Lightning Round – 2013/10/09

If you’re not reading Matt Forney’s Twitter feed, you’re missing one of the greatest things on the internet in a while. Also on Twitter, #FatShamingWeek.

Some good marriage game advice.
Related: Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.

Donal with a good analysis of romantic architecture.
Related: Cane on women and their number.

Chooser and chosen.

The myth of the PUA.
Related: Game and truth.
Related: The amoral symmetry between PUAs and prositutes.

Break down your ego.

Beauty is not subjective.

Chivalry is dead; women killed it.
Related: The evolution of the white knight.

The downfall of assortive mating.
Related: The rape of our culture: Marriage is supposed to be a bedrock, not a capstone.
Related: Some evidence women are using the government to supplant men.

Martel takes a break.

Choosing the best workout plan. Timely for me as I am beginning a workout plan and almost let the best be the enemy of the good.
Related: Six pack abs.

And people wonder why young men are angry and irresponsible?
Related: The real gender gap.

Is progress holding us back?

Answers to 10 objections to traditionalism and monarchism.
Related: A world of security.

You are comfortable, but you are alone.

Material conditions and mass psychology.
Related: When to appropriate progressive concepts.

The lies aren’t alright.

Churchill and communism.

The Cathedral has a branch in Canada as well.
Related: The stupidity and ignorance of the CBC.

McCarthy was right.

Roissy pulls out an insightful comment.

Do people even date anymore? Decent comments.

The war on Christians. Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world.

How far should churches go to appeal to men?
Related: The idol worship of Christian women.

Remember, it’s all about her.
Related: WRE: Mormon Edition.

More churchian marriage advice.
Related: Some more unbiblical, “Christian” teaching on marriage.

Womanly interests and frivolity.

What Francis shows Catholics about Catholics.

Titanic movies illustrate the decline.

How Oklahoma was settled in a day. This could not happen in our modern world.

Guess the KKK-infested county.

The soft trauma of standardized education.

The mainstream war on comments.

People are beginning to know what’s in the bill.
Related: Enforcing Obamacare. Possibly a hoax.

Unfortunately the government has not shut down.
Related: The shutdown is lawful, democratic government at its finest.

An open letter to Obama. Ouch.
Related: White House purposefully screws over veterans for political reasons.
Related: Blogging the shutdown.
Related: Park that receives no federal funding ordered shutdown.
Related: Punishing your enemies.
Related: Bureaucrats attempt to inflict unnecessary pain.
Related: Abuses in the name of the shutdown.
Related: Yet somehow the mall can be specially opened for immigration reform protesters. Shocking.
Related: McDonald’s employee paid $15/hr by unions to protest veterans.

Make gaming better by ruining it.

Roosh: matchmaker.

Stereotyping is a feature, not a bug.

Important lessons on rape for females.

As I’ve said before: the defining feature of current feminism is that women are devoid of agency.

Cheating, beating, and male privilege.

Feminist fascism starts young.
Related: Women regretting having feminist mothers.

Remember Tracy Clarke-Flory? She fantasized about being a stripper and now is banning her beta husband from going to a strip club.

Are liberals functionally retarded? How can someone not know the difference between hating the sin and hating the sinner?

Those poor holier-than-thou leftists. How can they  reconcile their ideology with their actions? (Notice the answer is self-segregate and white flight).

America declines; DC grows.

The price of delusion.

The New Republic implies Obama should shell congress.

(H/T: SDA, Instapundit, Tam)

10 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/10/09

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  • lozozlo

    The article that you linked to about the persecution of Christians was a very depressing, albeit important reading.

    Maybe I am just ignorant about the situation, but one overarching thing frustrates me whenever I read any articles to the above effect:
    Why don’t Christians make any attempt to protect themselves in any way, shape, or form? Why continue to live among those who you full well know hate you and wish to kill you? Would anyone live among scorpions or poisonous snakes?

    Recall Matt 10:23 “When you are persecuted in one town, flee to another.” and Paul fleeing those who wished to kill him in Acts 9.
    It seems that many Christians conflate a holy (and required) willingness to suffer or die for the faith with some notion that it is the suffering or the dying that is what is holy as opposed to the willing sacrifice. They actively seek out suffering rather than willingly enduring it when necessary – a big difference.

    A good metaphor is that of the soldier – a soldier is laying down his life for the cause, *willing to die if need be* but does try to preserve his life *in so far as it does not put the mission in any danger*. After all, a dead soldier is one less soldier for the cause. So a solider will suffer or die if he needs to, but the suffering is a potential side effect of his goal, not the goal itself. He will take cover from enemy bullets when he can, not just stand there and let them kill him.

    For some real world examples – I sometimes read stories about persecuted Christians, and while I applaud their faith and their courage, so superior to mine, sometimes I can’t help but yell at the screen that they seem to just invite what is happening to them.

    For example, one persecuted pastor in Iran, jailed for three years, was jailed since he *confronted the islamic fundamentalist authorities at his child’s school to not indoctrinate his child in islam during school time.* What did he think the outcome was going to be? How could that possibly have ended well?

    Another was deported from Iran since he was a Christian, and then went back to iran to start a non-religious orphanage, and right back into the jails of the Iranian authorities. He was doing a wonderful thing – but he could have done it in a million other ways that didn’t have him run right by the very people who had already jailed, harassed, and persecuted him in the past.

    There are numerous other such cases…if for example, you face the possibility of a dispute with an islamic neighbor, you should realize that he will likely leverage his advantage over you and simply tell everyone you blasphemed mohammed rather than dispute with you fairly. And so it goes…

    Don’t get me wrong, I applaud their strength of faith and courage – the Kingdom of God will be populated with men such as these – but time and time again I see Christians make no effort to avoid incoming fire, to use my soldier metaphor. Too many members of the Body of Christ simply stand there and make no effort to protect themselves at all. It is one thing to be a willing martyr when the situation calls for it – but I do not believe that the same God, who having given us life can ask for it back again, wants us to just throw it away when it is not necessary.
    *End Rant*

  • Free Northerner

    It does seem odd sometimes. My guess; you simply get used to being persecuted or you love where you live too much to even think there is an alternative. For a close-knitted, extended family “tribal” culture, leaving is probably very difficult.

    Not to mention you need somewhere to leave to and the funds to do so.

  • lozozlo

    Not to mention you need somewhere to leave to and the funds to do so.

    True…I wish charities that are aimed at helping persecuted Christians would go more toward ‘avoidance’ as opposed to trying to rescue the already jailed/attacked/beaten.

    An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure, all that…

  • lozozlo

    For a close-knitted, extended family “tribal” culture, leaving is probably very difficult

    They could pool their resources and leave together…easier to start over as a group than as individuals…

  • lozozlo

    In any event, these folk are definitely in need of our prayers…it’s amazing to contrast these faithful folk with the morons and vulgar fools (e.g. miley cyrus) we hear about in the news day in and day out.

    It puts the insane spiritual decline of the west in an even harsher light.

  • Alan J. Perrick

    Hmm… “lozozlo”, when you use the word “avoidance” that sounds a bit like helping them get refugee status. Is that what you mean to imply?


  • lozozlo


    That is one possibility, but not the only one.

    I am not sure what the best solution to the epidemic of persecution is, but them just standing there and essentially just letting themselves get killed it not it.

  • Titanium

    The open letter post has nearly 1.5k comments; the most I’ve ever seen for a blog post.

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