It’s all Related

The Captain has a post up where he argues economics and the manosphere are one and the same.

I agree, but would go further.

All the fights we in the manosphere/alt-right/traditionalist blogosphere pick are the same fight. Free-market economics, anti-feminism, traditional marriage, game, human bio-diversity, opposition to public schooling, gun freedoms, IQ, the paleo diet, anti-environmentalism, anti-internationalism, anti-egalitarianism, etc. are all facets of the same thing: the fight against government-backed unreality.


The fundamental truth underlying human existence is evolutionary biology/psychology and/or man’s fallen nature, which are essentially the same for all practical purposes. Humans were evolved or created to have a genetic structure which expresses itself in certain drives, abilities, and proclivities which we refer to as human nature and these will express themselves differently in people of varied genetic structure. Human nature can be, to some limited extent, controlled and directed by society and environment.

Up until sometime in the 18th century, this view of human nature (with some variation and minus the genetics) was well-accepted. This began to change when Rousseau argued that human nature was heavily malleable and Marx argued that human nature did not exist. The rejection of human nature became increasingly accepted in certain circles, until the 1960’s and 1970’s, when the long march through culture triumphed. Progressive ideology was wholly taken over by those denying the existence human nature and over the next few decades this progressivism became the dominant ideology of the West.

Under this ideology, human nature does not exist, rather man’s nature is determined primarily or solely by the social environment. Man could be perfected through better social institutions, particularly the state. So, the progressivists began to expand the state to

Meanwhile, traditional social institutions, such as the church, family, the nation, etc. were seen to be hindering the perfection of man. They either needed to be co-opted (as the mainline liberal churches were) or destroyed (as the traditional has been).

The elites with political and financial power, realized the power they could gain by expanding the state and jumped on the progressivist band-wagon whole hog. Other groups, such as environmentalists, whose ideology depended on state control, joined the progressivist band-wagon.

The left, which traditionally had been hostile to the state, became the vehicle of the state. Various interests, many diametrically opposed, rallied around the cause of the state to expand thier interests and power. It is now to the point where the original goals are barely more than smoke-screens to justify furthered expansion of the state.

Meanwhile, conservatives, who work to preserve current reality, are generally busy fighting to defend the progressivism that has already been put in place. They are softer progressivists unable and unwilling to fight the underlying progressivism of society.


That leaves the manosphere, the alt-right, and other such fringe movements to fight against progressivism on their own, and everything they fight comes from the belief in either the denial of human nature and the desire to perfect humanity or the expansion of the state.

Feminism is predicated on the belief they are no real psychological differences between the sexes that could lead to different outcomes.

Game is the application of insights from evolutionary psychology to sexual, to counteract advice stemming from the denial of psychological differences between the sexes.

The destruction of traditional marriage and family comes from the desire for perfectibility.

The public education system is the most direct attempt to remake man in man’s image, the glorification of the state through learned helplessness, and the agitprop to sustain the beliefs in the perfectibility of man.

The denial of HBD and IQ and egalitarianism is necessary to believe in the perfectibility of man and the denial of human nature.

Modern environmentalism (as opposed to traditional conservationism) is a justification for the expansion of the state and the international bureaucracy.

Internationalism is the expansion of the state through the creation of new super-states.

Keynesian economics is an ideological tool to justify the expansion of the state.

It is all the same.


Of course, as science develop, it becomes increasingly clear that the existence of an intrinsic human nature is very much a reality.The shibboleths of egalitarianism, feminism, and the like become increasingly unsupportable.

As economic evidence piles up from the former Soviet Union, from Germany, from Korea, from Estonia, from Europe, from the US, from Canada, etc. it becomes increasingly clear that statism is bad for society. Thus support for communism become support for socialism, socialism become progressivism, progressivism become keynesianism. Each ideological change cedes more intellectual capital to the free market, but the centrality of the worship of the state remains.

As the schools continue to fail, the perfectibility of man becomes increasingly far away. As the traditional family fails and the problems of divorce and single-parenthood become clear, the function of traditional institutions become increasingly transparent.

The state has propped the ailing progressivist structure up, but as the state goes increasingly bankrupt, there will be no fallback.

The structure of lies is failing and the manosphere, alt-right, etc. are there to prevent, ameliorate, or simply explain the collapse. At the very least, we help others who wish to see, see and benefit for themselves.


Why is the manosphere involved?

Because, the single most dangerous organism the world has produced is the single young adult male. The best way to control society is to control and destroy the male. If not restrained, males could overthrow the balance of society and destroy the edifice of lies that has been erected.

Of course, this restraining has negative impacts on males. As well, to the consternation of females, leftists, and conservatives, men respond to the incentives of such a structure in a logical way.

The manosphere is involved because males are the major target of the progressivist campaign. They are also the major losers in this campaign.


The problem is, too many, in the manosphere and in allied blogospheres, only focus on a single factor facing us. The red pill is not a single factor, picking and choosing too focus on a single factor, while ignoring the others misses the larger picture.

Game is only a stop-gap and MGTOWs have abandoned the fight entirely, we need more. Focusing only on economics,as many libertarians are apt, misses the underlying culture that allow a free market to function. Conservatism that buys into feminism only works to undermine what conservatives supposedly stand for. Big government conservatives who focus on culture, but ignore the free market, only undermine the culture; you can have society or the state, not both. Those who ignore the public education system or simply avoid children, hand the future to the progressivists.

We need to swallow the red pill whole if we are to win, not just a few parts of it.

17 responses to “It’s all Related

  • ivan76

    why fight a losing battle? The only victory that would mean anything is throwing the whole thing out, and things aren’t nearly bad enough for that yet. That comes when quality of life stops its upwards trend and starts declining. The cost to produce bread and circus is only decreasing.

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Great post, very deep and detailed. Will be linking to it shortly.

  • Jay

    A video I recommend you watch:

  • oogenhand

    The big government provides welfare to people who lose their jobs because of privately (by e.g. George Soros)funded organisations. The opposition is less stark than presented.

  • Free Northerner

    @ivan: Because it needs to be fought. We’ve created a glorious civilization and I hate the thought of it just being pissed away. That being said, I’m becoming more nihilistic about the situation and sometimes I almost agree with you.

    @3MM: Glad you liked it.

    @Jay: I’ll hopefully get around to watching it when I have time. Thanks.

    @oogenhand: Which I think is bad. It would be better for these people if they got new jobs, rather than becoming dependent.

  • Spoos in August

    Put simply, the future belongs to those who show up. Unfortunately, we’ve got three generations of dolists who’ve bred like rabbits because we paid them to do so.

    Funny how compassion and largesse for the poor quickly becomes a noose around the neck of society. Bread and circuses, EBT cards and Internet porn… there’ll be a lot of young men left standing when the music stops.

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  • Drama

    Too smart for our own good. Spend too much time fighting over minute details.

    Still in the end I think the opposition is well recognized and a unified front can and is able to be put up when the right catalyst brings the issue up.

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  • Shameful

    Fight? How, with ideas? As you have pointed out people respond to incentives. In a world where through the dole, government employment, or work via gov contracts to big business is this to be fought? People will protect thebsource of their support the gov. Now only when the world shrugs, when foreigners no long sell us goods and services for monopoly money, when the productive provate sector goes dark, only then will their be change. Granted their will be a period of dark times. Those who are cut off from Old Freebie will not go quietly into that good night. Their is no fight here, only to mentally prepare and see the other side of the transition period.

  • Free Northerner

    @Shameful: It may come to it that a harsh transition may be the only way past, but I still like to hope that a fight of ideology can convince enough people to turn it around before then.

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  • eastvisitor

    Talking about nature, it seems to me that societal collapse is inevitable. All societies eventually plummet, it’s just natural. There’s really nothing we can do, in my opinion… there are just too many factors at work.

    And to add one more tidbit, the whole “stiff upper lip” male thing is pushed too much, at least it was in my family, and just seemed like a put-on. Thus I tend to scoff at males adopting these expressions.

    Good piece.

  • eastvisitor

    I will even go as far as to say that many people enjoy that society is collapsing… they are glad it is happening. I may be one of them.

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