Lightning Round – 2013/09/25

Laidnyc has a free e-book and wants you to help his dog.
Related: Dogs are awesome.

Victor Pride with advice for the entrepreneur.

Be inscrutable.

Have an abundance mentality.

I, Me, Mine. Men need responsibility and something of their own.

34 insight from Nassim Taleb.

Self-esteem is narcissism for losers and slaves.
Related: You’re lonely because you’re sincere.

Thumotic on testosterone replacement therapy.

Men determine what is beautiful in women.
Related: Empirical observations of weight negatively effecting attractiveness.
Related: Why there will always be a sexual double standard.

Ignore the socialist clap-trap; there is a good lesson here for young women.
Related: The effects of the wall laid out plain.
Related: The wall, in fast forward.
Related: Facebook and walls.

A few things on tattoos.

Single mother households have tripled? Astonishing!

It’s all lies.

Commitment hobbles men.
Related: The decline of man.

A nation of crybabies.

In-depth on the neg.

Florence Nightingale on female sympathy.

Radical feminists vs. lifeboat feminists.

The campus rape myth.

This comic hurts my brain.

Thoughts on morality, nihilism, and Christianity. A must read.

The internet argument checklist for liberals
Related: A little hamster appeared in my comments on my n-count post.

The thugs of the Cathedral.

Amos & Gromar destroy a piece of pseudo-philosophy.

I ended up on GMP’s site and has it ever gotten limp-wristed.

The increasing desire to “get fired and collect unemployment.”

The empirical claims of neoreaction.

Pax AMA. He is a neoreactionary and is familiar with Moldbug.
Related: CNN: Heresy could result in shunning.
Related: Anil Dash is a coward, a liar, and a bully.

Do American Christians care about Syrian Christians? Given the American support for the rebels intent on killing them I doubt it.
Related: Something sensible on Syria.
Related: The sham of democracy.

Decivilization in Detroit.

A Canadian example of the regulatory state in action.

Unions will be the next slavery.
Related: Unions are evil.

Progressives: solving the problems of those who have none.

The decline of a civilization begins in a decline of its people. We’re doomed.

Man panics over concealed carry, gets charged. Hehe.

Roissy outdoes himself in the immorality game.

Rand won the battle in the church between Jesus and Rand.

The Pope: Pastoral care over doctrine.
Related: Seems the media has been misinterpreting the Pope.
Related: Others think the pope is surrendering.
Related: Doesn’t matter, the Catholic universities will doom the church.
Related: Maybe it’s not so bad.

7 times as much sexual misconduct happens in the California public schools as it did in the Catholic Church.

The insanity of preventing military from carrying guns.

Facebook is child rape.

Science: Could you have multiple different personal genomes?

David Suzuki a know-nothing phony.

Obamacare in two charts.

Dutch king kills the welfare state, starts participation society.

The red state welfare claim is a lie.

I am becoming more ambivalent about vaccines the more pro-vaxxers talk. Also, why do totalitarians pretend they are libertarian?

Scientists told to cover up the fact the earth hasn’t warmed in 15 years.

Why you can never trust liberals: “the overwhelming majority of food stamp recipients are white… USDA data show that in 2011, 37 percent of food stamp users (pdf) were from white, non-Hispanic households.”

Romney becomes an adoptive grandfather of black child. Left reacts predictably.

Is addiction rational?

Stats on women in the military.

(H/T: SDA, Borepatch, Instapundit, Vulture, Zippy, CC, GLP,

13 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/09/25

  • Allen Patterson

    As always, thanks for the traffic !!
    I’m blogrolled by some awesome sites, but I’ve gotta admit that trying to write well enough to be included here every week is sometimes in the back of my mind.
    New goal: 3 links of my stuff in 1 Lightning Round.

  • seriouslypleasedropit

    Wow, that Glory Game “review” is excellent.

  • lozozlo

    Love your stuff as usual FN, except I will comment that the “Rand won the battle in the church between Jesus and Rand” link is borderline retarded – that dude has the Scriptural understanding of a nasent sunday schooler at best. How could anyone take his writing about Christianity even remotely seriously?

    Here is a good series that takes care of many of his errors and does a good job dealing with Christianity and Wealth/Capitalism”

  • lozozlo

    As a follow-up – that whited sepulchre dude made many of the same errors that both low-thinking evangelicals and many atheist/agnostic critics of the Scriptures make – recall (as I said a few posts back) that the Bible was written in a high context culture. You *can’t* read it like a newspaper, in a language and culture so far removed from our own. It will end in confusion and disaster.

    Shame on you for linking to such a poor analysis of the Scriptures. I normally respect your stuff quite a bit – you should know better.

  • lozozlo

    Also – what is the current support level from American Christians for the war in Syria? Before you make the claim that American Christians don’t care about Syrian Christians, could you provide some facts/figures to back that up?

    The american government with its lapdog media and the american people are not one and the same. The war seems to have very low popular support from what I hear, although I admit to not having researched it thoroughly as of yet…

  • Elusive Wapiti

    Thanks for the link!

  • Free Northerner

    @ Allen: I’m trying to figure out which site is yours.

    @ lolz: I do not necessarily agree with everything I post here. This was posted because it got me thinking about some of the harsh stances I’ve been taking on the poor lately. I don’t really agree with that analysis, seeing as I still have house insurance and have not sold everything I own and given it to World Vision.

    I’ll have to read the linked essay some time soon.

    I don’t know what the church’s level of support is concerning Syria. I do know that there was a general trend of support for the Egyptian and Syrian rebels among my Christian friends.

  • lozozlo

    @FN – thanks for the response.

    Speaking of ‘harsh’ I reread what I wrote and I was a bit too harsh on you…sorry about that – it’s just that, in case you haven’t noticed, careless Biblical reading is a *major* pet peeve of mine.

    I think that a ton of Christianity’s (not the religion, but rather its’ implementation in today’s world i.e. churchianism) problems stem from exactly that issue, more than any other.

    Either way that essay and some of that site’s other stuff is quite good – it extensively discusses the ANE high context culture stuff I have mentioned a few times here.

    Thanks + God bless!

  • lozozlo

    I wonder how much of that support for the Syrian and Egyptian rebels among western Christians is due to media disinformation.

    Remember – the blue pill and its’ media support runs deep through the entirety of the west.

    Show your friends some of the red pill truth on this issue, and then I wonder if they would be singing a different tune!

  • lozozlo

    One of the key things that essay brings up is how (prior to the recession at least) in the west most people who are poor are poor due to very bad decision making and related morality – the term ‘prole morals’ exists for a reason.

    Of course there are many poor due to reasons beyond their reasonable control, but key life decisions (i.e. teen girl messing with bad boys instead of keeping it clean and waiting for a college graduate with prospects, etc, or not doing drugs, or completing a non-worthless college major) and many others have historically been huge decisive factors in whether or not you were poor.

    Most poor in the west, pre-recession, were due to horrible choices and zero discipline. It is a different story today, but still nearly everyone lives far better (materially speaking) than nearly any humans had in all the previous eras of human history.

  • Legionnaire

    I quite enjoyed that news bit on Generation Identitaire. Good find.

  • Free Northerner

    @ lolz: I suspect it is mostly the media driving the narrative. I’m trying to introduce my friends to red pill concepts, and its working to a degree. One of my friends sounds more reactionary by the week.

    I know the poor in North America are usually poor because of their own decisions, but if that is largely a part of their genetics and culture, how much can I hold it against them. If anything, the red pill is making me more sympathetic.

  • lozozlo


    I understand your point of view, although I do disagree with it. The following two blog posts by Simon Grey summarize the issue far better than I can.

    Please check them out – they are both quite short (a few paragraphs all together) and worth a read. A bit depressing, but to be honest I suspect quite true.

    This article and and this one

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