Lightning Round 2013/10/16

#FatShamingWeek ends. #AnorexiaShamingWeek fails to gain traction.
Related: A round-up on the success.
Related: Top 14 tweets from #FatShamingWeek. None of mine.
Related: Your forefathers would be ashamed of your physical condition.
Related: Atheists are fat.
Related: A fat tax proposal.
Related: Fat gays are shamed as well.
Related: I feel almost guilty over how much I laughed over this.

Amos and Gromar post their 26 theses. Great stuff.

Joseph did not man up.

On wifely submission.
Related: SSM on submission.
Related: Cane on where submission ends. I think he has the right of it.
Related: A heart-warming story of strength and submission.

New Blog: Die Gallantly. Some good stuff; he seems to concentrate on finances and productivity.

Matt Forney has the last laugh.
Related: Judgy Bitch makes actual legitimate criticisms of Matt’s infamous insecurity piece.
Related: Feminist lies about Roosh’s book. Surprising.

Every man has a breaking point.

There’s not enough time to do everything you want.

Elevating romantic love above real love.

Do people fear romantic success more than failure?
Related: Humour: 5 ways you sabotage your love life.

Why millenials had to exist.

A guest post by Deti on the average American girl.
Related: Donal finds a story of warning.
Related: The parable of two fortunes.

Girl game for quiet girls.

Saving the family is fundamental to saving society.

What is to be done?
Related: The ground is moving.

The Last Psychiatrist with another great one on media. Also, this comment is one of the greatest examples of missing the point I have ever read.

The modern “right wing” exists to take the blame of the failings of the left.

A Brave New World glossary.

What if men disappeared?

A variety of manosphere-related studies.
Related: Divorce risk correlates with a wife’s share of household income.

Studies on low testosterone.

A snail mail experiment.

Under feminism women are less human.

Seven ways American women have replaced dad with government.

It’s only rape when the he doesn’t fall in love.
Related: Feminist hypocrisy on menstruation.
Related: The real sexual double standard. Hypocrisy from the left? Surprising.

Women who don’t get men.

Imagine the outcry if this were boys rating girls. The hypocrisy is astounding though: “When it does, that will be a different story.”

Quitting is leadership, if you’re a woman.

Erin Pizzy and the domestic violence industry.
Related: The delusion of women regarding DV.

It’s always funny watching feminists whine about threats of violence after they spent weeks threatening violence against Forney and #FatShamingWeek participants.

Get this: most people find work not meaningful, yet childcare meaningful. Why are feminists insisting on tearing women away from the latter to do the former?

Twitter: As typical white/Asian males build something; everybody else demands the fruits of success.

Female privilege.
Related: Privilege nonsense.

The stupidity of “Safety First!” and entitled parents.

The age neg.

Even at my most omega, I never would have even contemplated being this pathetic.
Related: GBFM with some more greatness buried in the comments.

Religiousity: Cooperation or reproduction.

On segregation.

Russian race riot.
Related: The rise of rape in Sweden.
Related: Sweden’s egalitarianism isn’t. Surprising.

Everything you need to know about feminism in one sentence: “I love (and hate) dating Russian men: The macho guys from my home country leave me torn between my feminist beliefs and my sexual desires.”

Front National in the lead.

Golden Dawn second most popular party in Greece.
Related: Greece may begin confiscating private assets.

The slow birth of American secessionism.

Police 3x as likely to murder you as concealed carry permit holders.

More NSA spying revelations.

US Army: Christians are a hate group. What happens when Christians stop joining the army?
Related: Are the recent military purges suspicious?

There will be no default (sadly).

The falling wages of American society.

EBT cards go down at Walmart. Turmoil in food stamp nation.
Related: EBT theft.

90 climate projections vs. reality.

Obamacare is not the law of the land.
Related: Obamacare website crashing because they don’t want you to know the cost.
Related: Obamacare was started as a throwaway line for a stump speech.

NPS goons remove trail water fountain handles

Making Indians suffer.
Related: The story of the state’s destruction of A&P.

Ashkenazi Jews may be Italians.

How to rename the Redskins.

The war on Halloween.

Animating women is hard because they have larger ranges of emotions.

Feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian stole her game sources. Related video below:

(H/T: Phineas, SDA, Art of Man, InstapunditD&P, Will, CC)

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