That probably got your attention.

Researchers are now claiming that sexbots will replace prostitutes in the future. Of course, they’re only a half decade behind Roissy (but thanks for coming out, anyway).

The wide-scale use of either sexbots or virtual reality sex seems inevitable. Males’ desire for more realistic pornography and masturbation aids is insatiable.

“The biggest part of the sex experience … is interaction with a woman,” he noted. “He wants to tell her stories, wants her to listen, wants her to act like she cares – a robot’s not going to do that.”

It’s not going to matter. While sex with a real woman will generally be preferable for most men, the people who will be driving the demand are likely those who do not have that option. Roissy more or less has the general trends down.

Omegas will flock to sexbots; the herbivores in Japan have already started to use dating sims, virtual girlfriends, hentai body pills (sorry, no link to that), and other such pre-sexbot aids in large numbers. North American omegas have started to pick up on RealDolls (sorry, again) and the Japanese stuff as well. Omegas have little hope of having sex anyway, so the lack of interaction with women is not going to effect their decisions in the slightest.

For betas, it will be a cost-benefit analysis. Is the expected marginal benefit of a real women over a sexbot worth the cost of putting up with all the crap of dating? For many, I don’t think it will be.

The demand for alphas will increase, but even then, alphas may demand sexbots. They also have a cost-benefit analysis; some alphas might use sexbots once their realistic enough simply because it will be easier than spending hours tolerating painfully stupid conversation in a nightclub.

What Roissy misses though is other major drivers of demand, those who can have the sex they desire with real women due to consent and legality issues.

About a third of men have rape fantasies, something that can not be legally acted upon. Up to 7% of males are clinical pedophiles, something which they can definitely not legally act upon. Then of course, there are the array of fetishists with fantasies that are biologically impossible, such as sadists, furries, or those interested in dickgirls (no links here).

I think that these groups will be some of the biggest customers for sexbots, so they can enact their fantasies which are either impossible or illegal in real life. There will demand for a sexbot that resists, cries, bleeds, and generally acts like it’s being raped and/or abused. There will be demand for sexbots that look eight-years old. There will be a demand for sexbots created in ways that are biologically impossible.

The demand for pornography is already nigh limitless. The demand for realistic sexbots is as well.

The technology will eventually get to the point this demand can be met. Realdolls have become increasingly realistic. Conversational AI is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Robots are becoming increasingly capable. Artificial sex organs are becoming increasingly widespread as masturbatory aids. At this point, it’s simply a matter of degree and putting it all together into an affordable package.

When this occurs, the introduction of sexbots into the marketplace is an inevitability.

Of course, Half-Sigma could be right, the state could ban them.

Social conservatives will also fight them tooth and nail, but will lose the fight as they’ve eventually lost on every fight they’ve fought.

Feminists will most assuredly fight sexbots, as they would greatly reduce females’ power in the sexual marketplace. Feminists have traditionally had great sway over policy, but in this case, I do not think they would realize their power was slipping away until it was too late. At first they will ignore them, as who really cares if a bunch of creepy nerds pleasure themselves with some fancy toys? Then it will slowly move up the sexual value chain from omegas to lesser betas to greater betas and finally to alphas. By the time it’s removed enough betas and alphas from the dating pool for feminists to notice that there are fewer men to date and that those men are demanding more, sexbots will likely already be a fait accompli.

What I think will be the most likely to lead to their restriction introduction will be this:

“And the robots can assume any identity virtually … though we just have 18-plus as the age that the robot behaves like.”

While this company might avoid it (at first), someone will eventually create a sex doll that looks and acts like a five-year-old (or worse, a child-like sex-bot designed to cry and act afraid and in pain); there is too much demand for them not to.

When a child-like sexbot is created, the disgust most people have for pedophiles will boil to the surface and create a general backlash against sexbots. This backlash may succeed in having them banned (barring, of course, the unlikely event of a general rise in acceptance of pedophiles similar to the acceptance of homosexuals, bdsm-types, and the like).

If they are banned though, this will simply create a black-market for the products, just like there is for child pornography and prostitution. The ability for men to be able to act out their most depraved fantasies without suffering the guilt of actually hurting a real person is something that the government will not be able to stifle.

Also, I expect some psychologists and the like to come forward defending deviant sexbots, as it will allow deviants to engage in their sexual activities without harming people, which will probably be good for their mental health,s reduce the likelihood of deviants actually hurting someone, and reduces the demand for prostitution. This could tip the balance towards the liberalization of sexbots.

With sexbots being inevitable, what will be the effects of their introduction? Well, generally not good. As the sexual costs of reclusiveness, unemployment, social awkwardness, etc. decrease, more men will go their own way, leave the marriage market, and contribute less to society economically. Marriage rates will further decrease.

On the other hand, the improved options for men will force women to increase their bids for men still in the market, so the problems of frivolous divorce and unjust family courts and laws may be ameliorated. On the other hand, improved options for men, might increase mens’  instigation of frivolous divorce and tip the scales in the other direction.

4 responses to “Sexbots

  • prophet

    Even if Sexbots were real and affordable all of a sudden, they’d take at least 30 to 40 years to be publicly accepted as “normal”. Then again, their target audience may not give a damn about that.

  • Free Northerner

    It took hardcore pornography only about a decade to go mainstream; I don’t think sexbots will be any different.

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