The Life of a Beta

Your average beta is born. He grow up surrounded by family. They are good times, but he barely remembers them.

Then something changes; he spends 13 years being psychological castrated, mentally oppressed, (sometimes) physically abused, and viciously indoctrinated in what we term the public school system. He has no option but to go and is too inexperienced to realize what is being done to him. But, he is promised that if he does good , he will get a good job, have lots of money, marry a loving wife, and have kids of his own; he looks forward to that. While in this system he is thoroughly feminized; his natural masculine traits are banned, punished, and even drugged out of him.

He sees the young alpha who beats him up and torments him. He sees that the young alpha has many more friends than him. He sees the pretty girls who ignore him smile at the young alpha and even hears rumours they do more than smile.

But he is taught by this system, his church, his parents, and every authority figure he knows that if he obeys, he persists, works hard, and he suppresses his masculinity he will be rewarded with a job, a wife, a house, and a family. God, the market, and the state will smile upon him and bless him.

The young bully will get his. God, the market, and the state will punish him in time. Someday our young beta will be his bully’s boss. He’ll have the nice house and pretty wife, while the bully is working at McDonald’s.

So, he endures. He allows himself to be psychologically castrated. He’s slightly uneasy about it, it doesn’t feel quite right, but he goes with it because everyone is telling him to and he doesn’t fully realize exactly what he allowing to be done to him. In his spare time, he and his friends play video games to keep their minds off their lack of social life and of the shit they have to put up with at school.

The young beta is almost done school looking forward to his reward, but then the powers that be tell him, not yet. You’ll get your reward, but first you have to go through a 3-6 year sentence at this other indoctrination system, labelled a university. Go through this and you will be blessed. Just remember to pay the tens of thousands of dollars of tuition, but don’t worry about it. There are loans, and with the money you’ll make, they’ll be easy to pay off.

The young beta acquiesces; he’s a good person, not a troublemaker. He wants to help society, not fight it. Besides he desires his blessing.

So he goes. He is taught in this university that he is evil because he is a man and men oppress women. He was taught that he is evil because the ancestors of people with his skin colour won some land in wars from the ancestors of people with different skin colour from his centuries ago. He is taught that being rich is evil, because rich people oppress the poor. He is taught his religious beliefs are evil and oppressive. It doesn’t sound right, but these are men of learning; these are the great and the good; these are the wise men of society. So he is persuaded.

He avoids being dominant and manly around women, for he doesn’t want to oppress them. He becomes to question whether the house and job he was promised are his right. Is it only his greed and his “privilege” to expect these things? He’ll work hard so he deserves them, then he’ll help others with some of it. He starts going to a more liberal, less oppressive church; one that isn’t so judgmental.

So, he works hard. He studies, he has a part-time jobs, and he takes out some student loans. He goes to the occasional party, maybe he has one or two short relationships, maybe he doesn’t. But he’s concentrating on school.

He sees some young alphas at school. They are always at every party,including all the ones he’s not invited to. They act dominant around women and treat the women poorly. They are oppressing women, yet they always seem to have a girl in their arms and every week in class they brag about the great sex and fun times they had over the weekend.

But the authorities assure our beta that those are not quality girls. Those girls don’t really like him, he’s just fooling the gullible into bed. The women don’t actually like the those oppressive men. Eventually those alphas will end up alone.

Real women like the sensitive beta man. He’s just has to wait for the right girl to marry him.

So, he waits, he studies. In his spare time he plays video games, because getting drunk and partying will interfere with his job and his schooling. When he graduates he’ll get a job and get married to a quality women.

He’s 21 and nearing graduation. He applies for jobs, but none come. He graduates, and moves back in with family because he can’t afford an apartment, let alone his house.

He works a part-time job; the alpha who used to bully him works at the same job, but is paid $1 more an hour because he’s been there longer. The bully always seems to have a girlfriend who visits him at work, the beta hasn’t had a date for a year.

He keeps applying for jobs, but never seems to get any. The authorities tell him not to worry; there’s a recession, everybody is having trouble. Keep trying, we’ll bounce back anytime and there will be lots of jobs. Then you’ll get your job and your house. When you have those a wife will surely come.

He spends his free time playing video games. He occasionally has fanciful ideas about starting his own business, but he doesn’t know how. He has no idea how to start. No one ever taught him and everybody had always told him to pursue a stable corporate job.

After a year of applying, he finally gets an office job. It doesn’t relate to what he studied and is not very exciting but at least he’s employed. He hasn’t had a date since he graduated. One of the alphas from university works at the same job as him. The alpha is also having a liaison with the cute coworker on a different floor.

He has a job, so he purchases a house. The house is expensive, it eats up a large portion of his paycheck, but he gets by. He’ll be able to raise a family with this house. In his spare time he plays video games with his friends.

He doesn’t really have anywhere to meet a girl other than work and church you can’t shit where you eat and none of the girls at church are interested. He tries online dating but is mostly unsuccessful.

He continues to work. He dislikes it and the office politics suck, but he’s good at it. There’s a promotion. He applies, but the alpha gets it as he’s better at office politics. A few months later the alpha leaves for a higher-paying position elsewhere, so the beta gets promoted.

He’s still lonely; the promised wife is not to be found. On the other hand, he’s getting used to having no responsibilities. He can play video games whenever he wants. He can spend his money on anything he likes. Pornography and masturbation takes the edge of his loneliness. A lack of responsibility and prolifigacy with money become a norm he’s accustomed to.

Finally, at age 29 he meets a women of 28 at church. she rejected him a few years ago, but after a bad break-up she started to treat him differently.  She’s moderately pretty, but he can tell her looks are declining. He dates her. He likes her, although, she’s somewhat bitter about men. He finds out that she used to hook-up with the alpha’s at university and they didn’t treat her well. she’s looking for a real man. The beta’s happy because he is a real man.

They get married. The beta has trouble adjusting. His wife does not allow him the freedom he got used to while single, but he loves her, so he spends less time with his friends and less time playing video games. He spends more time watching romance movies with her. They decide to have a child, but the wife wants a bigger house first. On both incomes, they can easily afford a bigger house, so they move.

She gets pregnant and says she wants to quit to raise the child until he’s old enough for school. He recently got a promotion to Assistant Vice Manager of Internal Corporate Affairs, so they can afford it, barely, if he works overtime and they cut expenses.

They have the child, but the wife continues to spend as they did before. She also doesn’t lose the weight she put on in pregnancy, so he’s less attracted to her. On the other hand, he put on some weight recently and he’s too busy working even more overtime to pay off credit card debt to have sex all that often, so he doesn’t mind. He loves his wife and child and would do anything for them.

This goes on; his wife never does go back to work when his child reaches school age. She has a lot of time at home alone, but even then the chores never seem to be done.  When his daughter is in first grade, his wife surprises him with divorce papers. She tells him that she felt alone and unappreciated; he wasn’t meeting her emotional needs, all he did was work. She also tells him she’s been cheating on him with one of the alpha’s she used to hook up with in university. That explains why she’d been losing weight recently.

He goes to divorce court. His wife gets the family house, the child, and he has to pay alimony. She also gets the mutual friends from church. He has to work even more overtime to support both his family. He tries to rent an apartment on his own, but after about a couple years he can no longer afford it. Besides, it’s too big for him and he rarely sees his child anymore, anyway. She now calls his ex-wife’s new boyfriend daddy.

He goes looking for a roommate. He finds an advertisement in the paper. He meets up with the guy. They talk, the other guy seems decent. They get along well. He recently broke up with his girlfriend of two years who kicked him out of her house and can’t afford an apartment on his own either. They move in together.

They enjoy themselves. One good thing about the divorce is he has more free time, so he plays a lot of video games together with his new roommate. They split the rent; our beta makes more than his roommate who only has a low-skill manual labour job, but because of alimony they’re actual spending money is similar.

He reconnects with old friends, one from his university days and a few recent divorcees from church, and he makes new friends through his roommate. The pain begins to fade and he begins to get used to singledom once again.

A few months later while unpacking, the beta stumbles across his old yearbook. He flips through it, reminiscing about old times and old schoolmates. His roommate enters notices him reading, and hey, his roommate tells him they went to the same school and points himself out in the book. The beta realizes his roommate is the alpha who used bully him. His roommate remembers and he apologizes. The beta forgives him; they’re good friends now and in the same boat.


This was originally going to be a small part of another post, but took on a life of its own. I am writing the rest of the original post to put up tomorrow. It will have (hopefully) have more context then.

25 responses to “The Life of a Beta

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Lolll this is some depressing shit!!! Take the red pill men!!! See society for the way it is!!!

  • oogenhand

    A world in which the nerd gets the girls and the alpha can play with himself is possible. Think of the harem of an Arab imam and his castrated African slaves. Or, more touchy, a Jew and White Gentiles

  • oogenhand

    And of course mandarins in Ancient China.

  • Aurini

    What lesser men we must be, for feeling righteous anger over this…

    Great post, with just a small critique; Captain Kirk is Alpha – he didn’t spend his youth bullying people. These paper-Alphas who are hooking up with women are mainly sexual deviants. Either they’re overcompensating from abuse at home, or they’re just natural psychopaths. The real Alpha will probably have a bit more luck with women than our Beta friend here, but ultimately he’ll find the pure hedonism tiring.

    Real Men want to build great works – not spend their entire lives chasing tail, and snorting drugs. We’re the normal ones.

    This is the worst part of the whole thing; the modern world is customized to these pseudo-males. Criminal scumbags are celebrated in pop culture, while psychopaths are promoted in the business world. Real Men are punished and used for all their worth, Alpha and Beta alike. The roommate in your story sounds like the perfect example of an emotionally-abused child, lashing out at his peers, and being ‘rewarded’ for his misbehaviour by a promotion to Cabana Boy. But after pleasing a bunch of women during his twenties, he too was tossed into the furnace.

    The women in our culture are deeply sick.

  • M3

    You just wrote about 30 years of my life.

    I find i am in awe of how much raw details you have about my life.

    Are you my secret stalker?

    hehe. jokes aside.. with the exception of a few points regarding church and pregnancy.. so much of this rings true about my life it’s scary. i so wish i had the red pill shoved up my ass in high school. would have saved me many incel years of torment.

    better late than never i suppose.

    you just can’t go back, only make the most of it going forward.

    good post.

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  • Richard

    God damn videogames. Good thing I left them a couple years ago.
    BUT bad thing I found Minecraft, that shit is addictive.

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  • Boar

    This is my life in a nutshell; and as far as I can see, the life of the majority of young people I know. Brilliant post, depressing reality check.

    Aurini also nailed it in his comment when he said that the behavior of the “alpha” guy in the story is actually closer to the behavior of a scumbag, which unfortunately our western society promotes.

  • Free Northerner

    @Aurini: I think you are imputing a morality to the alpha/beta dichotomy. These paper alphas may be horrible human beings, but that doesn’t really change their alphaness. As Jack Donovan said, there’s a difference between being a good man and being good at being a man.

    @ Others: Glad you all liked it: it’s surprising how many men feel this way and identify with this kind of thing.

  • greenlander

    Ouch, the first half of that story hits a little bit too close to home.

    Thank God for the Red Pill.

  • ghost

    Well there was an alpha that I went to middle/high school with. Through a weird set of circumstances, a beta (me) ended up in a car with a group of 4 attractive young females. Two were talking about how they had bought gifts in the hope of being added to said-Alpha’s circle of “current girlfriends” (“He said he only wants to date 3 girls right now, and Jamie just decided she didn’t want to anymore. That means I have a shot” *my mind went from blue to red that day*)

    So in real life, the roomate who used to bully the beta, would be the one sleeping with the Beta’s wife while sleeping with his secretary and making so much green he wouldn’t need a room mate.

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  • pugsfugly

    Outstanding post. Top shelf. Like M3 said, narratives like this should be made available to young men in high school. I wish I knew then what I know now.

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  • Martel

    This belongs in any list of all-time best posts of the manosphere.

  • oogenhand

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:

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  • Robert

    Wait – Jews get all the hot chicks? Did I miss something?

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