Lightning Round – 2013/11/20

Advice to those struggling in the faith.

“Christianity is not about acceptance. It is not about tolerance. It is about separating the wheat from the chaff and dividing the sheep from the goats. In his own words, Jesus makes it perfectly clear that he did not come to bring peace. He is, in fact, the dividing factor.”
Related: Christians are required to be dicks.

Are women attracted to evil? And the righteous alpha.

Of love and lust.

If you stopped something, would anyone care?

ABlack spade (cards) recommends LARPing.

The discounting of lived male experience.

Vox with some marriage advice.
Related: Badger responds.
Related: Rules for fighting.

Feminists are bad at economics.

Why do feminists think women are only good for sex? What else of value does a feminist contribute?

A failure of leadership in churches concerning women and home-making.
Related: A disgusting pedestalization of women.

You’re likely to get a lot less sex in marriage than you desire.

Backleading is unattractive.

Women: keep your hair long if you want to attract a guy.
Related: Zhai2nan2 has a great suggestion.

Rebellion as deadly threat.

Black-knighting: mutual rape.

Man’s attraction is stable, woman’s is dynamic.

Calling women ma’am.

A letter about someone I once knew.

The decline of the cultural foundation.

The rumblings of discontent and our future.

Heaven on earth.

Does Europe have more hope than the US?
Related: A bit more on immigration in Europe and the US.

Neoreaction in the Daily Caller. Good on Bryce.
Related: Outsideness is weirded out.

Radish knocks it out of the park on democracy and intellectuals.

Anti-anti-reactionary FAQ: Sluts.

Why do so many liberals want the government to behave like a plantation owner?

You can never know where the edge is, for unexpected equilibrium forces may arise.

Neoreactionary economics.

Democracy as warfare.

The problem with “we need religion”.

My take: All right-thinking, orthodox Christians should work together in our war. Our differences are petty compared to the what our common foes wish to unleash.

America should treat its young better.

On Alger Hiss.

Conservatives are turning against cops.

Stupid U.
Related: Explaining the college bubble.

They have this at my work, but it is entirely optional. I don’t donate and dislike the United Way because my first year working I used the workplace campaign to donate to World Vision and a local Christian soup kitchen and the UW took about 10% off for administrative costs. I do still go to the pizza and chili fundraisers. Also, it is horribly inefficient as the amount of time (ie. government salary dollars) and resources spent on this campaign far outweigh the meager amounts they do fund-raise.

Advice for media interviews.

Hazing is good.

An interesting Augustine quote to ponder.

A Watsoning in Denmark.

Why the left hates Tom Kratman.

Thank you Military.”

France, ADHD, and school shootings.

Police your institutions or the leftists will overtake them.

HR women discriminating against pretty women.
Related: Abolish HR

Gays can now enjoy the wonders of the alimony system.

If you can’t get them from the front, take them from behind.

You can really tell the demographic Obama is reaching out to with Obamacare.
Related: Roissy comments.
Related: A little more Obamacare schaedenfreude.

Death panels may be the only ethically justifiable aspect of Obamacare.

The 97% consensus “factoid” is false.

Kerry O’Brien, Walter Forrest, Dermot Lynott, and Michael Daly are publishing bad science.

16 things foreigners couldn’t believe about America.

Slate makes one of the best anti-food stamp arguments I’ve read in a while.

For the Canucks: Trudeau’s greatest hits.

(H/T: SDA, Foseti,

8 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/11/20

  • 2Wycked (@2Wycked16)

    I always appreciate your link round-up, thanks

  • ivanovich76

    I don’t get the foodstamp link? Seems like a decent argument for basic income over a bunch f programs that disincentivize work if anything.

  • dannyfrom504

    Thanks for the linkage Canucklehead.

  • zhai2nan2

    White women get scarier every day. Those pictures are going to give me nightmares.
    Thanks for the link.

  • Keoni Galt

    As always, thanks for the lightning!

  • Will S.

    Re: long hair, there are some men who seem to prefer short-hair on women, but most of us prefer long hair, even on women who can pull short hair off; IMO, and that of others (see comments on that link), they still look even better with long hair.

    I’ve noticed a tendency in my church circles for women who have long hair all through their youth to suddenly chop it off in middle age. I think doing so merely bespeaks contempt for one’s husband, and his tastes; it means one doesn’t give a damn what he thinks. That is contemptible.

  • Free Northerner

    @ ivanovich: The link is trying to drum up support for food stamps by playing on sympathy. To do so, they are using 2 able bodied women who refuse to work, including a girl in her 20s who plans to go on welfare as soon as she’s old enough. These women are complaining about eating better than I do.

    @ Will: I agree. There’s always outliers who like odd things and the desire for short hair is anti-feminine.

  • The Karamazov Idea

    I’ve come to believe Europe is the next great hope. Socialism eventually kills itself. Look across Europe, and the 2nd most popular party in many prominent countries is the reactionary right. You’ve got the Front National in France, the Golden Dawn in Greece, Jobbik in Hungary, and other instances across the continent. The even more stirring thing is that these movements are made up of the youth and the elderly working in concert. They’re not afraid to be called Nazis or racists. The words have lost all meaning in Europe. People are beginning to openly question the scope and accepted events in the holocaust, which has been the biggest single event in deciding European attitude and policy in the 20th and 21st century although nobody can morally justify why.

    As for the police, I had a recent conversation with a broworker (heh). He asked about my love of firearms and commented that he no longer had his. I cracked a joke about them getting confiscated. Turns out they were. Some person he knows was under federal investigation over something and all of his firearms were confiscated without cause or reason. That’s had me thinking and paranoid for a while now. Paying cash may or may not be a good idea. I think there is a national registry of gun owners already. Milling your own receivers is the only viable option if they come, and hiding in some pretty ingenious places.

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