Lightning Round – 2013/11/27

7 ways the red pill will improve your life.

Neoreaction gets a negative write-up in TechCrunch.
Related: Return of Kings gets a write-up in the Daily Mail, Huffpo, and International Business Times.
Related: The eye of Sauron.
Related: How not to contain neoreaction.
Related: So that’s what they think of us.
Related: On neoreaction going mainstream.
Related: James Taranto and the manosphere.
Related: 5 things I learned about women.
Related: Linking Tuthmosis’ article and Asimov.

Comment of the week: “The only power women have ever had over men are sex and shaming language. They surrendered the sex card years ago. And they’ve upped the shaming to such a degree that now it just makes them sound retarded.”

Congratulations to Victor on his success.

Lewis described this process as undulation.

Use fewer words.
Related: Rhetoric and game.

Why you should never date a girl with an eating disorder.

Be the man in your marriage.
Related: Your wife is not the boss; don’t call her that.
Related: On trust in marriage.

Wife test: domesticity.

Vox’s time management strategies.

Spengler’s universal laws.

Changing your environment.

Strategy guide to life.

Lessons from a year of sobriety.

A bachelor’s guide to buying a home: 4 years ago, this would have been useful.

Why men are withdrawing from courtship and how women should respond.
Related: Longer means less.

The conundrum of male SMV and marriage.
Related: The female conundrum.
Related: Compassion fatigue for men who want to complain.
Related: How to change your man.

The singles map: singles are mostly men when young; women when old.

A reminder to not let the manosphere be feminized.

“Christian” women are sometimes the strongest argument against marriage.
Related: God doesn’t allow for divorce in the case of unhappiness.
Related: Some more churchian teaching on marriage.
Related: Hehe.
Related: Some marriage advice from our divorcee. Hehe.
Related: Conservative women eager to take on the feminist label.
Related: 36 things I wish someone told me about divorce.

Fat shaming also requires weight loss support.

Rape culture doesn’t exist.
Related: How to avoid a false rape accusation. Don’t sex sluts?
Related: Girls lying about abuse.

Rhetoric for engaging leftists.
Related: Why the left will call us trolls.
Related: Know the lefties by their fruits.
Related: The destruction principle.
Related: The liberal is incapable of distinguishing truism and paradox.
Related: The small, but important, distinction that libearlism’s goal is not destroying all that is good.
Related: The definition of liberalism.

Cane with two posts on how conservatives should help each other.

How to look at the world like a neoreactionary. Part 2.

Reaction, neoreaction, and material conditions.

The history of the left.

The king’s liberty.
Related: Response to Anti-Reactionary FAQ: Austria.
Related: BBC for monarchy.

The theory of demotist singularity.
Related: Obamacare and the demotist singularity whirlpool.

Multiculturalism is a leftist tactic, not a belief.

The problem of finding fulfillment in your job.

Diversity-backing researchers learn diversity doesn’t work.
Related: 3 reasons diversity doesn’t work.

Black privilege.

3-step cure for the knockout game.
Related: What you are supposed to think about the knockout game.

The holocaust, eugenic effects, and the oddness of its visibility.

Big Media: The messenger is the method.

An explanation of separation of church and state.

The 9/11 memorial and the death of the American empire.

Tell me I’m a good man.

More on the right turning away from cops.

In defence of gentrification.

Social games like this are something I just don’t comprehend. It would never even have occurred to me that someone would do something like this.

Men’s height and sexual selection.

In praise of self-loathing.

Roissy with some links.

Delivering death blows to feminists.

What feminism is.

SSM has a list of some crazy feminist thoughts on hook-ups.
Rhetoric: the stripline.

The lifelong virgin cocktease.

The effect of one on the herd.

Society can’t afford educated women.
Related: The modern corporate harem.

Saving SF from strong female characters. Part 2. Part 3. Related.
Related: The failure of the Bechdale test.
Related: Women destroy SF. Related.

Science: A hot wife leads to a happier marriage.

A possible reason women oppose the death penalty: they are attracted to the murderers.

Fat acceptance in the wild.

Artifical birth control is ineffective for fatties. Hmmm… is this fatshaming?

Movember is sexist, racist, and transphobic. I think I might join in next year.
Related: Micro-aggressions.
Related: PB&J sandwiches are raciss.

Slut-shaming enforced mainly by women.

Violating the three rules of sexual harassment in the comics industry.

The self-destructiveness of homosexuals

Filial responsibility laws: I did not know of this.
Related: Ignore your parents. My parents are solid; they wouldn’t do this.

Study: Small schools are better.

Gun control is Yankee prejudice.
Related: The double-standard on violence.
Related: The gun control crowd creates game where you re-enact the Sandy Hook massacre.

Socialism in action: coming soon to a country near you.

Mammon allows no other gods before it.

The abuse of civil forfeiture.

Missionary dating: to the extreme!

A bank deposit is an unsecured loan to the bank.

Greece: Half of new HIV cases are self-inflicted to receive government benefits.

Hezbollah fears more suicide attacks. I’m sure there’s irony here somewhere.

Congo: The alliance of NGO’s, mining corps, and kleptocrats against the Tutsis.

Antidepressant use on the rise. Iceland at a 50% usage rate.

Employment statistics were faked.
Related: How British authorities skew crime stats.

Krugman is still failing.

Free health care zone” proposal.
Related: How Obamacare is destroying the working class.

GM forced to recall 19k cars because a sticker may peel.

Cracked does not like that man has natural biases.

“The ordinary man trusts Rob Ford because Rob Ford knows he is not clever enough to run other people’s lives. He cannot even run his own. John Tory, by contrast, isn’t clever enough to know that no matter how clever you think you are, you can never be clever enough to run anyone’s life but your own.”

(H/T: SDA, Maggie’s Farm, Dalrock, GLP, Smallest Minority)

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