Lightning Round – 2013/12/18

The Path to Legionnaire: Mental.
Related; Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

Love is a verb.

A great product sells itself.
Related: Deti on why men fail with women.
Related: Betapedia: examples of what not to do.

The easy way to get people to do what you want.

A quick solution to being boring.

How to read books. It’s shorter than the book.

What Mark Driscoll gets wrong.
Related: Mark Driscoll continues to sink into silliness.
Related: Selling sense for men and marriage.
Related: Moral lemmings jumping off the marriage cliff.
Related: So you want me to man up and marry?

Treat them mean.
Related: Chicks despise nice guys.
Related: Game: Biting.
Related: The degradation of the age.
Related: Women’s desire to be roughed in the bedroom is a perversity of true submission.
Related: Wives should submit to their husbands.

There is no such thing as unconditional love.

Chesterton and sex.

It all seems backwards.
Related: The calibration glasses.

Explaining the paleo fad.

Madonnas and whores.

A few points from Sex Wars.

Women in the manosphere.

Advice for women to avoid temptation.
Related: Advice for women feeling neglected.
Related: Women: Why you’re on the bang, don’t marry list.
Related: Six ways for women to stamp out the risk of divorce.

On the ‘beautiful, chaste young woman’ who can’t find a husband.
Related: Leading your daughters to marriage.
Related: Game for nerd girls.
Related: Women: How to get a Christian man to marry you.

If you are subhuman narcissistic filth, you don’t deserve a good relationship.
Related: Maureen Dowd: choosing to be mean, even when nice works better.

Why men should leave America.
Related: Chile: A possible expatriation destination.

I was unfamiliar with this passage from Malachi. It seems to give scripture an even greater pro-natalist position than I had previously thought.

Dalrock criticizes Matt Walsh.

Dalrock notes progress: Taranto spills red pill all over the WSJ.

Danny’s planning another meet-up.
Related: A bit more on the meet-up.

Will quits Twitter. 25 tweets. 25 more tweets.

It’s a man’s world and always will be.
Related: JB responds to a Jezebel response.

The hilarity of feminist programming languages. It’s not supposed to work.
Related: Feminist Software Foundation: “No coding experience is necessary.”
Related Humour: C+=
Related: Throwing out Aristotle.

Virtue and the dictionary.

Agon contemplates the web holding him in place.

Be tall.

Understanding the reaction and the new right.
Related: A&G responds to the new right neoreaction article.

This paper on IQ and dysgenics has been making the rounds.

The rightist singularity.

I always look forward to the new Radish: Anarcho-tyranny.

The origins of northwest-european guilt. Related.
Related: White guilt as a morality contest.

Leftists may (sorta) acknowledge the falseness of their ideology when it comes to them getting murdered.

The brown scare in Sweden.

The rise and contraction of Elysia.
Related: Advice on the coming decline.
Related: How could the west collapse?

The madness of some singularity thought: Roko’s Basilisk.
Related: The abstract horror of the great filter.

Mississippi slave narratives.

On the Jewish conspiracy.

When did white trash become normal?

Orwell, newspeak, the common man, and cognitive miserliness.

‘Poverty impedes income’ shown to be BS.
Related: A twin study showing educational achievement is mostly genetic.

A loudmouth female cadet, Trayvon Martin, and the knockout game.
Related: Put guns in schools.

Faith, family, community, and work create happiness. Also, conservative women are much happier than liberal women.

Black men and white women.

‘Hey nice guys; please wait for us while we waste ourselves on losers.’

Spanish feminists do what feminists do. Take extra notice of the pictures.

Women’s sexual desire fades over time in a relationship.
Related: Half of women would rather go without sex than without their smartphone.

Remember white men; if you want to help “anti-racism” and “anti-sexism” you are a second-class citizen who should shut up.
Related: ‘My students don’t want to be forced to attend sermons accusing them of being racist sexists. Therefore we should change the entire college model.’
Related: We’re all racists, but intelligent people are better at covering it up.

Who is more at risk of having her writing career damaged by something she was written: an American writer who publishes a book or article highly critical of the US national security establishment, or an American writer who publishes a book or article highly critical of gay rights, or progressive feminist and racial orthodoxies?”

Some pictures with an interesting take on a tumbler meme.

The most abominable Christian wife on the internet.
Related: Plans for her second marriage. What kind of insane man would marry her now?

Women should get no more than 2 divorces. I think Danny’s one divorce too generous.

Does the BMI underestimate female obesity?

Slate Feminists: Why do feelings of gender inequality exist when we constantly stoke them?

Alert the presses: Amanda Marcotte is wrong.

The truth of false rape accusations.

George Zimmerman and SMV.

The manosphere producers vs. the mainstream parasites.

26 more signs she’s a slut.

Blind faith is not faith.

The stupidity of ‘don’t judge.’

The Greek of meek and humble; disciplined and lowly.

A child’s father is a major factor in religious behaviour.

Teaching kids to think by teaching writing.

Immigration then and now.

Is mass immigration a method of ethnically cleansing blacks?

The uselessness of the boycott.

Are you an enemy of liberty?

Media bias in regards to shootings.

Police state: 10-year-old suspended for shooting imaginary arrows.

NY liberal tears over Obamacare. Delicious.

More 6-figure white collar jobs for the elite. Go #occupy!

The minimum wage is the wrong tool.

The hidden divide in American institutions.

The dysfunction of the modern labour market.
Related: The Fed notes that college doesn’t pay off for most.
Related: Retroactive grade inflation in law schools; because your degrees were already worth too much.

There will always be a 1%.
Related: Low-level employees are worth less than CEOs.

The decline of the underclass on TV, profiting the Democrat demographics.

Hilarity at Mandela’s funeral.
Related: More amusement.
Related: Mandela and the W-force.
Related: Mandela’s legacy in video. Shoot the Boer.
“And was this also not the truth about the whole of the Mandela memorial ceremony? All the crocodile tears of the dignitaries were a self-congratulatory exercise, and Jangtjie translated them into what they effectively were: nonsense.”

The US Cathedral infiltrates Canadian politics.

Microsoft categorizes the USG as a cyber-criminal organization.

The vile try to bring down the ideal in fiction, rather than raise themselves up.
Related: Scalzi defines game.
Related: A fun little exchange of rabbit rationalization.

The hypocrisy of gay activists.
Related: The barbarians pleading for tolerance are intolerant when they come to power.

Uber might be the next big company of the future.

Lifting reduces cancer risk.

The heart of libertarianism.

The land tax.

(H/T: CC, Danny, Bill, GLP, SDA, RPR)

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