Lightning Round – 2013/12/25

Merry Christmas. I’m enjoying my days off, so blogging will be light. Here’s some links to get you through. There will likely not be a Lightning Round next Wednesday. Enjoy your holidays.

Will starts up a new link aggregation site.
Related: Chad summarizes his last two years and links to some of his posts.

The Path to Legionnaire: Social

True Christian women do not need to be gamed: against Dalrock and Vox.
Related: Finding a good woman.
Related: The red pill truth for men.
Related: Withholding from the other sex will not make them better.
Related: Monogamy is natural; as it goes so to does civilization and beauty.

Lewis on love.

Aristotle on being a man.
Related: Boys and fatherhood.

Master of the Hall: a hospitality guide.

Twice as hard: Where all the good men have gone.
Related: Why America causes men to be unnatural.
Related: America: Home of the fey.
Related: Modern men are becoming lotus eaters.

For women: Why does my boyfriend pressure me for sex?
Related comment: Dating is a marriage relationship.

Women crave boundaries.
Related: A woman needs to be put in place.

American women, stay away from me.

To the women who choose not to have kids.

Refusing to man-up is rational.

The two modesties.

The 1% marriage meme.

The futility of online dating.

Life begins at 33. Something to look forward to.
Related: Life lessons from Machiavelli.

Building an internet business.

The Private Man offers himself up for interviews.

A reactionary library.

#HateUpNYC from A&G and Bryce. I’ll have to get in on the next one.

2014, Neoreaction, and the Art of War.
Related: Facing the future.
Related: When will we hit that critical 10% mark.

Democracy sucks and voters are morons.

Neologisms and concept development.
Related: The manipulation of the language to spread left-wing thought.

Is, Ought, and academics.
Related: The power elites.

The soft genocide of southern culture.

The left-wing roots of anarcho-tyranny.

The NYT dips it’s toe into HBD.

Is Putin one of us?

Being liberal on God.

GQ article on Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty.
Related: Duck Dynasty and liberal bigotry.
Related: Why Phil Robertson was really suspended.
Related: The conclusive proof of media bias.
Related: Dear A&E, you just committed suicide.
Related: What the Duck Dynasty folks should do.
Related: The pointlessness of the duck fight.
Related: Chik-Fil-A Day for Duck Dynasty.
Related: The only way to handle a bully is to stand up to them.
Related: Is an entertainer being fired for being Christian something that may be seen as a prelude to civil war?
Related: Backfire.
Related: The controversy that wasn’t.
Related: Steyn: Age of intolerance.
Related: Steyn: Re-education camp.
Related: The patriarch teaches.


The tyranny of the anti-homeschoolers.

Laidnyc also hates the stupidity of “correlation doesn’t equal causation”.

Teamwork is overrated.

There’s nothing to be done about mass shootings.

#RealisticFatTalk. RoK?

Munk Debates: Are men obsolete? All female debaters. I wonder how Dowd, Rosin, et al. would react if men held debate if women were obsolete.
Related: Fred responds.

About 1 in 200 women report having virgin births.

“I don’t want to really scare you,” he said, after half a chuckle. “But it was alarming how many people I talked to who are highly placed people in AI who have retreats that are sort of ‘bug out’ houses”

The greatness of Canada. I don’t have to care.

The Star attempts a coup on Rob Ford.

On the American labour problem.

Humour: 7 reasons the TSA sucks from a security expert.

The third-worldification of Britain: businesses to be paid to turn of lights to prevent blackouts.

UK: Feminists vs. Muslims over gender segregation at university.
Related: UK boys to be given courtship lessons due to fears porn has warped their minds.

Contrary to the false beliefs of some, Marilyn Monroe was skinny. (Yes, the article is exceedingly annoying, but the point is interesting).

Red skin was not a slur against aboriginals.

20 things the rich do every day. redux.

3 reasons not to become a lawyer right now.

Amusing hardline anti-Christmas carol parodies. I guess you have to make your own fun when you don’t celebrate Christmas.
Related: The missing 12 days of Christmas.

(H/T: SDA, Will, Land, GCBH)

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