Lightning Round – 2013/12/11

Are you thinking of taking up hunting? Tim finishes his book. I plan to read and review it here.

Path to Legionnaire: Health and the Physical.

Great post: The institutionalization of children.
Related: Outlaws.

You are your own worst enemy.

Leadership and dominance.

Exercising your weak virtues and gaining balance.

Conquering your fear of success.

The canary in the coal mine.

From fear to greed in the marriage market.

Prepare for death; be ready to burn it to the ground.

Family and mission.

Adulthood is accepting that the world is not perfect.

Marriage doesn’t make sense.

Society is conditioning you to think: “I am so fucking lucky. I got married to a whore, that fucks like a prude.”

10 ways women can destroy a man.

Roissy makes some amusing posters.

Accidental alpha.

The feminine virtues.

When women stop loving betas.

Feminism is hate.
Related: The barbarians at the gates.
Related: The eternal rebellion of the left.
Related: The evil of pro-abortion feminism on display.

Laidnyc has a gooder: ‘The trouble with progressivism is eventually you run out of other people’s civilization to plunder.”
Related: Feminism and the progressive principle.
Related: Leftism, the feminine, and devolution.
Related: Turning women into miserable sluts in mud huts.

Frost on the two games and the coming player invasion of the church.

The destructiveness of the single mother.

A few good comments: “We live in awkward times… too late to vote and too early to start shooting.”

The selection effects of the pill.

Eros, lust, and double-think.

Saving SF from strong female characters, part 6.
Related: Pink vs. blue SF.
Related: The fatal conceit of SF: how can maladjusted nerds understand the banality of the mass-man?

Another guide on avoiding a false rape charge.

The creeping horror of the neoreactionary mind virus.
Related: Cipher ideology.
Related: Neoreaction in the news.
Related: The reaction ruckus, links.

The dark enlightenment is the new right lite; how the new right sees us.
Related: If you don’t like Nazis, you should be a neoreactionary.

How many people are you willing to impale for equal opportunity?

Entryism and the tyranny of nice.

Victimhood and neoreactionary theory.

Cargo cult education.

The US needs state-level border laws.

The high level entitlement trap.

We call a man a bigot or a slave of dogma because he is a thinker who has thought thoroughly and to a definite end.”

The monks of progressivism.

As mass-murdering marxist terrorists go, Mandela wasn’t that horrible.
Related: The essence of Mandela was his passivity.
Related: Mandela in perspective.

The new democratic coalition culture war.

Democracy devolves to self-interested child sports.

The heart of progressivism is change for change’s sake.
Related: The heart of conservatism is opposition to change.

Tirado and the defeatist leftist worldview.

Speculation on the future.

“Can you think of something? If so, God exists.”

The distinction between human nature and sinful nature.

On coarse language and Christian discussion.

The pope destroying the church.

Could father absence permanently rewire the brain?
Related: Working the night shift and weekends harms your kids.

Who shows up wins; who doesn’t loses.
Related: The minimum number of children any  (married) Christian should have is 3.
From the comments: A great solution.

Family is the reason for the Fast and the Furious’ success.

Don’t use the word “gender”.

Save Capitalism checks out.

The economic leftist singularity intensifies in Detroit. Businesses are being destroyed solely for the joy of destruction.
Related: Why Detroit will remain 3rd-world.

Are the vaisyas starting to revolt in Britain?

A graph of 2012 PISA scores which makes the obvious plain.

Humour: Leftist campaigns back-firing? Never.
Related: Anti-bullying campaigns encourage bullying. Surprising.
Humour: Laws having the exact opposite of their intended effect.

Criticizing Obama is racism.
Related: The hate crime hoax epidemic.

The Cult of Fish.
Related: WHYouth now exists. Not even trying to hide it.

Top 40% of earners paid 106% of income tax.

Seems the Greek HIV story I linked last week wasn’t true. It was an editing error by the UN.

The wages of socialism, Cuba Edition, coming soon to a country near you.

How to get blogging groupies.

Kipling in the NYT. A lesser man scorns his better.

Newspaper prints false letter by non-existent engineer.

Why not to trust sexual studies.

Fudging the climate data.

Peter Higgs and the self-destruction of publish or perish.

Men kept from daughter for 12 years through a £100k court case.

Men increasingly using uptalk.

Remember, standard advice is for women to lie about cheating on their future husbands.
Remember, being a “romantic” beta is creepy.

Man sued for not-marrying in breach of contract case.

Jane Austin MMO for women. A good solution to women in gaming.

Gun freedom support on the rise.

The anti-gun sticker at an establishment may be a lie of the left.

Sometimes, the best revenge is to give people what they want.

NYPD accuracy: 2 out 3 bullets hit (innocent bystanders).

More idiocy of Matt Ygglesias.
Related: He’s also a bad writer.
Related: Matt is defended.

US organization manufacturing dissent in Canada.

The Last Psychiatrist on the Hunger Games.

Diabetics responsible for 25% of NYC hospital admissions.

(H/T: SDA, vulture)

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