Lightning Round – 2013/09/18

I’ve decided to try to be cool by joining the Twitter.  Check it out for whatever ideas I have that aren’t blog-length.  If you don’t follow me, you’ll miss out on lovely gems like this:

When men hoist the pirate flag.
Related: If no men showed up for work.

Turn laziness into accomplishment.

The Red Pill in Business Insider. It’s actually more balanced than I expected.

Why Gen-Y yuppies are unhappy.
Related: Feminism is causing the depression epidemic.
Related: Against female self-esteem.
Related: You are unhappy because you are free.

Malcolm’s lament: weakness is not goodness.

Creepiness and our unnatural social relations.

Science: The neg works.
Science: The appeal of male dominance.

The art of approach.

Don’t cram; enjoy the process.

DP explains game.
Related: The law of night game: have fun.

A note on frame control.

Girl game tip: be available.

Moldbug returns to analyze the Brown Scare.
Related: Frost on Pax Dickinson.
Related: CR talks to Pax about his new business venture. Found here.
Related: Is Pax a reactionary? His twitter feed shows a lot of red pill; he even links Alternative Right and Roissy, and retweets gyus like Frost, Stratton, Anarcho-Papist, and Anissimov.
Related: Capitalism is dead in the US.
Related: Pax Dickenson, public shaming, and the internet.
Related: State and race-baiters try to confiscate dead man’s estate.

32 facts about the systematic emasculation of American men.

Wright with an excellent piece on political correctness.

How to defeat NYC media liberals.

Calling liberals racist.
Related: Real men aren’t socialists.

“Christian discipline isn’t saying no to your desires, it’s figuring out what they really are and learning how to make them come to life.”

Cane: Game is like a toolbox after all.

Red pill alerts.
Related: Something to watch for when considering marriage.

When God asks too much.
SSM deals with the “what if my husband wants me to sin?” trope.

I agree in theory that the man away from home at work is not optimal, but other than self-employment/homesteading off the grid, how is this possible? Somebody has to earn and not everybody can do those two.

Examining the natural aristocracy.

The need for loyalty oaths.

Friendship and HBD.

Those that disarm you are trying to kill you. Never forget.

The conformity of diversity and introversion.

How to make school better for boys.

Feminist Hanna Rosin: The patriarchy is dead. There’s a lot of red pill in the comments.

It’s time for women to women up.

Feminism is about “respect”.

Women, justice, and lenient sentencing.

6 reasons not to send your daughter to college. The comments are funny; they actually think you learn critical thinking at college.
Related: Evidence supporting why men don’t like “intelligent” women.

I wonder what Jezebel’s opinion on fat women that take up 1.5 seats is?

NFP and contraception.

Pope: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven. A mistranslation possibly?

How to fight being forced into immorality by the law.

Corporations demand cheap labour to replace the people they laid off.
Related: Government stupidity on criminal immigrants.

Economist: The US is broke; the fiscal gap is $200 trillion.

Obamacare intrudes into your sexual life. Wonder if this will rile the feminists?Obama openly aiding Muslim terrorists.

Nearly half of US births covered by Medicaid. Dysgenics in action.

Obamacare intrudes into your sexual life. Wonder if this will rile the feminists?
Related: Union: Obamacare must be appealed.

Fatter people have smaller brains.

How the academy has ruined science.
Related: Global warming models were wrong. Surprising.

Which is worse: chem weapons or sawing a man’s head off?
Related: German intelligence intercepts: Assad rejected use of chemical weapons.

Using BJJ against a bully. A heart-warming story.

A reminder: the lesser Krugman is still ignorant.
Related: Krugman, sneering while wrong.

Humour: The weirdest things we’ve learned since 9/11.

Sometimes liberal racism is more openly shared:

(H/T: Foseti, CC, SDA, MF, IP

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