The Brown Scare: Duck Edition

I’m a little late on the bandwagon, so by now you’ve probably heard that Phil Robertson was suspended by A&E from the reality show, Duck Dynasty for some comments made during an interview with GQ. I made a small series of tweets when I first came across the event.

This event is significant because it is the first time the brown scare has impacted a particular person this well known to the mainstream. Sure, Watson, Dickenson, Summers, Richwine, Derbyshire, et al. were victims of the witchhunt, but none of those names are ones the average Joe on the street would rcognize. Sure, Chic-Fil-A was persecuted, but its a faceless corporation; who’s ever heard of Dan Cathy?

But Duck Dynasty is huge and Phil Robertson is a recognizable individual. It’s the most-watched nonfiction show of all time and A&E’s highest rated show fo all time. He is somebody your average middle-American knows and likes.

The culture war has been raging for a while, but mostly in words and on the political level. Phil shows the red states, the vaisyas, how far the the progressives are willing to go to enforce ideological conformity. It shows how much the elites truly do detest middle America. It makes the culture war personal by showing that they’re ready and willing to not just denounce you, but to steal your livelihood simply for speaking what you think.

Now that the working-to-middle class whites now have a sampling of the elites hatred towards them, hopefully they will see the class war being waged against them.

For hate is the only explanation* for this: Duck Dynasty is insanely profitable and popular for a second-rate cable network previously best known for Law and Order reruns. There is absolutely no business reason to mess with a formula that works. Any fool can see that the 77% of America that are Christian vastly outnumber the <4% of America that is gay.

The cultural elites hate the conservative low-to-middle class whites that are the primary consumers of the show and they hate the Christian morality and traditional family structures the show portrays.

They wish to destroy these whites, their lifestyle, and their morality.

Oh, how the elites at A&E must rue how their attempt to mock the rednecks has backfired. I would have loved to see their faces when they realized their laugh-at-the-rednecks show become popular for all the ‘wrong’ reasons. It’s Archie Bunker all over again.

In a cultural wasteland of “reality” programming showcasing degenerates, freaks, perverts, broken homes, blackened souls, and empty, twisted hearts, Duck Dynasty focuses on a normal, functional, loving family holding to a solid moral framework and enjoying their lives. It presents a cultural alternative to the broken, empty world the cultural elites are trying to force onto the masses.

Whatever our opinions of TV, the simple fact is most Americans are consumers of TV. Duck Dynasty is one of the few shows to show working-class whites, Christianity, and traditional morality in a positive light and it is one of the few that gives the masses something moral and uplifting.

For this Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson deserves support.

*There is a very small chance this was a publicity stunt by A&E. I don’t think its likely, but you never know.

18 responses to “The Brown Scare: Duck Edition

  • dannyfrom504

    I already emailed A&E that I will no longer watch the channel, and sent out a few pro Phil tweets as well.

    I’m actually in Louisiana ATM. And everyone is discussing this. I have family in the general area he lives in.

    It’s only hate speech if you disagree with the progressive agenda.

  • fnn

    You’d think If there were any Christians in the US they would been upset about USG-Saudi-Israel supported mercs exterminating the world’s oldest Christian communities in Syria. Everything in Murica today is crude mass culture-forget Albion’s Seed.

  • earl

    I often find it funny that for as much as the cultural elites hate the working class rubes…they couldn’t survive their cushy lifestyles without them. They would have to go into the real world, work a real job, and not have time to think up ideas that would never fly in reality.

    Or as Tyler Durden says…

  • LiveFearless

    As I’ve stated on these blogs for years. It’s not about the money. It is difficult to get people that say they have values to think reasonably and logically, and that’s just odd, so I’ll just try to explain it… again.

    Imagine that you are Phil. When you walk in for an interview with a MAJOR established fashion publication for men, you are surrounded by teams of people. “PR” folk, publicists, reputation management folks, a makeup artist and even a script supervisor. There are people assigned to handle you, and you have given up your right to depart from the script a long time ago. Your free will has been removed from you.

    Then, imagine that this is a world of endless editing and perfection to the point that “Fifty Shades of Grey” had mistakes added in to make it seem like the trilogy was written by one person that’s a first-time author.

    There’s no proof that this was a live-taped interview, and since GQ does NOT wave the magic wand of fame and influence for Phil or for A&E, his comments could have been edited far in advance. His words were partially scripted, and the intentions of all of this are working. Gullible ‘christian’ people are believing that they’ve won some victory over A & E and others. That’s foolish. You’re not programming the shows, it’s the other way around.

    Do you know what entities control A & E? You looked it up in google? What’d it say? What’d wikipedia say? You’ll find answers wherever you look, but will they be the real answers? Ask Howard the Duck.

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  • TempestTcup

    I wonder if WalMart, Bass Pro and all the other retail stores will rush to pull all of the Duck Dynasty merchandise from their shelves and racks. Last time I was at WalMart, their stuff took up about a quarter of the store.

  • Alan J. Perrick

    The chink in the armour was the adoption of the non-white child. That’s why Satan is striking. That’s what God wants.


  • TM

    Don’t make this into something it’s not. A&E is in the business to make money. They removed Phil from the show because they were afraid they would lose advertisers over the negative publicity. I defend Phil’s right to say what he did, but A&E also had the right to do what they did. This has nothing to do with “culture war” or “ideological conformity”; its simply about money and advertising.

  • Will S.

    And money and advertising are tied in with the culture war; advertisers are worried about boycotts being declared against them if they don’t go along with the leftist zeitgeist. And they don’t want to lose money, so, they go along with it.

    Everything is about both the culture war and money.

  • earl

    If money wasn’t involved…we’d all be free.

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  • betterthantheoriginalwally

    I don’t particularly favour the use of the word “cultural-elite.” There is nothing cultural about them, nor anything elite. Couldn’t we call them society’s cowards? They contribute nothing of real value to the community and try to compensate for it by protecting all the minorities that are supposedly being hunted down and killed by the evil white working-class.

  • Ton

    It’s good to see someone commenting on the elites hatred toward lower class and middle class White folks. Most of what the elites do is to grind middle class/ lower class White folk into the ground

  • Jehu

    A&E is your cultural enemy if you’re a non-elite white person. Call your cable company along with your friends and cancel your subscription unless they drop A&E. Or just drop your cable subscription. It’s mostly populated by your cultural enemies anyway. A&E is owned by Hearst/Disney/ABC. Between those most of the stations you think of when you think of cable are represented. Honestly I’d like to make the cold cultural war go hot.

  • Will S.

    And if Duck Dynasty eventually appears on another network, give them your support if you’re a fan of the show!

    Remember the Chick-fil-A Culture War last year.

    Our side can have victories!

  • Will S.

    (Remember the record crowds for the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day…)

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