Lightning Round – 2013/10/23

It’s your fault.
Related: The minimalist’s guide to being rich.
Related: The great hamster wheel.

Generation Fucked Over.
Related: Why kids today don’t have it easy.
Related: A failure of parenting.

The quest for truth.
Related: Why man needs his myths.

r/K selection and master-slave morality.

A rant against rants against church rants.

ABC would lie (read the comments) about the manosphere? Colour me shocked.
Related: CC on the article.
Related: The article is a pre-planned hatchet job on the MRM and manosphere.
Related: JB thinks it will be a train wreck.
Related: Matt Forney on his interview.
Related: It’s a hit piece, but it will still grow us.
Related: Roissy with his take.
Related: Private Man’s take.
Related: Kid Strangelove with a liberal take.
Related: Dr. Illusion’s take.
Related: The Gell-Mann amnesia effect.
Related: ABC, 20/20 and the Manosphere: the real story.
Related: Is Sarah Figalora guilty of journalistic fraud?
Realted: Are Alyssa Pry and Alexa Valiente Guilty of Journalistic Fraud?
Related: This cracked me up. Hilarious.
Related: Dr. Illusion on the piece.

Some more mainstream coverage of the manosphere. Never heard of this Hembling person though.
Related: SSM is picked up by Amanda Marcotte. We’re nearing the big time.

The truth of manosphere community beliefs.

Having both parents, father and mother, matters.

SSM would rather be owned by her husband than the state.

Amos & Gromar expertly dissect the lies of feminist slut culture. Young women, read this.
Related: How feminism self-perpetuates; today’s slut, tomorrow’s spinsters. I think #7 is by far the most telling of the list.
Related: The pyrrhic victory of a Tuesday night bang.
Related: The math of feminism and marriage.

The rise of the Renegade Alpha.

How to escalate with women 101.

Why Ace fears strong, independent women.

The dictatorship of the crazy woman.
Related: Vox advises men on how to deal with crazy.
Related: Another little lesson about divorce.
Related: Women are the threat to marriage.

The utter worthlessness of feminists displayed.

Women whine because they’re sensitive to others perceptions.

Female privilege.

JB is moving to aVfM.

Rollo defends his SMV graph.
Related: A woman shouldn’t try to know her number.

The wages of female education in Japan and Singapore.
Related: Welcome to Japan: our future, today.

Rape culture vultures.
Related: “Rape” is ex post facto regret.
Related: The modern definition of rape.
Related: Racist Sandra Foehl continues to help destroy falsely accused man’s life.

Liberal feminist: Best rape prevention is for women to stop getting wasted.
Related: Alcohol-related rape is the only crime for which liberals desire harsher penalties rather than prevention.

Women wear make-up to advertise their fertility.

Laid gets chicks qualifying to him with #FatShamingWeek.
Related: Why fat shaming is unnecessary.

Evil cupcakes are sexists who prey on young women.

A bit on sexbots.

Fiat everything.

An anti-reactionary FAQ; the first rational, comprehensive objection to the neoreaction. It’s very well done and will take a good while to unpack.
Related: Michael writes off a quick response.
Related: Bryce has a response on sluttiness.

On the other end of the spectrum: what the hell is a dark neoreactionary?
Related: Why lie when the truth should be sufficient.

Reactionaries and neoreactionaries.

The casual cruelty of the Brahmin overclass.

A new Moldbuggian class.

Sanctimonious Fnargl.

Leap on voting laws. Seems like he might start leaning towards monarchy soon.

An excerpt on revolution.

Atheism can’t be practised.

The new use of old churches.

Arm the world.

The future depends on libraries.

Scientistry and seamless transitions.
Related: Be careful of trusting experts.
Related: The failure of modern science.


Food security and poverty aren’t the issue; tradition is.
Related: Poor people aren’t really poor.
Related: If you want to prevent starvation, shoot a socialist.

If I were in charge of welfare

72 hours without EBT.
Related: Obama’s stormtroopers are being summoned.

They are coming for you.

Why Obama doesn’t matter.

Potemkin parliament.
Related: The re-iterated game of chicken.

Bipartisanship sucks.
Related: A shameful episode.

The country is finding out what’s in the Obamacare bill. This bill is cutting a huge swath through the middle class. Guess the Brahmins have finally been able to stick it to the Vaisyas nice and hard.
Related: Canada has death panels and ‘that’s a good thing’.
Related: Surgery caps in Canada. Something else for Yanks to look forward to.
Related: Obama vows to exempt himself from Obamacare.
Related: Obamacare offers voter registration. Might as well get the parasites right from the host.
Related: Daily K-os is learning what’s in the bill.

The government really is the only thing all leftists belong to.

Another housing bubble in the making?

Democrats and public school teachers send their kids to private school.

Yale professor surprised to find Tea Party scientifically literate because he doesn’t know any.

The nuttiness of Salon.

Dogs are great.

The inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Some ideas on reparations.

Pirates are complaining about being treated as such.

Roundabouts and social capital.

Asians and cheating.
Related: Stupid U and faking the GPA.

Modern sugar consumption. (Although the 765g and 4.3lbs factoids seem contradictory).

A possible video game crash in the near future?

Little girls like to know they’re pretty; in a decent society their father would reassure them. In our society, they must turn to strangers on the internet.

The hypocrisy of liberals once again illustrated:
Emily Bazelon, Oct. 15, 5:39 PM: Charging two female teenagers for bullying someone to death is wrong. Blame the parents.
Emily Bazelon, Oct. 15, 9:35 PM: It’s good to charge two male teenagers for drunken sex. What parents?
Remember: Males are always to blame, females are never to blame.

(H/T: Instapundit, Foseti, SDA, On the Rock, Isegoria, CC)

6 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/10/23

  • ballista74

    Never heard of this Hembling person though.

    He’s known on AVFM as John The Other or JTO.

  • Leap of a Beta

    “Leap on voting laws. Seems like he might start leaning towards monarchy soon.”

    Maybe. I’m not against it, as a government. I remain unconvinced that it would work in modern politics/nations; but part of that hesitation is that there hasn’t been a successful monarchy for some time. That situation and inability of a modern monarch could also be a byproduct of our current unhealthy society; I haven’t spent enough time with the concept, honestly.

    There’s more to that post/series coming. I just got caught up with work and was starting to fall into some fallacies in my thinking when I was writing it out. I hope to come back to it next Monday.

  • House Perspicacity

    Kudos to posting Amos’s work. His longer writings are brilliant and shine a bright light on what we all know already. It helps that its a pleasure to read.

  • sunshinemary

    Thanks for linking, FN!

    I’m heading over to read the Moldbug post forthwith.

    That debt graph is very upsetting.

  • Free Northerner

    @ B74: Still don’t recognize it; but I don’t pay too much attention to aVfM.

    @ Leap: Look forward to the rest.

    @ HP: A&G have been putting out a lot of good stuff recently.

    A SSM: I’m not sure how much Moldbug you’ve read, but if you haven’t read much, Moldbug is a treat.

  • SOBL1

    Thanks for linking.

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