Lightning Round – 2013/10/30

Shattering the delusion; a must-read for Christian men. I’ve come to a similar conclusion in the last year.

SMV is real; the data supports Rollo’s chart.
Related: The deeper economics of the sexual marketplace.

The single father deficit crisis. Related.

Related: Defeating the demon of entitlement.

Rollo on NAWALT.

See a woman how she sees herself.
Related: Using “good girl”.
Related: Sadly, shallow communication is where I am the most weak.

A follow-up to the Daily Beast article of last week.

Wives and denial of sex in marriage.
Related: Lazy housewives.
Related: The love and caring of submission.
Related: Bored housewives: women need struggle.

On the proper division of housework.

HUS goes off the rails in her criticism of the SMV graph.
Related: HUS goes further off the rail in regards to rape stats.
Related: A bit more on Susan’s intelelctual failure.
Related: Man, Susan has taken a lot of criticism this week.

Jack Donovan on the 20/20 piece, the KKK, and Salon.

Basic girl game: how to land and keep a boyfriend.

Defining tradcon feminism: Theory, Principles,

The insane anti-female ideology of modern feminism.
Related: Pope Pius XI on women.

Courting, marriage, and busting rates. If she’s not happy with a very basic ring, she’s not worth marrying.

Women are either equal or they aren’t.

Can stupid, young women be held accountable?

A good post on the victim culture of the “rape culture” movement.

Now that is cynical.


On modesty.

Maybe I should use less foul language here? “Evil words for evil things”, but is that just self-justification for using degenerate language? Hmmm…

I wonder how long until some of these divorced men start murdering the judges?

On being friends with women.

ABlack spade (cards)’s story.
Related: Francis’ journey.

Dicipres returns after a couple months to advocate spanking your wife.

“It is the OBLIGATION of any man who wants to better civilization by promoting intellectual endeavours, learning and civilized behaviour to ALSO be attractive to women.”

The distinction between the good of groups and of individuals.

Neoreaction research priorities
Related: Questions.

The underlying problem of the anti-reaction FAQ.
Related: The decline frame.
Related: In response to claims concerning Chang Hsien-chong
Related: Jim on crime against the anti-reactionary FAQ.
Related: The problem of measuring the decline.

Neoreaction is anti-utopian.

Monarchy, Schelling points, and Japan.

The necessity of propaganda.

Democracy is rule by idiots who vote for things that sound good to them at the time.”

Brian Leiter, philosopher and Brahmin paragon, wants to lock you up.

Defectives deserve death.

Why have major technological changes stopped since the 1960s?

A bleak view of the church’s immediate future.

The iron laws of pedagogy.

Half of newborns will see their parents split by 15.
Related: A divorced friend or relative greatly increases odds of divorce.

How to fight the welfare bums.

Looking forward to our future of eating beans.

America Inc. and the trouble with Texas.
Related: A book review and a good discussion of immigration.
Related: Immigration and female coders.

Race, crime, and the creation of banlieus in America.

The outrages of public school are not a failing; they’re the goal.

The curse of the middle class: the ambiguity of status.

The pill and the doctrine of double effect.

Hehe… Steve Sailer with a great little quip.

Secular theism.

25 reasons for Trinitarian scepticism.

Against ADHD.

Advice for preppers.

“The whole purpose of politics and hence of government is to reward failure, if people succeed and prosper, the they don’t need government. Politicians* promise unearned rewards, and the more vicious ones promise to penalise success. Some set out to penalise success and promise reward to those who set them on their way.”

The seen and unseen in Sweden. I noticed similar in Norway; a pizza was about $30-40 and a McD’s cheeseburger meal was about $10.

The problem of the 40-hour work week.

The government wants to start tracking your car, at some point.

Armed citizen prevents mass shooting.

Wow… That’s one awesome 10-year-old.

Pepper-spraying cop awarded $38k in damages.

Gays: the creation of a voting bloc.

A great post on healthcare.
Related: Obama knowingly lied about people not losing their insurance. I’m surprised.
Related: Once more, those in pain must suffer to protect the failures from themselves.

Just another example of the institutionalized lies of the left.

France: A warning on the self-limiting nature of government.

Why should banks be able to blame the victims of identity thefts for the banks’ errors?

The philosophical failure of modern science.
Related: Science has lost its way.

The changing politics of public sector pensions.

Food stamp enrollment increased by 70%.

(H/T: Phantom Soapbox, Rex, CC, Foseti, Instapundit)

7 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/10/30

  • ballista74

    Thanks for the links!

  • chiker

    Always enjoy your lightning round. Vox is smart but don’t overlook his heretical Christian views. The Bible is clear that a denial of the triunity of God is a denial of the nature of God Himself.

    -A fellow Torontonian

  • Allen Patterson (@Whited79)

    Howdy from Texas.
    Thanks for the links and traffic.
    One week, I WILL break into three links in one Lightning Round. I have faith. I can do it.
    -The Whited Sepulchre

  • Stingray

    Thank you very much for the link.

  • A♠

    Many thanks for the linkage, FN.

    And I concur wholedheartedly that Donal deserved that top spot.


  • The Karamazov Idea

    “I wonder how long until some of these divorced men start murdering the judges?”

    The comments are horrendous in this mostly-fair piece. The one detailed the legitimate concerns of NomDeBlog got a snarling beta-male nipping from pudgy manboobs in the gallery. Dumb Bostonians. Their speech impediment comes from their long and storied history of dick-sucking (both men and women). That’s why their mouths inherently form an “o” sound whenever they speak.

    If a man leaves his job because he gets bored and still expects them to send him a paycheck, he’s a bum. If a wife leaves her man because she gets bored, she’s a loyal wife of x years who needs compensation for that time.

  • Free Northerner

    Y’all are welcome.

    @ Chiker; I know he has some heretical views, but they’re interesting because I find them novel and he argues them well.

    @ Allen: But once you have three, what will you have to strive for?

    @ Karamazov: Yup, at some point these divorced men are going to run out of patience with their ill-treatment.

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