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Lightning Round – 2012/08/01

Here’s my first Lightning Round since my return. As well, I’ve changed the dating system; it used to be each Tuesday, but for time reasons I ended up posting them at midnight, so nobody would actually see them until Wednesday. So now they will be dated for Wednesdays. Not a big deal, but thought I’d mention it.

Why do intelligent young men go on killing sprees?

Romney will lose because he’s beta and even if he won it wouldn’t matter. Aurini take on the elections echoes some of my thoughts.

If you are interested in marrying, do not try to impress the woman; invite her into your life instead.

The “demise of guys” is the result of men following their perceived rational self-interest. If you want young men to engage in society, you have to change the incentives so they want to participate.

Being a bureaucrat myself, I think Bill is a little harsh. It’s less the bureaucrats (at least the lower-level ones) than the system itself; again incentives. I’ll try to write more in-depth on this in the future.

The Captain examines the credentialism gap. The idea of learning a bunch of theory when young that you won’t be able to apply for years is quite asinine.

Idiots wonder about why female children become sexualized like it’s something unnatural. Dalrock points out is it’s natural when you remove cultural conditioning.

A tribute to Friedman, a voice for freedom.

Be free.

Printing assault rifles. Boo-yeah.
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Roissy posits that the impact sexbots will be a thousandfold extension of the impact of pornography.

Given that I’m trying to start up an online side business, I appreciate this guide from Art of Manliness.

Hehe. That’s funny.

This is hilarious.

Stupid regulations. Also kinda funny, in a sad way.
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Haha… The husband would probably be better off if she did divorce him. Although, I question what kind of pathetic man would marry a harpy like that?

Hmmm… Why is Murfreeburo’s opposition to a mosque “bad” while Chicago’s banning of Chic-Fil-A is “good”. Silly leftists.

If Canada’s economy is the envy of Europe, why the hell do the liberals and leftists want to emulate European economic policies?
Related: What Obama doesn’t want you to know about Canada. Do you mean fiscal responsibility can actually be good for the economy? Shocking.
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An oldie, but it’s good to remember how wrong environmentalists are in their predictions.

Remember, if some groups are not capable of passing your tests, you must be a racist. If women can’t you’re a sexist. Both are illegal.

A possible pending food crisis.
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(H/T: Patricationary, Wintery Knight, SDA, GL Piggy)

Happy Dominon Day – Call for Guest Posts

Happy Dominion Day to all you Canadians out there.

I know the day’s almost over, but I was busy. Hey, I’m doing this for free, what do you expect?

Most call it Canada Day, but it was originally Dominion Day, and our ties to the British Empire and the Anglosphere should be emphasized, so we celebrate Dominion Day here.

Just checked Patriactionary while writing this and it seem they too are celebrating Dominion Day. I was gonna post Maple Leaf Forever, but they beat me to it, so go listen to it over there.

Just 10 million people more and we may undo the damage Trudeau did.


For all you Yanks, I’ll give you an early happy July , because I’m not going to remember it on the actual day.

Although, y’all shouldn’t be celebrating, you should be working to undo the mistake you made and rejoin the British commonwealth.


In blog news, at the end of this week, I’m going on vacation for a few weeks. I’ve got some blog posts planned to be posted by schedule while I’m away, but more content would be great, so if any of my readers want something read by my mind-blowingly huge audience* send it to my e-mail: Freenortherner (at) hotmail.com. Just make sure it somehow fits the theme of the blog and isn’t something the blog would find objectionable.  I’ll schedule it in and include a link back to your site or blog with the post when it’s posted.

* Audience size may have been grossly exaggerated to increase audience participation.

Germany Eats Their Young

I promised more commentary and less self-indulgent reflection, so here we begin.

If you’ve been around the alt-right blogosphere/manosphere for a while, you’ve probably already somewhat familiar with the way the boomers have screwed over their own children in almost every way possible and how they have chained them to perpetual debt slavery.

Yes, that link to Mark Steyn did say the US owes 911% of GDP. In other words, Americans owe 9 full years of productive activity and the growth in debt shows no sign of slowing, which means the boomer’s children and grandchildren will likely spend a significant portion of their lives paying for the boomers’ excesses.

Thankfully, I live in Canada and despite Trudeau’s best efforts we have managed to avoid the worst excesses the US has subjected itself to, even thought the situation is not optimal. (I “only” owe about $17,000 in federal debt, while our pension system is actually somewhat funded, more or less).

Anyway, it seems Germany (which, as far as I know is in a fairly similar situation to Canada) will be having a problem funding its welfare state and benefits for the old (surprising, I know).

So, what are they doing to fix this?

Reducing the welfare state?

Decreasing regulation to create prosperity?

Putting back the retirement age as Canada is doing?

Of course not, that would be silly. They’re taxing the young, of course. Who could possibly want to leave their children and grandchildren better off than they are?

So, it seems Germany has explicitly decided to eat their young.

Germany’s boomers forgot to have children (where did life go?), now they realized that without children no one is there to pay for their health care when they become aged invalids (who could possibly have guessed?), so, why not take it out ofon what few children they did have.

Also, notice how their solution to a lack of a young workers to make up a tax base, is to work towards trying to drive away that same tax base. That’s sure to work.

Anyway, for those young Germans out there out there who want to work hard, keep their earnings, and be somewhat free, come to Canada; for now, we’re a bastion of near-sanity.

Expect more in future.