Lightning Round – 2014/01/15

How to be the boss, create a job, and have a soul.
Related: The world owes me nothing.

10 most important principles of leadership.

It is not that difficult to be better than most at something.

What will it take for you to change?
Related: Fix yourself by answering one question.
Related: Guide to being mediocre.

Premature aging: losing the will to live early.

Consider the source; its often more important than the advice.

RoK is attempting to address its decline.

Finding and making a conservative wife.

Submission and faith.
Related: What you are and are not owed.
Related: The corrosion of thankfulness.

What incentives does a man have to get married?
Related: Child support and the threat point.

Divorce as war.

Laura thinks red pill women are a trap.
Related: Simon Grey responds to Laura.

Women, memory, and emotion.

The definition of faith.

Subsidizing insanity.

The Catholic Church as an enemy of new ideas.
Related: Humour: 6 myths of the dark ages.

Neoreaction should be obscure.

Anissimov creates a huge Monarchy FAQ I have yet to go through, but looks good.
Related: The monarchist position on economics.

Machiavellianism and reaction.
Related: Noble and pragmatic aristocrats.

A very thorough review of Bryce’s ebook.

Demotism and lies.

The Cathedral and superstructures.

Vox is puzzled by being lumped into the DE.

Scharlach has an amusing conversation with an anarchist.

Conan, civilization, and barbarism.

More on the basilisk. And more.

Politics is a waste of time.

Post-literacy and the refusal to read.

Race and subspecies.

The failure of modern masculinity. (My previous reply still applies: incentives).

Height and attractiveness.

14 things no one will tell fat girls.
Related: 8 things girls can do to be more attractive.
Related: Identifying future fatties.
Related: 4 tests for future fatties.
Related: Weight and attractiveness in pictures.

Matt Walsh on chivalry. He needs to read this old post of mine.

Science: “As it turned out, having more sexual partners was associated with less stable relationships and less relationship satisfaction. “ Surprising.

Troll Panic: Power masquerading as powerlessness.

Sound wisdom for feminist economists.

A Christmas Carol on marriage.

Aristotle: Sparta and spoiled women.

Why profit is mandatory.

The demand for a living wage is a demand for slavery.

The return of the mancession.

The white ghetto.
Related: About poor fathers and single mothers.

The risk of future reprisal against Jews for their actions in the US.

Cards Against Humanity and the new Victorianism.

The environmental devastation of communism.

Mark Steyn on the trapped ice ship.

Wrap Rage.
Related: What people at Upworthy care about.

Just another example of media bias.

The War Nerd on the House of Saud.

Netflix’s problem.

(H/T: SDA, RPR, Vox, GLP)

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