Lightning Round – 2014/01/29

Be decisive.

Motivation is dead; go and get what you need.

Don’t let perfect be enemy of the better.

Musashi’s 21-point checklist.

Courage and confidence.

The alphaness, control, and masculinity of Putin.

It’s never too late for self-improvement.
Related: Quora: How can I become an asshole?


Alone has a new one and it’s amazing, as always.

Christianity, eros, and trad’s lack of understanding.
Related: Why do Christian reactionaries and PUAs get along so well?
Related: How PUA’s benefit from and promote feminism.

Cane, Vox, and Simon (twice) go back and forth on game.
Related: God, game, and the men’s movement.
Related: Game is not just a toolbox.
Related: Lifting weights.
Related: A Jew and an Assyrian walk into a bar.
Related: Wisdom, eros, and the church.
Related: A wife is a gift from God.
Related: Women are attracted to men whom other men give status.

The aspects of masculinity.
Related: Christian masculinity, mastery, and the internal and external.

God’s will, will, and force.
Related: Every man is given the force to change the world.

Good fruit, bad fruit, and game.
Related: Listen to God about how you spend your time.

Anchored emotions.

16 ways to find a wife according to scripture.
Related: Marriage increases health and happiness.
Related: Christian women submits to her husband, brings him closer to Christ.

Being attractive for a husband, why not for a wife?

Thoughts on game for the ladies.

A Christian response to “let’s just be friends”.

Puritanism and progressivism as Gnosticism.
Related: The restless heart of darkness: gnostic progressivism.
Related: Never appease the nothing people.
Related: Oswald Spengler also identified the nothing people. So did Lewis.

Being in the world, not of it. What we can do.
Related: You cannot serve both God and modernity; you will lose your children.

Bryce has created a neoreactionary canon.

Reactionaries need logos, pathos, and ethos.

Land comments on the media and the immediate future of neoreaction.
Related: Naming neoreaction.

American Thinker has a piece sympathetic to DE.
Related: DE at Metafilter.

How the Cathedral attacks.

Another telegraph article on NR: seems we’re a sad lot.
Related: Noah Smith on neoreaction.
Related: You, me, and HBD.
Related: The critics of neoreaction.

“Political correctness is a war on noticing.” Picked up by Patton Oswald.

Why neoreaction? More Right’s take.

Liberal hierarchy destroys true hierarchy and makes it sociopathic.

Vox points out that neoreactionaries such as Moldbug and Land aren’t as influential as others in the Dark Enlightenment.

Splitting the US.

Steve corrects an Atlantic article that ignores the obvious to smear the south.

Warfare deaths in the 18th and 20th century.

Chad linked to Chesterton on Job in the comments. It was interesting as I read Job recently.

A dreadful thought: there will there be no persecution.

Is atheism doomed?
Related: The distribution of atheist intelligence.

A reading of the rich man and Lazarus.

Defending the pope from AmRen.

A story of men behaving lamely in the church.

Planet of the bitches.

Matt and Roosh in running for most hated man on the internet. Notice the order in which the Cathedral ranks horribleness.
Guy who lays sluts and hurts self-esteem > guy who opposes self-esteem > two guys who celebrate/advocate soldiers deaths > KKK/Stormfront racists > guy who posts gore > guy who helps criminals find people testifying against them
Related: A letter to Caitlin Dewey.
Related: A bit more on Caitlin Dewey.

I’m a 2.5 on the Clarey test.

Why women are liberal.

The Boss-Secretary sexual strategy.

Slate discovers what anybody with a brain already knew: Broken families block social mobility.
Related: Parental income’s and genetic effect on income inequality.
Related: Assortative mating creates income inequality.

Some blue-coated red pill is served to some woman giving stupid advice.

Women viewing other women pleasing her man as betrayal.
Related: Short hair is an indication of emotional damage.
Related: Feminism is an attempt at androgyny.

Top 5 signs a woman is using you.

I won’t accept you at your worst; earn a relationship.

Women are getting sluttier.

Born this way if gay, otherwise, it’s all find your own way.

Hair and usefulness.

Broken homes and broken women: a recipe for disaster.

Hubristic young women looks down upon women who marry young, yet thinks a promotion and backpacking are accomplishments, gets smacked-down.

Moderately amusing tale of a Man U soccer player on a date.

Sperm donor ruled legal father in Kansas.

Frost thinks Bitcoins are in trouble.

Remember: Money in the bank is not your money.

Multi-culturalism serves neo-liberalism.

Humour: Cracked has some decent advice, especially 1-3.

Don’t write for a living.

School ditches recess rules and bullying declines.

Doctors in Europe kill as many as 800,000 people due to guidelines.

Y-Chromosome “Adam” not necessarily human.

Wendy Davis, child murder and unsafe hospital crusader, divorced her husband the day after he paid off her student loans. Hurray for being strong and independent.
Related: Child murder advocates are liars. I’m surprised.

A litany of the uselessness of the US federal government.

IRS intimidates another right-wing group.

64% of Chinese millionaires have either immigrated or plan to immigrate.

Don’t trust self-reported stats.

Christianity’s most ancient communities are being destroyed and no one cares.
Related: Egyptians celebrate the death of democracy.

Islamic infertility.

“You may have heard recently that the richest 85 people in the world have more wealth than the bottom 3.5 billion. Tim began by pointing out that his 2 year old also has more wealth than the bottom 2 billion since his 2-year old has no debt.”

Beards are racist.

Peer reviewed science journal killed for issue doubting IPCC claims.

I never knew Matt Yglesias’ grandfather made a movie for the CPUSA.
Related: Yglesias’ argues for ignoring people who accomplish things for people like him.

(H/T: HBD Chick, SSC, Phineas, GLP, RPR)

14 responses to “Lightning Round – 2014/01/29

  • seriouslypleasedropit

    Michael O. Church? My secret identity and my real one are getting along a bit too closely.

  • Chad

    Thanks for the links. I’m glad you found Chesterton interesting on Job. If you have any deep thoughts, I’d love to hear them either in a post or an email.

  • Deep Strength

    Thanks for the links!

    It’s crazy but God is teaching me so much as I write too.

  • Marissa

    Your links are always great, but that image at the end made me breathe a huge sigh of relief for the guy who escaped that disaster.

  • Keoni Galt

    As always, thanks for the lightning…and yeah, those pics sure tell quite the tale of this chick’s solipsism run amok.

  • School ditches rules and loses bullies | Will S.' Miscellany

    […] A lesson from New Zealand, for the rest of the Anglosphere, too. (Hat Tip: Free Northerner) […]

  • The world’s most ancient Christian communities are being destroyed — and no one cares | Will S.' Miscellany

    […] Christians in the Middle East have been the victims of pogroms and persecution. Where’s the outrage in the West? (Hat Tip: Free Northerner) […]

  • Alan J. Perrick

    “Free Northerner”

    Calling K.K.K. or Stormfronters “racists” is redundant… All whites (pro-whites) are “racists” according to the anti-white narrative. More people are seeing that, and that’s why more and more are saying that “Anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-white.

  • theshido

    You’re the man FN! Thanks for the link.

  • soapjackal

    Noah Smiths article is intriguing.

    He of course attempts to denounce te whole movement via humor and smarth, but at the same time he acknowledges two interesting concepts that aren’t discussed enough:

    1. The libertarian movement will probably be split by neoreaction. The dentologists and anarcho-capitalists are both not fans of ‘statism’ and ‘minarchy’ no matter the form and will fight it. This will be interesting to see which side gets the thinkers.

    2. That the European left/right struggle is very overt and historical. The progressive rightists will be in the very interesting position of dealing with true right intelligentsia. Conservative America will be altered if DE can fire up.

  • Free Northerner

    @ Chad: Nope, I’m not thinking anything all that deep about it.

    @ Alan: You are correct. I’ve been trying the “no enemies to the right” thing and avoiding using the “racism” slur except sarcastically.

    @ soap: It could be very interesting if the DE picks up steam.

  • The Karamazov Idea

    Odd, RightStuff struck me as anti-christian when I browsed a few of their articles. I see some of the “based pagan master race” showed up to mob the comments. I wonder when they will realize that worshipping Thor won’t erase the fact that they’re 40 pounds overweight, are educated to the level of a baboon in a city zoo, are economically dependent on their parents, and are absolutely terrified of personal harm and death.

    Also, I’m a bit annoyed that AmRen took such a decidedly anti-papist stance. Francis has put his foot in his mouth a few times (claiming the biggest problem in the world is unemployed youth, for one), but he’s hardly a liberal.

    I wish I had more time to pursue many of these links, but I’m rather busy not being a neo-nazi and paying bills, not allowing my body to atrophy in front of the television, and doing things that will better myself, my family, and my beliefs.

  • The Karamazov Idea

    I guess I’ll take comfort in the fact that ramzpaul told the SS worshipping morons to take a hike in his latest video.

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