Lightning Round -2012/12/19

Canadian right-wing blogger Blazing Cat Fur is being sued for linking to Steyn. Donate to his legal defence.

The shooting was what a society on the decline looks like.
Related: Bill thinks Sandy Hook was a false flag. He has proof. I’m doubtful, but I do agree the elites will spin it for their own purposes.
Related: Francis Begbie’s thoughts on the shooting.
Related: Electricangel’s thoughts.
Related: An interesting letter.
Related: Roissy’s thoughts.

The war on gun freedom set to begin anew.
Related: The magical thinking of freedom-haters.
Related: Do not give the haters of freedom an inch.
Related: Tim lays out pro-freedom arguments.
Related: It’s time for an outright ban
Related: Ban gun-free zones.
Related: Time to look at repeal.
Related: Do gun control supporters have the blood of children on their hands?
Related: When you say “we” should control the guns, you really mean “they” should.
Related: Time to ban schools.
Related: Home school or die.
Related: A school shooting thought experiment.
Related: The facts about mass shooting.

The depravity of journalists.
Related: The media should be ashamed.

Quote of the week: “The sheep chooses to be frugal. The lion chooses to make more money.”

Sentence(s) of the week: “Well Kirsty, the reason I’m interested in politics is for much the same reason that farmers are interested in wolves and locusts. I feel my property and years of painful toil slip away every time I hear an elected official open his or her mouth. And those are the politicians I like.”

The culture of “blame someone else” has to end.

To the left you are a dog; a part of the unthinking masses.

Giving the system a blowjob to punish it by making it want you more.

Gresham’s Law applied to sex.
Related: The economics of sex.

The Private Man gives an exercise he got from Danny.

Deti comments on the necessity of dark, emotional posts.

6 Harsh Truths to Make You a Better Person.
Related: What’s the hell’s your excuse?

When churchians attack.
Related: The Pharisees win one. Joseph did good.
Related: 22to28 comments.

Dr. Illusion’s thoughts on the old order and feminism.

Manly barbarism and conspicuous consumption.

The stupidity of some pro-marriage advocates. Do they not know they basically sound like they’re advocating slavery.

Don’t marry a girl who believes in soul mates.

Hehe… The side hug. I made the mistake of a sidehug at the end of my most recent date. I planned on a front hug but when the moment came automatically did an obtuse angle side-hug. I cursed myself out for my betaness on the way home. It’s something I need to work on.

Mormon patriarchy.

We are free.
Related: The tale of the slave.
Related: Slavery is the highest form of socialism.

Aurini with some prognostications. $85-billion/month inflation: the mind boggles.
Praise the Fed.

Matt Forney Francis on depression and eating well.discusses douchebags. He’s in favour of them.

Francis on depression and eating well.

For the women: girl game.

Feminism degrades women by wishing to remake them into men.

How to be more productive.

Blacks speak about being black.

Women should stop discriminating against fat men.

The necessity of shame.

The myth of the Peter Pan Manboy in statistics.
Related: Danny on herbivores and isolation.

The public school system is working as intended.

Where radicals and traditionalists overlap.
Related: The left rediscovers traditional home roles.
Related: “Also, people who want to take care of people and can’t stand doing work that doesn’t relate to that should probably be parents. There are very few jobs that are truly just taking care of people. And most of them pay very poorly, if at all. So you may as well do it for your own family, where the pay is not so important.”

Just another example of delusional, narcissistic entitlement.

It’s old, but it’s funny. Princely adventures in online dating.

Women wants to have it all; wants others to give it to her.

53% of all infants on WIC.
Related: The US has enough welfare spending to pay each household in poverty $50k/year.
Related: Stop social safety net child abuse.

Economics is not meaning; it is simply a means.

Right-to-work states have better employment and wages.
Related: Unions doing what unions do. Keep on doing.


A eulogy for the OWS.  My take: they saw what was wrong, demanded more of what was wrong, then were angered when they got what they wanted in the form of a nightstick.
Related: A syllabus for OWS.

Once again for good measure; Krugman is a vile hack.
Related: A brilliant plan.

The Soviet war on individualism.

The decline of the Inuit man.

How to guard your privacy.

A discussion on the limits of free will.

Retrophobia, political correctness, and fantasy.
Related: Vox’s take on retrophobia.
Related: More on SF from Vox.

Treating the church as a corporation.

The degeneracy of the modern church in pictures. (Hopefully it’s satire/secular).

Neo-conservatism is leftism for uncool people. I disagree with his assertion that Beck should advocate creating an alternative; while an alternative is good, the state will simply make state-regulated common-law relationships mandatory for anybody living conjugally  (as it has here in Canada), so it’s accomplishing nothing but kicking the can down the road.

The problem of females on TV.

Advice for GOP donors: pander to ignorant women.

A model for how homosexuality is passed down.

Infographic: Abortion in Canada.

Fraud in the peer review process. I’m shocked.

(H/T: Althouse, Conservative Sociologist, Maggie’s Farm, Primordial Slack, GLP, Instapundit, SDA, Borepatch, the Captain, Elusive Wapiti)

12 responses to “Lightning Round -2012/12/19

  • Tim

    Excellent sentences of the week.

  • dannyfrom504

    thanks for the linkage Brother.

  • AverageMarriedDad

    Wow, lot’s of great links here. Thanks for sharing.

  • electricangel

    Gracias por los linkos, FN!

  • Bill Powell

    Thanks for the linkage FN, these lists just keep getting better and better.

  • Bill Powell

    Thanks for the linkage FN, these lists keep getting better and better.

  • sunshinemary

    Thanks for the linkage!

  • Dr. Illusion

    A great way to kill a lazy hangover day. Good stuff.

  • Simon Grey

    “I disagree with his assertion that Beck should advocate creating an alternative; while an alternative is good, the state will simply make state-regulated common-law relationships mandatory for anybody living conjugally (as it has here in Canada), so it’s accomplishing nothing but kicking the can down the road.”

    Marital law has wavered between being subject church review and state review. When one institution becomes too stringent or loose, the other institution takes over. This has been the general historical trend. “The God of the Machine” does a good job of explaining why this is the case.

    At this time, my guess is people in default common law marriages in Canada don’t tend to use the state as their apparatus for airing out marital grievances. The side point I was trying to make in regards to Beck et al. is that conservatives need to reframe marriage for their followers. The attitude conservatives should have towards marriage is: “Who gives flying pile of squirrel feces what the government thinks about it? My relationship with my wife (husband) is between me, her (him), and God.”

    See, the state can’t force you to get divorced, it can only encourage it, at best. If your view is that you don’t care what the state says about marriage or how they define it, one benefit is that you won’t be going to the state for a divorce, and fighting over assets, children, etc.

    Ultimately, the issue of gay marriage is mostly a distraction for conservatives, and one that distracts them from looking at the damage that feminism has done. As long as conservatives focus on the state’s role in marriage, they will tend to ignore the man’s and woman’s role in marriage, thus fostering the continued breakdown of society.

    Thanks for the linkage, btw. I enjoy going through your lightning rounds.

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    […] along, you should REALLY visit FreeNorthener. He does G-R-E-A-T roundups of things you should read (latest “Lightning Round” here), and I’m not saying that just because I have been linked once or twice.  The two most […]

  • Chris

    Thanks for the linkage,

  • Free Northerner

    Glad y’all like it.

    @Simon: I’d agree with that clarification.

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