Lightning Round – 22/01/14

Do it now, shed deadweight, and take your losses.

Success is within your grasp.

You have to see it to want it.
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Path to Legionnaire: the modern world.

There is no movement; the movement is you.

The double-bind.

The mathematical argument of game is beside the point.
Related: Shaming cads.

How to stop creating foppish men.

The slavery of the flesh: my boner is my master.

The manosphere then and now.

Donal examines settling.
Related: Types of women to avoid.

Masculine and feminine nature, with visuals.
Related: The lengths to which women crave masculinity and traditional gender roles.

Quick guide to getting women for introverts.

Martel is writing a book.

Self-righteousness is repellent.

A good man is good regardless of incentives.

A wife is not a maid or a prostitute.

Presentation matters.

The narcissistic misery engine.

The DE makes the Telegraph.

Vox responds to a Patheos article on the DE. (Hi James H London).

Part 2 of the excellent Monarchy FAQ. Part 1.
Related: Schopenhauer and Evola on monarchy.
Related: Hoppe on monarchy and limited war.
Related: A few clarifications on monarchy.

Ingredients needed for reaction to work.

How the elite became a foreign culture.

10 reason we need to revive the dark ages.

Family surnames and social mobility.

Read your Bible and pray out loud.

An atheist who actually understands the real consequences of atheism.

Sin is enacted atheism.

Rediscovering the pilgrimage.

The 50 worst countries for anti-Christian persecution.

Review of America Alone.

On nerds.

13 things men should be shamed for.

Women who might have made happy virgins.
Related: Martin Luther on the role of women.

Ladies: What if your online dating profile was like this?

A real war on women would look nothing like the present one.

Danny on fighting for a girl. Part II.
Related: Polish white knights defending drunk sluts from Muslims.

Mother laments that her attempt to indoctrinate her boy into being a sissy is failing.
Related: The modern eloi.

Dad must pay child support for 3 children that aren’t his.

Jenny Erikson: 5 types of guys you’re stuck dating after divorce. Ha ha!

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder.

The 10 blocks of immigration.

Correia on the classics.
Related: Another reason to hate English teachers.

A rhetoric lesson.

Three TV villains audiences turned into heroes.

The US is now a police state.
Related: Weaponized government.

Crime is rising despite misleading statistics.

The loss of childhood to the regulatory state.

Sacrificing virgins to the entertainment gods.

The black studies program that wasn’t.

WRE: Navy edition.

The case against saving money.

Why we need a minimum wage hike.
Related: Proposed minimum wage could destroy 1 million jobs.

Humour: 6 shocking studies proving science is totally broken. Not shocking in the least.

The death of global warming.


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