Lightning Round – 2013/08/02

How winning is done.

Started using this: HabitRPG. Look like it might be a good self-improvement tool.

The Last Psychiatrist is back with a doozy: “Reducing yourself because you think it’s a show of solidarity is a straight up chick thing to do… only a woman would allow another person to reduce themselves in a show of support.”

The ten-year friendship heuristic.

Boys need to prove their manhood.
Related: Making a natural.

Rhetoric Lessons: Repackaging yourself.
Related: A bit more on negs: they are not insults.
Related: If it isn’t fun you aren’t doing it right.

Romance and the red pill.

Roosh makes a list of 10 books every man should read.
Related: Rollo has released his book. I’ll probably read/review it when it gets to Amazon.

Radish takes on feminism with excellent results.
Related: Defend civilization: slut-shame.
Related: Traditional gender roles beget more sex.

How a woman can get the guy.
Related: Timeless marriage advice for the young Christian woman.
Related: The paradox of hypergamy.
Related: New site: Women for Men.

The road to marriage: sammiches.
Related: Food=love. Beware any women unwilling to cook for you.

Female outliers: the part is subordinate to the whole.

The boyfriend/girlfriend culture.

Don Jon and pornography. Glenn’s take.

The stupidity of adolescence.

Discernment and the sexes.

The worthlessness of modern oaths.

The coming suicide epidemic.

The modernist denial of the other.

Moldbug’s Gentle Introduction is available in .pdf format. Read it if you haven’t. Also, wow, 269 pages. It didn’t’ seem that long when I was reading it on the blog.
Related: Some Moldbug quotes to ease you in.

Religion, eugenics, and evolution.

The fascism of “anti-fascists”.
Related: A coup d’etat in the works in Greece?

Original sin and anti-racism.
Related: A letter from a university TA forced to take “diversity training.”
Related: Black progressives call for the replacement of white Americans.

All non-consensual touch is sexual assault.
Related: The biggest challenge facing young women.
Related: Feminist catchphrase translator.

The cancerous corporate empire.

The disgusting view of the Cathedral toadies.
Related: Everyone hates environmentalists and feminists, but they always win anyway.

A UoToronto professor not interested in teaching books by women; the lynch mob fires itself up in the comments.  A feminist who’s not a complete fascist responds.

The difference between conservative and liberal solidarity.

The fake shutdown confrontation.

Why many people believe government leaves them alone.

Karl Denniger drops out.

The face of the average women in different countries. (Germany, Sweden, and Netherlands win).

Even millionaire women are hypergamous.

Against the current pope.
Related: The pope’s personal beliefs are not the greatest concern.
Related: The old religion is gone.
Related: The provincialism of present papal politics.

For the Christians: Butt-prints in the Sand.

Feminism has taken over Christianity Today. Time to rename it: Progressivism Today.

A planned birth control proposal. I’ve become more opposed on a moral level to birth control over the last while, so I’m not sure what I think of this plan.

Hatemonger Kyla Garvey gets two firemen fired.

Bertie Brandes, writer for the Guardian and Vice UK, calls for illegal action against a private website. Let’s see if we can make her calls for illegal action get ranked for her name on Google. Also, this deluded woman, who writes for the Guardian of all places, fantasizes that she is the one raging against the machine. How warped a mind does it take to even consider that a remote possibility?

Homosexuals persecuting Christians in the Air Force. There is no gay agenda.

Putin deals with pirates.

Australia wins right to remain Australian.

Bearing arms is a basic human right (or would be if I believed in human rights).
Related: Women disarming America.
Related: Seems the women at Slate have a selective like of self-defence.
Related: The consequences of following the advice of the VP.

Some stupid pro-abortion arguments thrashed.

Right Wing Obamacare Myths DEBUNKED! Hehe…
Related: Obamacare: expectations and reality.
Related: Obamacare, punishing marriage.

Humour: 5 Ridiculous Myths about the Dark Ages.

Six castles that cost less than NYC apartments.

(H/T: Instapundit, Anissimov, SDA, Isegoria, vulture, Apricity)

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