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Lost Kipling Poems – The Press

As long-time readers may know, I’m a fan of Kipling, and I think you should be too. The news out of Britain is that that 50 new Kipling poems have been discovered. They are being put in a new collection that will contain all of his known poems? I haven’t drooled as much over a […]

Kipling: Public Waste

Public Waste Walpole talks of “a man and his price.” List to a ditty queer — The sale of a Deputy-Acting-Vice- Resident-Engineer, Bought like a bullock, hoof and hide, By the Little Tin Gods on the Mountain Side. By the Laws of the Family Circle ’tis written in letters of brass That only a Colonel […]

Lightning Round – 2014/01/08

Building willpower. Related: Setting and achieving goals. Related: Man needs structure and discipline. Related: Victor kicking butt in 2014. Related: The curse of the lazy sheeple. Related: The net present value of effort. The rules of leadership. GBFM against game; Christian women shouldn’t need to be gamed. Related: Donal responds on marriage and game and […]

Lightning Round – 2013/12/11

Are you thinking of taking up hunting? Tim finishes his book. I plan to read and review it here. Path to Legionnaire: Health and the Physical. Great post: The institutionalization of children. Related: Outlaws. You are your own worst enemy. Leadership and dominance. Exercising your weak virtues and gaining balance. Conquering your fear of success. […]

Hymn to Physical Pain

I haven’t had time to make the next post in the Omega’s Guide series, so here’s some Kipling instead, because it’s always a good time for Kipling: Dread Mother of Forgetfulness Who, when Thy reign begins, Wipest away the Soul’s distress, And memory of her sins. The trusty Worm that dieth not– The steadfast Fire […]

Omega’s Guide – Mind

You should now be on your way to being a socially active person; you’ve got hobbies, sports, and martial arts and are learning social skills, but you need a bit more; you need something to talk about. Your activities give you a couple topics of conversation, but if you drone on them too long, you […]

Dark Enlightenment Reading List

While creating the Free Man’s Reading List, some recommended I add some books on what is sometimes referred to as the Dark Enlightenment. The Dark Enlightenment is something I’ve been reading for years and my blog here sometimes edges near the periphery of that territory, moreso as time goes on. Neoreaction is something I desire […]

Dark Enlightenment Reading List

Here’s a reading list to introduce you to the Dark Enlightenment.* Introduction to the list here. * – Already read, no review ** – Read, but plan to re-read and review *** – Read and reviewed with link to review **** Introduction The Dark Enlightenment Defined* The Dark Enlightenment Explained* The Path to the Dark […]

Hymn Before Action

I’ve been too busy to create original content, so that’s an excellent excuse to post more Kipling. Here’s his Hymn Before Action: The earth is full of anger, The seas are dark with wrath, The Nations in their harness Go up against our path: Ere yet we loose the legions — Ere yet we draw […]

Lightning Round – 2012/11/07

The election is currently resolving itself. At this point it looks like America has chosen a rapid decline over a slower decline. Related Humour: 8 election myths you probably believe. Baumeister (of Willpower fame) released an academic paper on sexual economics in response to this book. Read it. Mangan responds. Roissy responds. The Captain responds. […]