Lightning Round – 2013/11/06

Science and game: flirting trumps looks. Great post.

The female fear of male standards.
Related: The loser mentality of the left.

Submission and corrupted authority.
Related: “Why do modern women try to use sex to secure commitment from men?”

On gender constructs.
Related: Why sluttiness is unattractive.


Testing a wife: is she a good worker?

Micro- and macro-game.

Social Pathologist thinks the Cathedral is lining up for a major attack on the manosphere.

Even old women hate gammas.

As outside, so inside: you can judge a book by its cover.

7th century BC poet on women.
Related: An African folk tale.

Good advice on ripping off restaurants and credit card companies. I do both.

Two books by John Durant that look worth reading.

20 signs he’s a player.

Where have all the good women gone?
Related; Women’s worst enemies are other women.

Savages and the post-civilized world.

The end of the grey middle.

Making neoreaction simple.
Related: The conceptual tools of neoreaction.

Anti-anti-reactionary FAQ: ever-leftward movement.
Related: The anti-anti-reactionary FAQ: freedom and monarchy.

The neoreactionary racial litmus test. I do rather like Sowell myself.

The shibboleth threat.

Entryism and apostolic succession.

Orson Scott Card on the SFWA.

Hitting the left where it hurts.
Related: Punch back twice as hard. Don’t support the left.

Rumblings of the Catholic right.

Tradition and broadway.

3 possible reasons for leftist behaviour.

Rollo, Susan Walsh, and SMV.
Related: Some more on Walsh’s errors. And some more.

Things seem to be going well for Chad.
Related: He’s voting no longer.

A letter to millenials.

How Alger Hiss explains the Tea Party.

Leftist propaganda in Toronto.

The pull of Harvard.

Another story of life in liberal academia.

The degeneration of language.

Week of praise: Zooey Deschanel.

Vaccines are racist.

The pro-Vietnam war hard hat riots.

Women should not be held responsible for their actions after drinking.
Related: Fixing rape culture in 3 easy steps.

Looks like the MRA’s are getting some support from feminists.

Feminism: Marriage for me but not for thee.
Related: More from Tracy Clarke-Flory, where she becomes an unfeminist bridezilla.
Related: Hehe… Talk of feminist weddings. Feminists are funny.

Slate XX feminist engages in beard shaming. I love the hypocrisy of feminists.

How feminism undermined itself.

Gamers, Anita Sarkeesian, and narcissism.

Study: Paid maternity leave doesn’t work.

Murdering grandma does not reduce health care costs.

Canada has lotteries for a family doctor. I have a family doctor I haven’t seen in 5 years; I usually just use a drop-in if I need. The only reason I got to sign up was because I phoned the clinic the first hour on opening day.

DC Court of Appeals strikes down birth control mandate.

A small list of Obama’s lies and abuses.
Related: The NYT covers for Obama.
Related: It is now acceptable for the president to directly influence journalists. Wonder what the reaction would be if his name was Nixon?

Whitehouse pressuring insurance insiders who speak about ACA.

““Can’t you email it to me?” Alice asked. We’re not set up for that, the Obamacare operator replied.” Everything you need to know about government in one sentence.

Matt Walsh becomes a liberal.

Your Brahmin superiors lecturing you on your mode of transport.

How are you enjoying the ice-free Arctic.

The stupidity of forcing your parenting strategies on others.

Rules of writing: the four elements of a novel.


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