What’s in a Name?

The best way to identify the goals and predict the actions of a leftist or bureaucratic (redundancy) organization is to assume they are the opposite of what the name of the organization would imply if the organization were named honestly.

Thus, an organization with social justice in its name is generally both both rending social bonds and committing mass injustice.

A leftist organization with community in the name is usually destroying said community.

An organization evoking peace is generally dedicated to spreading chaos.

A leftist organization labelled Christian can generally be found destroying Christian values and hollowing out churches.

A leftist organization with prosperity or anti-poverty in its name will be creating as much poverty as possible.

11 responses to “What’s in a Name?

  • runsonmagic (@runsonmagic)

    Reminds me – the way to tell what a law does is to assume it does the opposite of it’s name.
    Ex: “Affordable Healthcare Act” or “The Patriot Act”

  • Warrior_savant

    Immigration “reform” (aka Amnesty for lawbreakers)
    Tax “reform” (take more from the producing class to subsidize the remainder)
    The Great Society (nothing great about it)
    Social Security (generational pyramid scheme? secure…?)
    Gender discrimination (I believe I’m a woman, so you must too. Nevermind that bulge!!)

    40,000 new laws introduced in the last year.

    America is legislating itself into the grave. All in the vein of what Prof Sowell called, trading what you know works for what you think will make you feel good.

    The lefties love to command the language of an argument. Illegal = undocumented immigrant. Obamacare becomes Affordable Health Care Act (unless it starting polling better…then probably back to Obamacare)

    Unfortunately, the opposition allows them to get away with this English judo. If the right would wise up they’d use a few terms of art themselves. E.g.
    Illegal immigrant -> undocumented worker -> international trespasser.

    Obamacare -> Affordable Care Act -> Income redistribution via healthcare.

    Alas, it takes a group of elected free thinking men each with their own access to 2 testicles to affect this change in rhetoric. In the meantime we’ll just wait to hear what we’re allowed to call who/what/where whenever the left grows uncomfortable with the status quo.

  • alcestiseshtemoa

    Genius point made here.

  • beortheold

    This could be a corollary to one of Robert Conquest’s three laws of politics.

  • Tim

    I wish I were a democrat politician. I could solve all the worlds ills!

    Need jobs? Pass a “jobs bill”!!

    Need clean water? Pass a “clean water bill”!!!

    The only explanation for why they have not passed a “Unicorn Bill” must be that all democrats hate unicorns.

    Ask your favorite democrat why he hates unicorns.

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  • Will S.

    And a commie country that calls itself ‘People’s Democratic Republic of’ is the opposite of a free country.

    It’s the way of leftists…

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  • Anonymous

    An organization evoking peace is generally dedicated to spreading chaos.

    Like what? You think that a world without the UN would be less violent? Seriously? Do you know anything about history and politics or are you really so ideologically blinded that you can just make up shit, play the three monkeys game and ignore facts?

  • Will S.

    Has the U.N., in the half-century of existence, resulted in a more peaceful world than what we had before WWI?

    Hardly. The difference is, now it’s switched: the European countries aren’t fighting between themselves any more, while all the now-independent Third World countries fight between and within themselves.

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…

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