Economic Analysis of Casual Sex – Prostitution vs Game

I previously mentioned I would I would do an economic comparison of obtaining sex through both prostitution and game for casual sex.

Essentially, which of the two mating strategies obtain the best bang for your buck. (Pun most assuredly intended).



Starting with prostitution (it’s the easiest):

I’m going to assume a mid-range escort. We’ll ignore low-quality street prostitution, which would be cheaper, but risky and the high-quality escorts, as most people can’t afford that regularly. Our assumption will be a clean, fairly attractive prostitute.

According to this intro to escorting guide on a business blog for escorts (I guess escorts need business advice too; the weird things you find on the internet) costs about $250-500/hr depending on the city.

So, we’ll say $300 for sex from prostitution. Adjust upwards if you live in a high cost area or if you’re looking for higher quality.

Given the transactional nature of the interaction, there are no time opportunity costs.

Depending on your jurisdiction, prostitution, or aspects related to prostitution, is likely illegal, so there would be a cost attached to the . Every year, about 8,000 johns are arrested and about 45 million Americans (15%) use prostitutes, so the odds of getting caught are extremely low (about 1 in 5000), especially if you are using escorts rather than streetwalkers. The average fine for a first-time offender is about $250, so the economic costs of the risk of getting cost are negligible (about a  nickel).

Cost for Sex: $300



I’ve been reading Bang and am almost done (review to come). Near the end of the book Roosh has a little bit on the costs and successes of an average player (someone who goes out to clubs on Saturdays and Sundays with competent game). I’ll assume Roosh knows what he’s talking about (he did write the book on the subject), so we’ll use his numbers.

He does the math in the book, but essentially you are spending $300/month on going to the club, going out on dates, etc. ($3600/year)  for 3-8 notches per year (p. 135 if you want to see). We’ll assume each “notch” leads to an average of three sexual encounters, as some might be one night stands, but a couple might become short- or longer-term relationships.  We’ll give our player 6 notches a year, so 18 sexual encounters at a cost of $200 each.

In addition, each sexual encounter requires time, the nights out, the dates, etc. is time spent in the club, on a date, etc. running game rather than another activity.If you spend an average of four hours clubbing each of Friday and Saturday for a month, that’s 400 hours a year (assuming 2 weeks off).

In addition, from Bang, it seems you can generally expect sex on about the third date and you can expect sex from about half the women you date. So if we assume 2 hours per date for each notch and dating ending in a failure to obtain a notch, we get 72 hours (6 notches *3 dates *2 hours *2 for failures) spent a year on dating.

So, at 472 hours a year at a modest wage of $10/hour, comes to an opportunity costs of spent time is $4720, or $262/sexual encounter.

You would add this to the costs, assuming that you do not enjoy clubbing, game, or dating for their own sakes but are solely in them for the sex. I personally hate clubs, as do many others, and from reading 30 Bangs it was my impression like Roosh only barely tolerates the game so he can acquire sex, so me, Badger, and Roosh would have to add this.

If you enjoy clubbing, gaming, and dating for their own sakes and would engage in these activities even if there was zero chance for sex, you would not have to add these to the calculations, but I’m assuming most wouldn’t, so…

We can conclude that the cost of getting sex through game for the average player is about $460. You could reduce this by becoming better than average, finding a niche like Roosh suggests, running day game, or otherwise reducing your opportunity or real costs.

Cost for sex: $460 ($200 is you enjoy clubbing, gaming, and dating for their own sake)


For casual sex, a mid-range prostitute is cheaper than game.

On the other hand, most of game’s costs are in the form of time opportunity costs, so if you have a lot of free time and little money or you enjoy the activities of clubbing, game, or dating  even without the promise of sex, then game might be a better deal.

In addition, the higher your average wage, the more expensive game becomes relative to prostitution, as the opportunity costs of game increase the more potential earning you sacrifice.

Conclusion: For obtaining casual sex, game is the better option if you are paid low wages and have free time or if you enjoy game and related activities. Prostitution is the better option if you are middle-class, don’t have the free time, or dislike engaging in game.

In the future, I’ll have a post on the economic costs of sex in marriage and relationship game.

5 responses to “Economic Analysis of Casual Sex – Prostitution vs Game

  • Badger

    Thanks for the linkage.

  • Financial Analysis of Sex: Relationship vs. Marriage « Free Northerner

    […] previously did an economic comparison of obtaining casual sex through both prostitution and game. I said I would do the cost of sex in marriage and relationship game in the future, so, here it is […]

  • Ivan

    Now lets look at a vacation with sex for a two week visit to, say, Russia.

    Cost to fly round trip to Russia from East Coast – $900
    Hotel/Apartment cost per day – $150 – 14 days = $2100
    Fixed cost total = $3000

    Cost of a girl (lots of nice non-pro or pro) at least a 7-8+ quality per hour = 2000-2500 rubles – about $85
    Russian girls are energetic and will suck, fuck and anal (many require $30 extra if you want this), so lets stay without anal.
    Travel on the metro to the stop close to the girl’s apartment – $3.00 round trip.
    Total cost for sex once per day, travel plus sex for an hour (girls will usually let you cum as many times as you want in the hour) = $88
    Cost for 14 days sex is $1232

    Fixed cost – $3000
    Sex once per day – $1232
    Total $4232

    Total cost for sex is $302 per act.

    If a guy wants two girls per day (say morning and evening) the total would be $5464
    Or a cost per act of $195

    This is for sex with two high quality beautiful and really nice feminine girls per day with trim bodies and real breasts, who want you to really enjoy yourself and will do everything they can to make it happen. Plus 2 weeks tourism in one of the great cities of the world where the populace actually like Americans.

    Of course, this is all just an educational exercise because American feminists have made it illegal to go to other countries for sex, so you’ll just have to enjoy paying an average of $300 for a single contact with a depressing, entitled, bitchy, overweight American woman. But wouldn’t it be nice….

  • Anthony

    There *are* time costs associated with prostitutes. In my experience, setting up and visiting an “escort” will eat about an hour of your time before you actually set eyes on the girl. One assumes that you’ve picked someone close to your home or work so your travel time is negligible. Repeat visits, especially if they’re close in time, will take less time to set up. You may also get better service if you’re good to the girl (she’s not likely to give you discounts, but if she puts up her prices, you may get to keep the lower prices), but if you prefer variety, or don’t do this often enough to develop a relationship, that won’t apply.

    But for $300 and two hours, you get protected sex with a pretty hot girl.

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