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Lightning Round – 22/01/14

Do it now, shed deadweight, and take your losses. Success is within your grasp. You have to see it to want it. Related: 12 tips for working from home. Related: How to pitch your content to an influencer. Path to Legionnaire: the modern world. There is no movement; the movement is you. The double-bind. The […]

Lightning Round – 2014/01/15

How to be the boss, create a job, and have a soul. Related: The world owes me nothing. 10 most important principles of leadership. It is not that difficult to be better than most at something. What will it take for you to change? Related: Fix yourself by answering one question. Related: Guide to being […]

The Original False Rape Claim

Here’s the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers and his false attempted rape accusation: Now Joseph had been taken down to Egypt. Potiphar, an Egyptian who was one of Pharaoh’s officials, the captain of the guard, bought him from the Ishmaelites who had taken him there. The Lord was with […]

The Grand Inquisitor

From a story in the Brothers Karamazov in which the Grand Inquisitor speaks to a returned Jesus, captured and imprisoned: “‘Is it Thou? Thou?’ but receiving no answer, he adds at once. ‘Don’t answer, be silent. What canst Thou say, indeed? I know too well what Thou wouldst say. And Thou hast no right to […]

An Example not to Follow

The above came courtesy of Roissy’s twitter feed. I’ve been a bit busy lately, but here’s a short comment on the video. Obviously the girl’s an adulteress and tries her best to reframe it as his fault, but nothing more needs to be said about that. We’ll focus on the guy. He’s obviously geeky-looking, desperate, […]

Lightning Round – 2013/09/25

Laidnyc has a free e-book and wants you to help his dog. Related: Dogs are awesome. Victor Pride with advice for the entrepreneur. Be inscrutable. Have an abundance mentality. I, Me, Mine. Men need responsibility and something of their own. 34 insight from Nassim Taleb. Self-esteem is narcissism for losers and slaves. Related: You’re lonely […]

Lightning Round – 2013/08/07

The Minter event has led to a discussion of bitterness in the ‘sphere: Dr. Illusion: Stop whining and be responsible for yourself. Matt Forney: Most people don’t want to be helped, be one that does. Aurini: The unknown unknown of MGTOWs is that men need women. Young Hunter is disgusted. Francis: Selling shit to the […]

Lightning Round – 2013/05/12

Hello to all my Russian friends. I have no idea what the page that linked to me says, but welcome here. Steve Ermis, Sergeant Minnicks: Spread their names. 13 reasons you should start an online business. I gotta start working on mine again. He also rereleased his Spartan’s guide to online businesses; hope you didn’t […]

The Bookshelf: Men on Strike

I pre-ordered Men on Strike by Helen Smith months ago, and it arrived a couple of weeks back. This week I took a break from the Trivium to read it for review here. Reviewing this book is somewhat difficult, because its greatest weaknesses are also it greatest strengths. So, first off, I did not care […]

DE Reading List Update

Here are some additions to the Dark Enlightenment Reading List based on comments from the original post. The Moral Animal – Robert Wright Meant to add this one, but somehow it didn’t get added. The Manipulated Man – Esther Vilar Darkness at Noon – Arthur Koestler Patriarcha (the Natural Power of Kings) – Sir Robert […]