Lightning Round – 2013/12/04

The importance of faith and hope for men.
Related: The burdens of leadership.
Related: The difference between thug and alpha is the environment.

Leadership, submission, and the neoreactionary social order.
Related: The value of feminine virtue, part 1.
Related: Against backleading.
Science: Women controlling their emotions makes a marriage happier.

Feminism is dead.

Aurini resurrects a classic from the Solomon blog.

The road to greatness begins now.

When did it become acceptable to shame being a man?
Related: Heterophobia.
Related: Is humanity becoming androgynous?
Related: The rise of the mangina.

On male competition.
Related: Life isn’t personal.
Related: Women controlling their insecurities.
Related: Embracing rejection.

How Roosh stood up to the mob and won.
Related: How Victor make $10k/month blogging.

Martel on the difficulty of following your own advice.
Related: Only take advice from those who have done what you want to do.

A good essay on the history of divorce in the US. No fault divorce might not have been as drastic a change as previously thought. Has a little bit on the puritans, the enlightenment, and the interaction of elites and the masses for the reactionaries as well.

Waiting for sex and waiting for marriage: the evangelical dilemma.

Christians teaching wives to collect their 30 pieces of silver.
Related: Focus on the family advising women on how to divorce rape their husbands.
Related: Someone dislikes the manosphere a lot. The comments are rather amusing.
Related: Empath responds.

Divorcee complains that open marriages are threatening serial marriage.
Related: The trap of the “pro-marriage” professional divorcee writer.
Related: Almost a third of married women haven’t found Mr. Right.

Single motherhood is hazardous to children.

Danny answers “where have all the good men gone?”

A great read: The cult of political correctness.
Related: Saving SF from strong female characters, part 5.

Leap examines leftist thinking.

The case for vulgarity.

Porn use is due to the feminization of men.
Related: Women, Jesse Stone, and porn.

Kathleen Hannah: Do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do feminist.
Related: Why feminists are ugly.

Rhetoric: Ben Franklin and the Socratic method.

Gift game.

Alternatives to marriage.

People can accurately perceive men’s intelligence, but not women’s.
Related: Sex differences are hardwired. Related.

New Moldbug: He absolutely shreds the TechCunch article and other anti-reactionary talk.
Related: Another article on the neoreaction; we’re creepy. A&G respond.
Related: Amos & Gromar respond to a criticism of neoreaction.
Related: It looks like North Korea is going to be the Cathedral’s meme.

Thinkinglike a neoreactionary: part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7.

Moldbug e-books.

The path to Legionnairre: series introduction. A neoraectionary bootcamp. Looking forward to this series.

Conquest’s second law; why do organizations become leftist?
Related: Default liberalism and the liberal advance.

Anti-anti-reactionary FAQ: war and democide.

Conscription, unity, and immigration.

The need for neologisms in conservatism.
Related: Polymaths and monopaths.

Trust in the US is declining.
Related: A little more boomer hate.

The pretense of powerlessness.
The true colour of liberalism.

8 reasons democracy doesn’t work.

The cult of neoreaction.
Related: Working with disinformation in our map.

The microscopic differences between socialist and liberal in Seattle.

The Cathedral in action: CNN edition.
Related: CNN turns from news to reality TV.

Personality goes beyond the soul.

Traditionalism is also for protestants.

Schism against heresy.

7 things Roosh learned from his viral article.

Manosphere wisdom about texting your ONS’ goes mainstream.
Related: Men confident in their relationships text less; women text more.

A woman experiences equality; doesn’t like it.

A story of women and degeneration.

Maladjusted feminist killjoys at the holidays.

RAF women gets £100000 for being forced to march like men. Yes, women really do belong in the military.

The case against female education.

Obesity is more dangerous than anorexia.

Science: Casual sex and negative mental health outcomes.
Related: Women regret past sexual encounters; men wish they had more of them.

Naomi Wolf is quotes the Bible and advocates hair coverings while decrying porn.

Slut-shaming: sure to make a girl psychotic.

EW on Goldie Blox.
Related: It seems I’m not the only one criticizing Goldie Blox.

The states as girls.

British racist totalitarianism has reached new heights. (The principal’s e-mail).
Related: Normal vaisyas are beginning to gain racial consciousness. This will not end well.
Related: Just another hate crime hoax.
Related: GLP with a decent quote from Chomsky.

Iceland and Shanghai do well the PISA; the US does not. Slate ignores the obvious.

Your kids won’t make you happy.

A town without big corporations.

By ceding the spiritual to women, we allow it to be feminized.
Related: The church’s overemphasis of joy.

The misinterpretation of Matthew 5:27-28.

How the spirit of inquiry is being suppressed in the West.
Related: Science fraud.

A decent life for decent people and the purpose of public schooling.

Personal responsibility, passive voice, and the lower classes.

“Antarctic sea ice has grown to a record large extent for a second straight year, baffling scientists seeking to understand why this ice is expanding rather than shrinking in a warming world.”

It might be time to start hanging IRS agents.
Related: American taxpayers are fools.

A tactic that works against liberals.

The decline in jobs and make-work.

News editors regarding Obama: “We must accept that we, the press, have been enablers.”
Related: Obama describes himself as “not a particularly ideological person.”

SC to hear case on Obamacare persecution of religious.

Obamacare as an Orwellian information collection system.
Related: The Chinese may be controlling your Obamacare data.

The Chinese rich are fleeing. Big news on the horizon?

Sweden, immigration, and rape.

Ukraine turns to Russia and China.

On Syria.

Our declining rate of technological progress.

Pilgrim socialism and the thanksgiving story.
Related: Thanksgiving, then and now.

Is it any wonder the American empire has been declining when this is how they treat their allies.

On historically-illiterate atheists.

The treason of unions during WW2.

In a mathematically literate world

Amazon charts vs. stock price.

Banghazi: Krugman’s best-case scenario.

I never noticed this before, but Slate actually publishes the time it takes to read an article on the side bar. Most are in the 1-2M range. You can tell the level of intellectual quality they’re shooting for.

I regret not cheating on my boyfriend. Cosmo really is trash.

The scam of black Friday “deals”.

(H/T: SDA, GLP, Vulture, HBD Chick, RamzPaul, Borepatch)

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