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1 Year, 200 Posts – Metal Moment

I just reached my 1st year since registering this blog. I also recently posted my 200th post.

This calls for celebration.

Metal Moment: Blind Guardian

I previously posted my favourite Christian metal band, so now here’s my favourite band, period:

Blind Guardian plays the most epic of power metal.

Here’s the most epic song I’ve yet heard, And Then There was Silence. It’s probably my favourite song of all time. It’s album, A Night at the Opera, is my favourite album of all time. The pomp and bombast is amazing.

Here’s another excellent song, Imaginations from the Other Side, from their 1995 CD of the same name:

Their middle-earth epic CD, Nightfall in Middle-earth,  based on the Silmarillion was also amazing.

Of course, Blind Guardian also had some slower songs. Here’s a concert staple, the Bard’s Song:

Metal Moment: Theocracy

Today’s metal moment highlights my favourite Christian band: Theocracy.

They play some excellent power metal with progressive metal undertones.

Here’s probably their heaviest song:

Here’s the best track off their newest album and probably tied for my favourite track of theirs with the third one I’m posting. It starts slow and builds up over time until awesomeness:

Here’s their 22-minute epic:

Metal Moment: Manowar

Inspired by Patriactionary, here’s some heavy metal; the best genre of music ever created.

Nothing fuels testosterone production quite like power chords, speed, and distortion, so expect this to be a semi-regular feature here. Here’s

Introducing Manowar:

And, to finish off, the greatest power ballad of all time: