Lightning Round -2014/02/05

The end of the game debate.
Related: The difference between the red pill and game.
Why Keoni follows game.
Related: Reclamation of masculine knowledge.
Related: The righteous virtues .
Related: Virtue and the beatitudes.
Related: Tools, use, and abuse.

Headship game.
Related: Discerning your mission for marriage.
Related: What Deep Strength is looking for in a wife.

Ace with a great post explaining manosphere “anger”.
Related: Why the manosphere exists in one post.
Related: Casual sex and male incentives.

Before you give up, read this: Don’t sacrifice.
Related: How to retire 35 years early.

How to use fear of embarrassment.

6 principles of effective persuasion.

Attraction as a handshake. Related.

Traditional sex roles week at RoK. Hashtag: #BacktotheKitchen
Related: The empowered female parasite.
Related: How feminists attack the traditional woman.
Related: Why is Rebecca Sparrow attacking young moms for staying fit and pretty?
Related: Submission and door mats.

The importance of congruency and structures rather than specifics.

Women are heavily influenced by men’s opinions.
Related: Don’t validate women.
Related: Don’t let women abuse your time.

Passive-aggressive Christian nice guys.

Ton on why alphas may be the logical choice.

Why women fail with men.
Related: The insanity of some women.
Related: An object lesson for women concerning online dating.

5 mistakes Frost made in his early 20s.
Related: 15 life lessons.

The free man’s movie list.

The groundhog day of life.

Both Gromar and Die Gallantly have gone to self-hosting. I think it’s time for me to do over the next couple of weeks. If anyone knows how to do a 301 redirect from the WordPress domain, that’d be super.

Radish knocks it out of the park again on studies of conservatives, bad science, and the inevitable “treatment” of “racists”.

Creating the Thomas Carlyle Club for Young Reactionaries.

Anissimov adds to the neoreactionary canon.

The first entryist attack.
Related: The necessity of neoreactionary doctrine.
Related: A warning on the risk.
Related: Avoiding libertarian HIV.
Related: Premises of neoreaction.

You’re miserable because you are free.
Related: Neoreaction and libertarianism.
Related: Freedom in Russia and the US.

The hopelessness of the left.
Related: The heart of the leftest is empty and lonely.

“The left’s sharpest edge can’t even scratch us, but we can cut them to their bones.”

Pell at Taki’s writes a good article on neoreaction.
Related: John Derbyshire on the DE.
Related: American Catholic on neoreaction.
Related: DE at Trending Central.
Related: The human centipede of the media.

The Cathedral, the Patriarchy, and the Jewish question are all similar structural questions.

Reaction and pork.

The DE is united only in its hatred of the Cathedral.

It’s not nurture and nature, it’s nature and randomness.

Rod Dreher on why people should ignore the reality of HBD.

The basis of salvation.
Related: 6 things you have to believe to be a Christian.

How Christians can take credit for game.
Related: I think the satire was missed by GBFM.

Evangelicals committing suicide.

Think I posted this before: Science on the differences in brains by sex.

No man dehumanizes women to the degree feminism does.

Fat acceptance in Japan.

Divorce, not gay “marriage”, destroyed marriage.
Related: Cost of married sex calculator.

5 reasons the sex pay gap is bogus.
Related: The wage gap is a lie.

The sperm bank as in vitro cuckolding.

Sailer points out feminists eating each other.

Equality in action: ‘Men aren’t protecting us.’

The damage a mother can do.

A woman admits the truth and gives an object lesson of what to avoid.

People, especially women, do not hold to their stated online dating preferences.
Related: Dating profile advice.

Did Sara C Nelson commit libel?

Obesity isn’t a disease and you have free will.

The HR nightmare.

Development destroys neighbourhoods.

A bit more of our gradual decline.

Mangan reviews Survive – the Economic Collapse.

Robots destroy the case for immigration.

The population decline in Japan. And in Iran.

Vox starts a new publishing house.
Related: More information.

Seems a few ideologues are trying to ruin science fiction.

Related: Madison health officials shut down 11-year-old girl’s cupcake business.

The establishment Republicans are fundraising less than the Tea Party.
Related: Shooting the elephant. No support for Republicans.

The GoP earns its reward for being soft on illegal immigration.

Having female loved ones makes you Republican.

Democrats destroying the black community.
Related: Slate is starting a series on liberal failures on race: this should be fun.

Blacks have taken a back seat to gays on the victim bus.

3rd grade curriculum: Don’t ‘liter’; don’t argue; pay taxes.

On the superbowl commercials.
Related: The commercial reactions were a fake media non-event.
Related: It’s a parlour game.

America’s legal drug culture.

Canada’s hate speech laws constitutional.
Related: Slate makes it clear: it’s bigoted to believe in religious liberty.

Some people refuse to learn: housing loan edition.

Afghanistan’s flirtation with communism.

Seems some red I never heard of before died.

(H/T: SDA, RPR, Isegoria, WS)

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