Lightning Round – 2013/11/13

A shorter one today. I have some new responsibilities at work which may decrease the reading I do, leading to shorter LR’s in the future.

18 things every 18-year-old should know. Don’t agree with every one of them, but it’s mostly excellent advice.

Stop searching for secrets to success; take action.
Related: How to get everything you want.
Related: Where to find motivation.

Women, value, and praise.

Female beauty is a gift from God, appreciate it; have standards.

Stoics and romance.

Post-scarcity and the sexual marketplace.
Related: Crowding out the private sector husband.

The new script is nothing like the old script.
Related: Our society knows nothing of marriage.

Female divorce calculator. The women I want to marry would have a 7% risk; not bad.

A defence of duty sex.

On ethno-nationalism.

Potential approximations of neoreaction.

This history of the nations of North America reads awfully like neoreactionary history.

The primacy of scripture: Ballista recommends I use scripture alone.
Related: Protestantism, Catholicism, and the Bible.

Satanism in the church.

Reality fails the Bechdal test.

The lie of “feminism is believing men and women deserve equal rights.”

Gender equality measures “work”.

“Men do not need a “movement”. Men do not need to “go their own way”. Men like women need truth.”

Is paternity fraud worse than rape?

Why women oppose prostitution.

Orson Scott Card’s interview answer.

The new rules of engagement.
Related: Helena Kincaid demands free stuff.
Related: TV is evil.

The difference between totalitarianism and our modern petty authoritarianism is the totalitarians assumed you would become a man, our authoritarians assume you will remain a boy.

The failure of conservatism.

The wages of socialism. Coming soon to a country near you.

More indoctrination in the common core.

Minimum wage destroys the black working class.

The success of Zimbabwe.

On right-wing authoritarianism.

An experiment on the racism of liberals.

The left pursues solidarity over truth.
Related: Remember, the barbarians hate the very concept of beauty.

Is the Flynn effect due to life becoming more like an IQ test?

(H/T: SDA)

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