfather made a movie for the CPUSA.
Related: Yglesias’ argues for ignoring people who accomplish things for people like him.

(H/T: HBD Chick, SSC, Phineas, GLP, RPR)

Lightning Round – 22/01/14

Do it now, shed deadweight, and take your losses.

Success is within your grasp.

You have to see it to want it.
Related: 12 tips for working from home.
Related: How to pitch your content to an influencer.

Path to Legionnaire: the modern world.

There is no movement; the movement is you.

The double-bind.

The mathematical argument of game is beside the point.
Related: Shaming cads.

How to stop creating foppish men.

The slavery of the flesh: my boner is my master.

The manosphere then and now.

Donal examines settling.
Related: Types of women to avoid.

Masculine and feminine nature, with visuals.
Related: The lengths to which women crave masculinity and traditional gender roles.

Quick guide to getting women for introverts.

Martel is writing a book.

Self-righteousness is repellent.

A good man is good regardless of incentives.

A wife is not a maid or a prostitute.

Presentation matters.

The narcissistic misery engine.

The DE makes the Telegraph.

Vox responds to a Patheos article on the DE. (Hi James H London).

Part 2 of the excellent Monarchy FAQ. Part 1.
Related: Schopenhauer and Evola on monarchy.
Related: Hoppe on monarchy and limited war.
Related: A few clarifications on monarchy.

Ingredients needed for reaction to work.

How the elite became a foreign culture.

10 reason we need to revive the dark ages.

Family surnames and social mobility.

Read your Bible and pray out loud.

An atheist who actually understands the real consequences of atheism.

Sin is enacted atheism.

Rediscovering the pilgrimage.

The 50 worst countries for anti-Christian persecution.

Review of America Alone.

On nerds.

13 things men should be shamed for.

Women who might have made happy virgins.
Related: Martin Luther on the role of women.

Ladies: What if your online dating profile was like this?

A real war on women would look nothing like the present one.

Danny on fighting for a girl. Part II.
Related: Polish white knights defending drunk sluts from Muslims.

Mother laments that her attempt to indoctrinate her boy into being a sissy is failing.
Related: The modern eloi.

Dad must pay child support for 3 children that aren’t his.

Jenny Erikson: 5 types of guys you’re stuck dating after divorce. Ha ha!

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder.

The 10 blocks of immigration.

Correia on the classics.
Related: Another reason to hate English teachers.

A rhetoric lesson.

Three TV villains audiences turned into heroes.

The US is now a police state.
Related: Weaponized government.

Crime is rising despite misleading statistics.

The loss of childhood to the regulatory state.

Sacrificing virgins to the entertainment gods.

The black studies program that wasn’t.

WRE: Navy edition.

The case against saving money.

Why we need a minimum wage hike.
Related: Proposed minimum wage could destroy 1 million jobs.

Humour: 6 shocking studies proving science is totally broken. Not shocking in the least.

The death of global warming.


Lightning Round – 2014/01/15

How to be the boss, create a job, and have a soul.
Related: The world owes me nothing.

10 most important principles of leadership.

It is not that difficult to be better than most at something.

What will it take for you to change?
Related: Fix yourself by answering one question.
Related: Guide to being mediocre.

Premature aging: losing the will to live early.

Consider the source; its often more important than the advice.

RoK is attempting to address its decline.

Finding and making a conservative wife.

Submission and faith.
Related: What you are and are not owed.
Related: The corrosion of thankfulness.

What incentives does a man have to get married?
Related: Child support and the threat point.

Divorce as war.

Laura thinks red pill women are a trap.
Related: Simon Grey responds to Laura.

Women, memory, and emotion.

The definition of faith.

Subsidizing insanity.

The Catholic Church as an enemy of new ideas.
Related: Humour: 6 myths of the dark ages.

Neoreaction should be obscure.

Anissimov creates a huge Monarchy FAQ I have yet to go through, but looks good.
Related: The monarchist position on economics.

Machiavellianism and reaction.
Related: Noble and pragmatic aristocrats.

A very thorough review of Bryce’s ebook.

Demotism and lies.

The Cathedral and superstructures.

Vox is puzzled by being lumped into the DE.

Scharlach has an amusing conversation with an anarchist.

Conan, civilization, and barbarism.

More on the basilisk. And more.

Politics is a waste of time.

Post-literacy and the refusal to read.

Race and subspecies.

The failure of modern masculinity. (My previous reply still applies: incentives).

Height and attractiveness.

14 things no one will tell fat girls.
Related: 8 things girls can do to be more attractive.
Related: Identifying future fatties.
Related: 4 tests for future fatties.
Related: Weight and attractiveness in pictures.

Matt Walsh on chivalry. He needs to read this old post of mine.

Science: “As it turned out, having more sexual partners was associated with less stable relationships and less relationship satisfaction. “ Surprising.

Troll Panic: Power masquerading as powerlessness.

Sound wisdom for feminist economists.

A Christmas Carol on marriage.

Aristotle: Sparta and spoiled women.

Why profit is mandatory.

The demand for a living wage is a demand for slavery.

The return of the mancession.

The white ghetto.
Related: About poor fathers and single mothers.

The risk of future reprisal against Jews for their actions in the US.

Cards Against Humanity and the new Victorianism.

The environmental devastation of communism.

Mark Steyn on the trapped ice ship.

Wrap Rage.
Related: What people at Upworthy care about.

Just another example of media bias.

The War Nerd on the House of Saud.

Netflix’s problem.

(H/T: SDA, RPR, Vox, GLP)

Lightning Round – 2014/01/08

Building willpower.
Related: Setting and achieving goals.
Related: Man needs structure and discipline.
Related: Victor kicking butt in 2014.
Related: The curse of the lazy sheeple.
Related: The net present value of effort.

The rules of leadership.

GBFM against game; Christian women shouldn’t need to be gamed.
Related: Donal responds on marriage and game and godly masculinity.
Related: GBFM responds.
From the comments: Leap probably says it best.
From the comments: The idea of sophroneo.
From the comments: Game is not the answer; changing women is.
From the comments: Rule, and if you can’t rule don’t marry.
Related: All men and women are given to sin; why is this surprising?

A story of true love, and of Eros and Caritas.

Deti on what to watch out for when pursuing girls at church.

Some major life events in the sphere:

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Radio.
Related: Compare to this.

Best wishes to Sigyn, Loki, and Eisa (I guess Hel would be somewhat inappropriate).

God bless, Chad.

Aaron drops his new book. Review to come when gets the hardcopy.

Manosphere commenter Deep Strength has started up his own blog.

Newer blogger redpillsetsmefree has had some rather good articles:
Hope is all men have for marriage.
On “bitter men”. Why men are “bitter”.
15 years to life.

A manosphere glossary.

Familial love and romantic love.

Feminists are ugly. Related.
Related: Lindy West at the airport.

Science: Misogyny is treating women like men.

On envy.

Fathers are the bulwark against tyranny.
Related: The Cathedral is beginning to realize fathers are important.

A way to black-knight: be the stay-at-home dad.
Related: Some benefits of a housewife.

Delayed reaction to incentives is worse than a strike.
Related: As expected, ridding the divorce system the worst abuses.
Related: The imputed income trap.
Related: Men need to resist.

The end game of the gamma male.

Beta males create hypergamy.
Related: How not to message a women.

“The hardest part of marrying for me, NOW, is knowing that my wife has been absent from my life all these years. Where has she been? Married to another man, being his helpmate instead of mine? Dating frivolously, spending time and attention with various men that were interesting to her?” This resonated.
Related: Ballista comments on why Christian men don’t pursue Christian women.

The cultural devastation of American women.

The usefulness of slut genes.

Why men are beginning to clue in.

A spot of fun: #FeministAutoCorrect

Why you should get big.

The PUA life is not for most.
Krauser’s game stats: read it and the comments to learn how much work goes into being a PUA.
Related: Why 2.7% is good.

Radish wraps up 2013 in neoreaction.
Related: Land rounds out 2013 in neoreaction.
Related: 2013 hate hoax round-up.

Why are US conservatives so obsessed with monarchies? More neoreaction in the media.
Related: Neoreaction picked up by the American Conservative. Twice.
Related: Neoreaction has been reduced to monarchy by the simple.
Related: CATO doesn’t seem to like reactionaries. Oddly enough, CATO regularly sends me updates on their stuff even though I never signed up for them.

Path to Legionnaire: Strategic.
Related: Free speech strategy.
Related: Operation Backslap.
Related: 2014, the time to start building.

Reactionaries need to be men of fire and steel.
Related: Accept risk.
Related: The merchant-warrior.

Foseti is reviewing Moldbug. Read it.

Reactionary koans.

Leftism as cancer.
Related: The reasons for the endless leftward movement.

Mapping out the Cathedral.
Related: The Cathedral and religion.
Related: The Cathedral, and institutions.

A list of thoughtcriminals purged by the left.
Related: Why is WordPress developer Kevin Conboy threatening to delete blogs he dislikes?
Related: Leftoids trying to silence Heartiste.

Advice for reactionaries on resting and being.

Bureaucracy and its growth.

This is what reaction looks like in Mexico.
Related: Josephine County banding together.

A good quote from Luciano Pellicani.

Neoreaction is both brahmins and vaisyas working together.

The Renaissance myth.
Related: The lies told of King Leopold II.

King Charles at RoK.

Derbyshire: The City of Brass.
Related: The Kipling poem.

Handle posits a form of electronic war.

Is Popehat in the prereactionary phase? I think he needs some Moldbug.

Coming soon to a country near you: pedophobia.

The options for the church are running low. Mass ex-communication is the best answer I can think of.

The United Church always finds a new bottom: Trayvon Martin nativity.
Related: Another day, another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Evangelical dilemma: Wait for sex and wait to marry.

Some thoughts concerning hell.

The game of appearance.

A Catholic Christmas story.

Ecclesiastes has long been my favourite book of the Bible.
Related: The Four Loves by Lewis is something I should read.

The products of an emotion-led faith.

Humour: Local Church Full Of Brainwashed Idiots Feeds Town’s Poor Every Week

A creationist, an evolutionist, and a Darwinist walk into a bar

Seems there’s some kind of drama happening in the manosphere. I hate drama, but here’s a small rundown:
Seems it started at 3 Bromigos, not a blog I read regularly.
Ace thinks disagreement is good and even dregs can be prophets.
Sploosh plans to stay positive.

Rape culture was manufactured to wage unjust war against men.

The saving SF from strong female characters wrap-up.

Humour: Her “worst online dating profile ever” is only slightly removed from your average OKC profile.

The baffled spinster.
Related: Choice for women: 14 years of fun or a family life.

Go, help stamp out online harassment.

Average women will kiss 15 men and have her heart broken twice before marriage.

Teachers love your children more than you do.

PIV is always rape, but still not the most insane thing she’s written.

Amusing gender-swapped fairy tales.

Black-knighting at Occidental and in Italy. More examples in the comments.

Wife tries to frame husband with child pornography.

The pay gap is higher where maternal leave is greater. Shocking.

An evobio account of gay male-straight female friendships.

Science: Gun laws don’t work.

Robber’s Cave experiment.
Related: A sinking opinion of humanity.

The Rolling Stone is openly supporting communism.

Manufactured intelligence.

Liberals lack a moral core.

Every leftist politician should, once a year, be forced to walk alone at night through a vibrant neighbourhood.

Seems Hollywood has noticed Christians are a big market, but it seems disappointment is inevitable.

Vox’s holiday survival guide.

Reverse mortgages and the boomer’s irresponsibility.

Fourth times a charm: Spanish national bank destroys investors thrice.

Female marines can’t do 1 pull-up. (Male marines do 3).
Related: Do feminists accept that women are physically inferior?

Matt is right in what he says, but wrong in his opposition. We should support women in the military: it will reduce the military’s effectiveness for whenever the state decides to unleash it on the populace. Also, once a half-dozen women come back from some sandy wasteland as naked, raped, bleeding corpses, maybe some people will wake up to reality.

The increase of sociopathy in America.

Global warming scientists trapped in ice. Heh.

The Christmas truce, a display of western unity.

Holiday Satire: The economics of Christmas. Vox has one.

An infographic on talking to the cops.

Why you can’t trust political “fact-checkers”. Politi-Fact lies about its lies.
Related: 10 worst fact-checks of 2012.
Related: The end of ethics.

A tale of a union.

My Cousin Vinnie and random gibberish accepted in conference paper.

The zoo hypothesis of reality TV.

Humour: The stupidity of “viral” websites.

On creepypasta.

Searching for time travellers.

(H/T: SDA, Rex, Land, Jim, Vulture, GLP, Patriactionary, Phineas, Radish, GCBH, Instapundit, Duck, Anissimov, Goldstein, McInnes, WH,

Lightning Round – 2013/12/25

Merry Christmas. I’m enjoying my days off, so blogging will be light. Here’s some links to get you through. There will likely not be a Lightning Round next Wednesday. Enjoy your holidays.

Will starts up a new link aggregation site.
Related: Chad summarizes his last two years and links to some of his posts.

The Path to Legionnaire: Social

True Christian women do not need to be gamed: against Dalrock and Vox.
Related: Finding a good woman.
Related: The red pill truth for men.
Related: Withholding from the other sex will not make them better.
Related: Monogamy is natural; as it goes so to does civilization and beauty.

Lewis on love.

Aristotle on being a man.
Related: Boys and fatherhood.

Master of the Hall: a hospitality guide.

Twice as hard: Where all the good men have gone.
Related: Why America causes men to be unnatural.
Related: America: Home of the fey.
Related: Modern men are becoming lotus eaters.

For women: Why does my boyfriend pressure me for sex?
Related comment: Dating is a marriage relationship.

Women crave boundaries.
Related: A woman needs to be put in place.

American women, stay away from me.

To the women who choose not to have kids.

Refusing to man-up is rational.

The two modesties.

The 1% marriage meme.

The futility of online dating.

Life begins at 33. Something to look forward to.
Related: Life lessons from Machiavelli.

Building an internet business.

The Private Man offers himself up for interviews.

A reactionary library.

#HateUpNYC from A&G and Bryce. I’ll have to get in on the next one.

2014, Neoreaction, and the Art of War.
Related: Facing the future.
Related: When will we hit that critical 10% mark.

Democracy sucks and voters are morons.

Neologisms and concept development.
Related: The manipulation of the language to spread left-wing thought.

Is, Ought, and academics.
Related: The power elites.

The soft genocide of southern culture.

The left-wing roots of anarcho-tyranny.

The NYT dips it’s toe into HBD.

Is Putin one of us?

Being liberal on God.

GQ article on Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty.
Related: Duck Dynasty and liberal bigotry.
Related: Why Phil Robertson was really suspended.
Related: The conclusive proof of media bias.
Related: Dear A&E, you just committed suicide.
Related: What the Duck Dynasty folks should do.
Related: The pointlessness of the duck fight.
Related: Chik-Fil-A Day for Duck Dynasty.
Related: The only way to handle a bully is to stand up to them.
Related: Is an entertainer being fired for being Christian something that may be seen as a prelude to civil war?
Related: Backfire.
Related: The controversy that wasn’t.
Related: Steyn: Age of intolerance.
Related: Steyn: Re-education camp.
Related: The patriarch teaches.


The tyranny of the anti-homeschoolers.

Laidnyc also hates the stupidity of “correlation doesn’t equal causation”.

Teamwork is overrated.

There’s nothing to be done about mass shootings.

#RealisticFatTalk. RoK?

Munk Debates: Are men obsolete? All female debaters. I wonder how Dowd, Rosin, et al. would react if men held debate if women were obsolete.
Related: Fred responds.

About 1 in 200 women report having virgin births.

“I don’t want to really scare you,” he said, after half a chuckle. “But it was alarming how many people I talked to who are highly placed people in AI who have retreats that are sort of ‘bug out’ houses”

The greatness of Canada. I don’t have to care.

The Star attempts a coup on Rob Ford.

On the American labour problem.

Humour: 7 reasons the TSA sucks from a security expert.

The third-worldification of Britain: businesses to be paid to turn of lights to prevent blackouts.

UK: Feminists vs. Muslims over gender segregation at university.
Related: UK boys to be given courtship lessons due to fears porn has warped their minds.

Contrary to the false beliefs of some, Marilyn Monroe was skinny. (Yes, the article is exceedingly annoying, but the point is interesting).

Red skin was not a slur against aboriginals.

20 things the rich do every day. redux.

3 reasons not to become a lawyer right now.

Amusing hardline anti-Christmas carol parodies. I guess you have to make your own fun when you don’t celebrate Christmas.
Related: The missing 12 days of Christmas.

(H/T: SDA, Will, Land, GCBH)

Lightning Round – 2013/12/18

The Path to Legionnaire: Mental.
Related; Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

Love is a verb.

A great product sells itself.
Related: Deti on why men fail with women.
Related: Betapedia: examples of what not to do.

The easy way to get people to do what you want.

A quick solution to being boring.

How to read books. It’s shorter than the book.

What Mark Driscoll gets wrong.
Related: Mark Driscoll continues to sink into silliness.
Related: Selling sense for men and marriage.
Related: Moral lemmings jumping off the marriage cliff.
Related: So you want me to man up and marry?

Treat them mean.
Related: Chicks despise nice guys.
Related: Game: Biting.
Related: The degradation of the age.
Related: Women’s desire to be roughed in the bedroom is a perversity of true submission.
Related: Wives should submit to their husbands.

There is no such thing as unconditional love.

Chesterton and sex.

It all seems backwards.
Related: The calibration glasses.

Explaining the paleo fad.

Madonnas and whores.

A few points from Sex Wars.

Women in the manosphere.

Advice for women to avoid temptation.
Related: Advice for women feeling neglected.
Related: Women: Why you’re on the bang, don’t marry list.
Related: Six ways for women to stamp out the risk of divorce.

On the ‘beautiful, chaste young woman’ who can’t find a husband.
Related: Leading your daughters to marriage.
Related: Game for nerd girls.
Related: Women: How to get a Christian man to marry you.

If you are subhuman narcissistic filth, you don’t deserve a good relationship.
Related: Maureen Dowd: choosing to be mean, even when nice works better.

Why men should leave America.
Related: Chile: A possible expatriation destination.

I was unfamiliar with this passage from Malachi. It seems to give scripture an even greater pro-natalist position than I had previously thought.

Dalrock criticizes Matt Walsh.

Dalrock notes progress: Taranto spills red pill all over the WSJ.

Danny’s planning another meet-up.
Related: A bit more on the meet-up.

Will quits Twitter. 25 tweets. 25 more tweets.

It’s a man’s world and always will be.
Related: JB responds to a Jezebel response.

The hilarity of feminist programming languages. It’s not supposed to work.
Related: Feminist Software Foundation: “No coding experience is necessary.”
Related Humour: C+=
Related: Throwing out Aristotle.

Virtue and the dictionary.

Agon contemplates the web holding him in place.

Be tall.

Understanding the reaction and the new right.
Related: A&G responds to the new right neoreaction article.

This paper on IQ and dysgenics has been making the rounds.

The rightist singularity.

I always look forward to the new Radish: Anarcho-tyranny.

The origins of northwest-european guilt. Related.
Related: White guilt as a morality contest.

Leftists may (sorta) acknowledge the falseness of their ideology when it comes to them getting murdered.

The brown scare in Sweden.

The rise and contraction of Elysia.
Related: Advice on the coming decline.
Related: How could the west collapse?

The madness of some singularity thought: Roko’s Basilisk.
Related: The abstract horror of the great filter.

Mississippi slave narratives.

On the Jewish conspiracy.

When did white trash become normal?

Orwell, newspeak, the common man, and cognitive miserliness.

‘Poverty impedes income’ shown to be BS.
Related: A twin study showing educational achievement is mostly genetic.

A loudmouth female cadet, Trayvon Martin, and the knockout game.
Related: Put guns in schools.

Faith, family, community, and work create happiness. Also, conservative women are much happier than liberal women.

Black men and white women.

‘Hey nice guys; please wait for us while we waste ourselves on losers.’

Spanish feminists do what feminists do. Take extra notice of the pictures.

Women’s sexual desire fades over time in a relationship.
Related: Half of women would rather go without sex than without their smartphone.

Remember white men; if you want to help “anti-racism” and “anti-sexism” you are a second-class citizen who should shut up.
Related: ‘My students don’t want to be forced to attend sermons accusing them of being racist sexists. Therefore we should change the entire college model.’
Related: We’re all racists, but intelligent people are better at covering it up.

Who is more at risk of having her writing career damaged by something she was written: an American writer who publishes a book or article highly critical of the US national security establishment, or an American writer who publishes a book or article highly critical of gay rights, or progressive feminist and racial orthodoxies?”

Some pictures with an interesting take on a tumbler meme.

The most abominable Christian wife on the internet.
Related: Plans for her second marriage. What kind of insane man would marry her now?

Women should get no more than 2 divorces. I think Danny’s one divorce too generous.

Does the BMI underestimate female obesity?

Slate Feminists: Why do feelings of gender inequality exist when we constantly stoke them?

Alert the presses: Amanda Marcotte is wrong.

The truth of false rape accusations.

George Zimmerman and SMV.

The manosphere producers vs. the mainstream parasites.

26 more signs she’s a slut.

Blind faith is not faith.

The stupidity of ‘don’t judge.’

The Greek of meek and humble; disciplined and lowly.

A child’s father is a major factor in religious behaviour.

Teaching kids to think by teaching writing.

Immigration then and now.

Is mass immigration a method of ethnically cleansing blacks?

The uselessness of the boycott.

Are you an enemy of liberty?

Media bias in regards to shootings.

Police state: 10-year-old suspended for shooting imaginary arrows.

NY liberal tears over Obamacare. Delicious.

More 6-figure white collar jobs for the elite. Go #occupy!

The minimum wage is the wrong tool.

The hidden divide in American institutions.

The dysfunction of the modern labour market.
Related: The Fed notes that college doesn’t pay off for most.
Related: Retroactive grade inflation in law schools; because your degrees were already worth too much.

There will always be a 1%.
Related: Low-level employees are worth less than CEOs.

The decline of the underclass on TV, profiting the Democrat demographics.

Hilarity at Mandela’s funeral.
Related: More amusement.
Related: Mandela and the W-force.
Related: Mandela’s legacy in video. Shoot the Boer.
“And was this also not the truth about the whole of the Mandela memorial ceremony? All the crocodile tears of the dignitaries were a self-congratulatory exercise, and Jangtjie translated them into what they effectively were: nonsense.”

The US Cathedral infiltrates Canadian politics.

Microsoft categorizes the USG as a cyber-criminal organization.

The vile try to bring down the ideal in fiction, rather than raise themselves up.
Related: Scalzi defines game.
Related: A fun little exchange of rabbit rationalization.

The hypocrisy of gay activists.
Related: The barbarians pleading for tolerance are intolerant when they come to power.

Uber might be the next big company of the future.

Lifting reduces cancer risk.

The heart of libertarianism.

The land tax.

(H/T: CC, Danny, Bill, GLP, SDA, RPR)

Lightning Round – 2013/12/11

Are you thinking of taking up hunting? Tim finishes his book. I plan to read and review it here.

Path to Legionnaire: Health and the Physical.

Great post: The institutionalization of children.
Related: Outlaws.

You are your own worst enemy.

Leadership and dominance.

Exercising your weak virtues and gaining balance.

Conquering your fear of success.

The canary in the coal mine.

From fear to greed in the marriage market.

Prepare for death; be ready to burn it to the ground.

Family and mission.

Adulthood is accepting that the world is not perfect.

Marriage doesn’t make sense.

Society is conditioning you to think: “I am so fucking lucky. I got married to a whore, that fucks like a prude.”

10 ways women can destroy a man.

Roissy makes some amusing posters.

Accidental alpha.

The feminine virtues.

When women stop loving betas.

Feminism is hate.
Related: The barbarians at the gates.
Related: The eternal rebellion of the left.
Related: The evil of pro-abortion feminism on display.

Laidnyc has a gooder: ‘The trouble with progressivism is eventually you run out of other people’s civilization to plunder.”
Related: Feminism and the progressive principle.
Related: Leftism, the feminine, and devolution.
Related: Turning women into miserable sluts in mud huts.

Frost on the two games and the coming player invasion of the church.

The destructiveness of the single mother.

A few good comments: “We live in awkward times… too late to vote and too early to start shooting.”

The selection effects of the pill.

Eros, lust, and double-think.

Saving SF from strong female characters, part 6.
Related: Pink vs. blue SF.
Related: The fatal conceit of SF: how can maladjusted nerds understand the banality of the mass-man?

Another guide on avoiding a false rape charge.

The creeping horror of the neoreactionary mind virus.
Related: Cipher ideology.
Related: Neoreaction in the news.
Related: The reaction ruckus, links.

The dark enlightenment is the new right lite; how the new right sees us.
Related: If you don’t like Nazis, you should be a neoreactionary.

How many people are you willing to impale for equal opportunity?

Entryism and the tyranny of nice.

Victimhood and neoreactionary theory.

Cargo cult education.

The US needs state-level border laws.

The high level entitlement trap.

We call a man a bigot or a slave of dogma because he is a thinker who has thought thoroughly and to a definite end.”

The monks of progressivism.

As mass-murdering marxist terrorists go, Mandela wasn’t that horrible.
Related: The essence of Mandela was his passivity.
Related: Mandela in perspective.

The new democratic coalition culture war.

Democracy devolves to self-interested child sports.

The heart of progressivism is change for change’s sake.
Related: The heart of conservatism is opposition to change.

Tirado and the defeatist leftist worldview.

Speculation on the future.

“Can you think of something? If so, God exists.”

The distinction between human nature and sinful nature.

On coarse language and Christian discussion.

The pope destroying the church.

Could father absence permanently rewire the brain?
Related: Working the night shift and weekends harms your kids.

Who shows up wins; who doesn’t loses.
Related: The minimum number of children any  (married) Christian should have is 3.
From the comments: A great solution.

Family is the reason for the Fast and the Furious’ success.

Don’t use the word “gender”.

Save Capitalism checks out.

The economic leftist singularity intensifies in Detroit. Businesses are being destroyed solely for the joy of destruction.
Related: Why Detroit will remain 3rd-world.

Are the vaisyas starting to revolt in Britain?

A graph of 2012 PISA scores which makes the obvious plain.

Humour: Leftist campaigns back-firing? Never.
Related: Anti-bullying campaigns encourage bullying. Surprising.
Humour: Laws having the exact opposite of their intended effect.

Criticizing Obama is racism.
Related: The hate crime hoax epidemic.

The Cult of Fish.
Related: WHYouth now exists. Not even trying to hide it.

Top 40% of earners paid 106% of income tax.

Seems the Greek HIV story I linked last week wasn’t true. It was an editing error by the UN.

The wages of socialism, Cuba Edition, coming soon to a country near you.

How to get blogging groupies.

Kipling in the NYT. A lesser man scorns his better.

Newspaper prints false letter by non-existent engineer.

Why not to trust sexual studies.

Fudging the climate data.

Peter Higgs and the self-destruction of publish or perish.

Men kept from daughter for 12 years through a £100k court case.

Men increasingly using uptalk.

Remember, standard advice is for women to lie about cheating on their future husbands.
Remember, being a “romantic” beta is creepy.

Man sued for not-marrying in breach of contract case.

Jane Austin MMO for women. A good solution to women in gaming.

Gun freedom support on the rise.

The anti-gun sticker at an establishment may be a lie of the left.

Sometimes, the best revenge is to give people what they want.

NYPD accuracy: 2 out 3 bullets hit (innocent bystanders).

More idiocy of Matt Ygglesias.
Related: He’s also a bad writer.
Related: Matt is defended.

US organization manufacturing dissent in Canada.

The Last Psychiatrist on the Hunger Games.

Diabetics responsible for 25% of NYC hospital admissions.

(H/T: SDA, vulture)

Lightning Round – 2013/12/04

The importance of faith and hope for men.
Related: The burdens of leadership.
Related: The difference between thug and alpha is the environment.

Leadership, submission, and the neoreactionary social order.
Related: The value of feminine virtue, part 1.
Related: Against backleading.
Science: Women controlling their emotions makes a marriage happier.

Feminism is dead.

Aurini resurrects a classic from the Solomon blog.

The road to greatness begins now.

When did it become acceptable to shame being a man?
Related: Heterophobia.
Related: Is humanity becoming androgynous?
Related: The rise of the mangina.

On male competition.
Related: Life isn’t personal.
Related: Women controlling their insecurities.
Related: Embracing rejection.

How Roosh stood up to the mob and won.
Related: How Victor make $10k/month blogging.

Martel on the difficulty of following your own advice.
Related: Only take advice from those who have done what you want to do.

A good essay on the history of divorce in the US. No fault divorce might not have been as drastic a change as previously thought. Has a little bit on the puritans, the enlightenment, and the interaction of elites and the masses for the reactionaries as well.

Waiting for sex and waiting for marriage: the evangelical dilemma.

Christians teaching wives to collect their 30 pieces of silver.
Related: Focus on the family advising women on how to divorce rape their husbands.
Related: Someone dislikes the manosphere a lot. The comments are rather amusing.
Related: Empath responds.

Divorcee complains that open marriages are threatening serial marriage.
Related: The trap of the “pro-marriage” professional divorcee writer.
Related: Almost a third of married women haven’t found Mr. Right.

Single motherhood is hazardous to children.

Danny answers “where have all the good men gone?”

A great read: The cult of political correctness.
Related: Saving SF from strong female characters, part 5.

Leap examines leftist thinking.

The case for vulgarity.

Porn use is due to the feminization of men.
Related: Women, Jesse Stone, and porn.

Kathleen Hannah: Do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do feminist.
Related: Why feminists are ugly.

Rhetoric: Ben Franklin and the Socratic method.

Gift game.

Alternatives to marriage.

People can accurately perceive men’s intelligence, but not women’s.
Related: Sex differences are hardwired. Related.

New Moldbug: He absolutely shreds the TechCunch article and other anti-reactionary talk.
Related: Another article on the neoreaction; we’re creepy. A&G respond.
Related: Amos & Gromar respond to a criticism of neoreaction.
Related: It looks like North Korea is going to be the Cathedral’s meme.

Thinkinglike a neoreactionary: part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7.

Moldbug e-books.

The path to Legionnairre: series introduction. A neoraectionary bootcamp. Looking forward to this series.

Conquest’s second law; why do organizations become leftist?
Related: Default liberalism and the liberal advance.

Anti-anti-reactionary FAQ: war and democide.

Conscription, unity, and immigration.

The need for neologisms in conservatism.
Related: Polymaths and monopaths.

Trust in the US is declining.
Related: A little more boomer hate.

The pretense of powerlessness.
The true colour of liberalism.

8 reasons democracy doesn’t work.

The cult of neoreaction.
Related: Working with disinformation in our map.

The microscopic differences between socialist and liberal in Seattle.

The Cathedral in action: CNN edition.
Related: CNN turns from news to reality TV.

Personality goes beyond the soul.

Traditionalism is also for protestants.

Schism against heresy.

7 things Roosh learned from his viral article.

Manosphere wisdom about texting your ONS’ goes mainstream.
Related: Men confident in their relationships text less; women text more.

A woman experiences equality; doesn’t like it.

A story of women and degeneration.

Maladjusted feminist killjoys at the holidays.

RAF women gets £100000 for being forced to march like men. Yes, women really do belong in the military.

The case against female education.

Obesity is more dangerous than anorexia.

Science: Casual sex and negative mental health outcomes.
Related: Women regret past sexual encounters; men wish they had more of them.

Naomi Wolf is quotes the Bible and advocates hair coverings while decrying porn.

Slut-shaming: sure to make a girl psychotic.

EW on Goldie Blox.
Related: It seems I’m not the only one criticizing Goldie Blox.

The states as girls.

British racist totalitarianism has reached new heights. (The principal’s e-mail).
Related: Normal vaisyas are beginning to gain racial consciousness. This will not end well.
Related: Just another hate crime hoax.
Related: GLP with a decent quote from Chomsky.

Iceland and Shanghai do well the PISA; the US does not. Slate ignores the obvious.

Your kids won’t make you happy.

A town without big corporations.

By ceding the spiritual to women, we allow it to be feminized.
Related: The church’s overemphasis of joy.

The misinterpretation of Matthew 5:27-28.

How the spirit of inquiry is being suppressed in the West.
Related: Science fraud.

A decent life for decent people and the purpose of public schooling.

Personal responsibility, passive voice, and the lower classes.

“Antarctic sea ice has grown to a record large extent for a second straight year, baffling scientists seeking to understand why this ice is expanding rather than shrinking in a warming world.”

It might be time to start hanging IRS agents.
Related: American taxpayers are fools.

A tactic that works against liberals.

The decline in jobs and make-work.

News editors regarding Obama: “We must accept that we, the press, have been enablers.”
Related: Obama describes himself as “not a particularly ideological person.”

SC to hear case on Obamacare persecution of religious.

Obamacare as an Orwellian information collection system.
Related: The Chinese may be controlling your Obamacare data.

The Chinese rich are fleeing. Big news on the horizon?

Sweden, immigration, and rape.

Ukraine turns to Russia and China.

On Syria.

Our declining rate of technological progress.

Pilgrim socialism and the thanksgiving story.
Related: Thanksgiving, then and now.

Is it any wonder the American empire has been declining when this is how they treat their allies.

On historically-illiterate atheists.

The treason of unions during WW2.

In a mathematically literate world

Amazon charts vs. stock price.

Banghazi: Krugman’s best-case scenario.

I never noticed this before, but Slate actually publishes the time it takes to read an article on the side bar. Most are in the 1-2M range. You can tell the level of intellectual quality they’re shooting for.

I regret not cheating on my boyfriend. Cosmo really is trash.

The scam of black Friday “deals”.

(H/T: SDA, GLP, Vulture, HBD Chick, RamzPaul, Borepatch)

Lightning Round – 2013/11/27

7 ways the red pill will improve your life.

Neoreaction gets a negative write-up in TechCrunch.
Related: Return of Kings gets a write-up in the Daily Mail, Huffpo, and International Business Times.
Related: The eye of Sauron.
Related: How not to contain neoreaction.
Related: So that’s what they think of us.
Related: On neoreaction going mainstream.
Related: James Taranto and the manosphere.
Related: 5 things I learned about women.
Related: Linking Tuthmosis’ article and Asimov.

Comment of the week: “The only power women have ever had over men are sex and shaming language. They surrendered the sex card years ago. And they’ve upped the shaming to such a degree that now it just makes them sound retarded.”

Congratulations to Victor on his success.

Lewis described this process as undulation.

Use fewer words.
Related: Rhetoric and game.

Why you should never date a girl with an eating disorder.

Be the man in your marriage.
Related: Your wife is not the boss; don’t call her that.
Related: On trust in marriage.

Wife test: domesticity.

Vox’s time management strategies.

Spengler’s universal laws.

Changing your environment.

Strategy guide to life.

Lessons from a year of sobriety.

A bachelor’s guide to buying a home: 4 years ago, this would have been useful.

Why men are withdrawing from courtship and how women should respond.
Related: Longer means less.

The conundrum of male SMV and marriage.
Related: The female conundrum.
Related: Compassion fatigue for men who want to complain.
Related: How to change your man.

The singles map: singles are mostly men when young; women when old.

A reminder to not let the manosphere be feminized.

“Christian” women are sometimes the strongest argument against marriage.
Related: God doesn’t allow for divorce in the case of unhappiness.
Related: Some more churchian teaching on marriage.
Related: Hehe.
Related: Some marriage advice from our divorcee. Hehe.
Related: Conservative women eager to take on the feminist label.
Related: 36 things I wish someone told me about divorce.

Fat shaming also requires weight loss support.

Rape culture doesn’t exist.
Related: How to avoid a false rape accusation. Don’t sex sluts?
Related: Girls lying about abuse.

Rhetoric for engaging leftists.
Related: Why the left will call us trolls.
Related: Know the lefties by their fruits.
Related: The destruction principle.
Related: The liberal is incapable of distinguishing truism and paradox.
Related: The small, but important, distinction that libearlism’s goal is not destroying all that is good.
Related: The definition of liberalism.

Cane with two posts on how conservatives should help each other.

How to look at the world like a neoreactionary. Part 2.

Reaction, neoreaction, and material conditions.

The history of the left.

The king’s liberty.
Related: Response to Anti-Reactionary FAQ: Austria.
Related: BBC for monarchy.

The theory of demotist singularity.
Related: Obamacare and the demotist singularity whirlpool.

Multiculturalism is a leftist tactic, not a belief.

The problem of finding fulfillment in your job.

Diversity-backing researchers learn diversity doesn’t work.
Related: 3 reasons diversity doesn’t work.

Black privilege.

3-step cure for the knockout game.
Related: What you are supposed to think about the knockout game.

The holocaust, eugenic effects, and the oddness of its visibility.

Big Media: The messenger is the method.

An explanation of separation of church and state.

The 9/11 memorial and the death of the American empire.

Tell me I’m a good man.

More on the right turning away from cops.

In defence of gentrification.

Social games like this are something I just don’t comprehend. It would never even have occurred to me that someone would do something like this.

Men’s height and sexual selection.

In praise of self-loathing.

Roissy with some links.

Delivering death blows to feminists.

What feminism is.

SSM has a list of some crazy feminist thoughts on hook-ups.
Rhetoric: the stripline.

The lifelong virgin cocktease.

The effect of one on the herd.

Society can’t afford educated women.
Related: The modern corporate harem.

Saving SF from strong female characters. Part 2. Part 3. Related.
Related: The failure of the Bechdale test.
Related: Women destroy SF. Related.

Science: A hot wife leads to a happier marriage.

A possible reason women oppose the death penalty: they are attracted to the murderers.

Fat acceptance in the wild.

Artifical birth control is ineffective for fatties. Hmmm… is this fatshaming?

Movember is sexist, racist, and transphobic. I think I might join in next year.
Related: Micro-aggressions.
Related: PB&J sandwiches are raciss.

Slut-shaming enforced mainly by women.

Violating the three rules of sexual harassment in the comics industry.

The self-destructiveness of homosexuals

Filial responsibility laws: I did not know of this.
Related: Ignore your parents. My parents are solid; they wouldn’t do this.

Study: Small schools are better.

Gun control is Yankee prejudice.
Related: The double-standard on violence.
Related: The gun control crowd creates game where you re-enact the Sandy Hook massacre.

Socialism in action: coming soon to a country near you.

Mammon allows no other gods before it.

The abuse of civil forfeiture.

Missionary dating: to the extreme!

A bank deposit is an unsecured loan to the bank.

Greece: Half of new HIV cases are self-inflicted to receive government benefits.

Hezbollah fears more suicide attacks. I’m sure there’s irony here somewhere.

Congo: The alliance of NGO’s, mining corps, and kleptocrats against the Tutsis.

Antidepressant use on the rise. Iceland at a 50% usage rate.

Employment statistics were faked.
Related: How British authorities skew crime stats.

Krugman is still failing.

Free health care zone” proposal.
Related: How Obamacare is destroying the working class.

GM forced to recall 19k cars because a sticker may peel.

Cracked does not like that man has natural biases.

“The ordinary man trusts Rob Ford because Rob Ford knows he is not clever enough to run other people’s lives. He cannot even run his own. John Tory, by contrast, isn’t clever enough to know that no matter how clever you think you are, you can never be clever enough to run anyone’s life but your own.”

(H/T: SDA, Maggie’s Farm, Dalrock, GLP, Smallest Minority)