Lightning Round – 2013/09/11

A man on a mission.

Questions to ask a potential spouse.
Related: Signs she’s a slut.

Franco learns a life lesson from an idiot.

Some wisdom from the comments: “The primary frame [of marriage] should be “what can I do today to help my spouse get to Heaven?” Note that the answer frequently is -not- “be nice to her”, and is never “act like a supplicating needy wuss”.”

The old order is broken.
Related: You are not alone.

The subtext of tattoos.
Related: The popularity of tattoos are a sign of our descent into savagery.

Black men went on strike before whites thought to.

The hypocrisy of modern women on paying for dates. My solution, I pay, but the first few dates are cheap. (Who doesn’t love gelati?)

Against dating; for courtship.
Related: Marriage, submission, martyrdom, and counting the cost.

Cane with the contradiction of Christian game.

A martial arts journey.

Roissy’s seduction reading list.

Don’t become associated with her negative feelings.

Roosh’s internal monologue.

Science: Menstrual cycles and fertility.

For women: How to demonstrate attraction and interest while being ladylike.
Related: JB with a good message for women.

Proto-feminism and the home.

An excellent collection of quotes from Fred Reed’s book.

The nuts and bolts of Cathedral indoctrination. Homeschool.

Legionnaire writes more in response on his hidden reactionary strategy.
Related: Why liberals keep winning and what to do.
Related: Know what is at stake.
Related: What’s a thought criminal to do?
Related: Our society is more corrupt than we realize.

Why I chose flight over fight.

Reactionaries are libertarians that have been mugged by reality.
Related: An apology for conservative anarchism.
Related: Libertarianism only works in communities of well-behaved people.
Related: A collection of libertarian links.

TRS on why they do not follow Moldbug.

The surrender of the dominant culture.
Related: The decivilization of America.

Obama is a product of the Obamanation. The Us deserves what it gets.
Related: America deserves collapse.
Related: How progressives killed the future.

Conservatism and the cognitive miser.
Related: The cognitive miser: Christianity and love.

Anarcho-papist unsurprisingly burns out. I’m surprised he was even able to go that long after writing 52 large posts in July.

A&G points out a new book for the FM list.

Christianity, paganism, and race.
Related: Political over-reaction.

Dupes and devils.

Another story of the rot in churchianity and the nuclear option.
Related: They should make a movie.

More churchian promotion of marital disharmony and divorce.
Related: Dethroning male headship.

Vox finds a crazy person on enshrining lookism in law.

Amos & Gromar on the positive pregnancy tests for sale.

Gay marriage is not about gays; it is a part of the Brahmin caste war.
Related: How gay marriage harms you.
Related: Christian bakery bullied and harassed into closing.
Related: Christian to be court-martialed for religious beliefs.
Related: At least the liberals are open about hating your freedom.

The STEM shortages are a myth.

Satire: Why moral duties don’t exist.

“This is the contradiction inherent in a democratic welfare state. The people are too dumb to manage their own affairs, but they are considered sufficiently competent to elect the leaders who are charged with running their affairs.”

This point cannot be stressed enough: “Capitalism is ultimately value free and will conform to the moral trends of society.”
Related: More from TRS on capitalism.

Zimmerman’s wife, a modern American wife.

FEMEN is led by a man.

The unintended consequences of DV laws.

State kidnaps newborn because mother ate salad dressing.

CC really hates himself some horses.

Her infertility may soon be your problem.

This article seems to support arranged marriage more than anything.

Synthetic love: a man and his dolls.

Just another reminder how ignorant Amanda Marcotte is.

Women are not moral agents.

The Atlantic discovers the trend of “breadwinner moms” is actually a trend of single moms.

The average man is stronger than 99.9% of women. Also, debate hint: if any women ever argues women are as physically capable as men, simply ask to shake her hand, and then grip as firmly as you would a man.

The clannishness paradox.

The naked emperor goes to war.
Related: The stupidity of those in charge.
Related: Our leaders are lying about Syria.
Related: AIPAC pushes for the Syrian war.

The allies were not paragons of morality.

From India: Central bankers never learn.

Poland nationalizes private pension plans.

To the NYT middle America is a foreign country.

UK scientists predict global cooling.
Related: A global warming parable.

Ghettotracker… hehe. Every good SWPL should know which neighbourhoods are bad without it being said.

Obama proud to partner with Muslim Brotherhood group.

Two pictures that speak for themselves:

(H/T: SDA, Foseti, Instapundit)

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