Lightning Round – 2014/01/08

Building willpower.
Related: Setting and achieving goals.
Related: Man needs structure and discipline.
Related: Victor kicking butt in 2014.
Related: The curse of the lazy sheeple.
Related: The net present value of effort.

The rules of leadership.

GBFM against game; Christian women shouldn’t need to be gamed.
Related: Donal responds on marriage and game and godly masculinity.
Related: GBFM responds.
From the comments: Leap probably says it best.
From the comments: The idea of sophroneo.
From the comments: Game is not the answer; changing women is.
From the comments: Rule, and if you can’t rule don’t marry.
Related: All men and women are given to sin; why is this surprising?

A story of true love, and of Eros and Caritas.

Deti on what to watch out for when pursuing girls at church.

Some major life events in the sphere:

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Radio.
Related: Compare to this.

Best wishes to Sigyn, Loki, and Eisa (I guess Hel would be somewhat inappropriate).

God bless, Chad.

Aaron drops his new book. Review to come when gets the hardcopy.

Manosphere commenter Deep Strength has started up his own blog.

Newer blogger redpillsetsmefree has had some rather good articles:
Hope is all men have for marriage.
On “bitter men”. Why men are “bitter”.
15 years to life.

A manosphere glossary.

Familial love and romantic love.

Feminists are ugly. Related.
Related: Lindy West at the airport.

Science: Misogyny is treating women like men.

On envy.

Fathers are the bulwark against tyranny.
Related: The Cathedral is beginning to realize fathers are important.

A way to black-knight: be the stay-at-home dad.
Related: Some benefits of a housewife.

Delayed reaction to incentives is worse than a strike.
Related: As expected, ridding the divorce system the worst abuses.
Related: The imputed income trap.
Related: Men need to resist.

The end game of the gamma male.

Beta males create hypergamy.
Related: How not to message a women.

“The hardest part of marrying for me, NOW, is knowing that my wife has been absent from my life all these years. Where has she been? Married to another man, being his helpmate instead of mine? Dating frivolously, spending time and attention with various men that were interesting to her?” This resonated.
Related: Ballista comments on why Christian men don’t pursue Christian women.

The cultural devastation of American women.

The usefulness of slut genes.

Why men are beginning to clue in.

A spot of fun: #FeministAutoCorrect

Why you should get big.

The PUA life is not for most.
Krauser’s game stats: read it and the comments to learn how much work goes into being a PUA.
Related: Why 2.7% is good.

Radish wraps up 2013 in neoreaction.
Related: Land rounds out 2013 in neoreaction.
Related: 2013 hate hoax round-up.

Why are US conservatives so obsessed with monarchies? More neoreaction in the media.
Related: Neoreaction picked up by the American Conservative. Twice.
Related: Neoreaction has been reduced to monarchy by the simple.
Related: CATO doesn’t seem to like reactionaries. Oddly enough, CATO regularly sends me updates on their stuff even though I never signed up for them.

Path to Legionnaire: Strategic.
Related: Free speech strategy.
Related: Operation Backslap.
Related: 2014, the time to start building.

Reactionaries need to be men of fire and steel.
Related: Accept risk.
Related: The merchant-warrior.

Foseti is reviewing Moldbug. Read it.

Reactionary koans.

Leftism as cancer.
Related: The reasons for the endless leftward movement.

Mapping out the Cathedral.
Related: The Cathedral and religion.
Related: The Cathedral, and institutions.

A list of thoughtcriminals purged by the left.
Related: Why is WordPress developer Kevin Conboy threatening to delete blogs he dislikes?
Related: Leftoids trying to silence Heartiste.

Advice for reactionaries on resting and being.

Bureaucracy and its growth.

This is what reaction looks like in Mexico.
Related: Josephine County banding together.

A good quote from Luciano Pellicani.

Neoreaction is both brahmins and vaisyas working together.

The Renaissance myth.
Related: The lies told of King Leopold II.

King Charles at RoK.

Derbyshire: The City of Brass.
Related: The Kipling poem.

Handle posits a form of electronic war.

Is Popehat in the prereactionary phase? I think he needs some Moldbug.

Coming soon to a country near you: pedophobia.

The options for the church are running low. Mass ex-communication is the best answer I can think of.

The United Church always finds a new bottom: Trayvon Martin nativity.
Related: Another day, another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Evangelical dilemma: Wait for sex and wait to marry.

Some thoughts concerning hell.

The game of appearance.

A Catholic Christmas story.

Ecclesiastes has long been my favourite book of the Bible.
Related: The Four Loves by Lewis is something I should read.

The products of an emotion-led faith.

Humour: Local Church Full Of Brainwashed Idiots Feeds Town’s Poor Every Week

A creationist, an evolutionist, and a Darwinist walk into a bar

Seems there’s some kind of drama happening in the manosphere. I hate drama, but here’s a small rundown:
Seems it started at 3 Bromigos, not a blog I read regularly.
Ace thinks disagreement is good and even dregs can be prophets.
Sploosh plans to stay positive.

Rape culture was manufactured to wage unjust war against men.

The saving SF from strong female characters wrap-up.

Humour: Her “worst online dating profile ever” is only slightly removed from your average OKC profile.

The baffled spinster.
Related: Choice for women: 14 years of fun or a family life.

Go, help stamp out online harassment.

Average women will kiss 15 men and have her heart broken twice before marriage.

Teachers love your children more than you do.

PIV is always rape, but still not the most insane thing she’s written.

Amusing gender-swapped fairy tales.

Black-knighting at Occidental and in Italy. More examples in the comments.

Wife tries to frame husband with child pornography.

The pay gap is higher where maternal leave is greater. Shocking.

An evobio account of gay male-straight female friendships.

Science: Gun laws don’t work.

Robber’s Cave experiment.
Related: A sinking opinion of humanity.

The Rolling Stone is openly supporting communism.

Manufactured intelligence.

Liberals lack a moral core.

Every leftist politician should, once a year, be forced to walk alone at night through a vibrant neighbourhood.

Seems Hollywood has noticed Christians are a big market, but it seems disappointment is inevitable.

Vox’s holiday survival guide.

Reverse mortgages and the boomer’s irresponsibility.

Fourth times a charm: Spanish national bank destroys investors thrice.

Female marines can’t do 1 pull-up. (Male marines do 3).
Related: Do feminists accept that women are physically inferior?

Matt is right in what he says, but wrong in his opposition. We should support women in the military: it will reduce the military’s effectiveness for whenever the state decides to unleash it on the populace. Also, once a half-dozen women come back from some sandy wasteland as naked, raped, bleeding corpses, maybe some people will wake up to reality.

The increase of sociopathy in America.

Global warming scientists trapped in ice. Heh.

The Christmas truce, a display of western unity.

Holiday Satire: The economics of Christmas. Vox has one.

An infographic on talking to the cops.

Why you can’t trust political “fact-checkers”. Politi-Fact lies about its lies.
Related: 10 worst fact-checks of 2012.
Related: The end of ethics.

A tale of a union.

My Cousin Vinnie and random gibberish accepted in conference paper.

The zoo hypothesis of reality TV.

Humour: The stupidity of “viral” websites.

On creepypasta.

Searching for time travellers.

(H/T: SDA, Rex, Land, Jim, Vulture, GLP, Patriactionary, Phineas, Radish, GCBH, Instapundit, Duck, Anissimov, Goldstein, McInnes, WH,

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