Lightning Round – 2013/09/04

The right time is now. This is a lesson I really have to ingrain in myself.
Related: “make a move within the first week or not at all.”
Related: Keep it real: women get approachee anxiety as well.

Don’t opt out; improve.
Related: I worked for this.
Related: You make your own luck.
Related: The morality of changing your personality.

Game is a kludge.

The biology of alpha.

Martel discusses selfishness.
Related: The proper way to be a knight.

Market differences between Christian and secular marriage.
Related: Market failure, parts 1, 2, & 3.

CM has another take on the Driscoll video.

Men rationalize as well.

Women are capable of love.

On talking with women.

Foseti on female sexuality.

How to handle high-level drama.

How marriage-minded women can meet a man.

Cail explains the desire of husbands for porn to women.

An interesting translation of Genesis.

On being a Cathedral infiltrator. (Post of my own on the topic to come).
Related: Anarcho-papist with advice on reactionary rhetoric.
Related: Observer on being a pawn of reaction.

The depths of the enlightenment.
Related: The success of superprotestantism.

More on the puritan hypothesis.

Anarcho-papist’s reactionary readings.

Radish: Libertarianism and racism.

Affirmative action is the emotional torture of minorities.

3 maxims for anti-feminist rhetoric.

“If it would so badly offend you to wear a longer skirt to help Mr. Jones keep his thoughts pure, if it would so badly offend you to not AMOG someone in front of his wife, if it would so badly offend you not to use harsh language or crack dirty jokes, then how can you expect Christ not to be offended by you?”

More proof more guns does not lead to more crime.
Related: California cracks down on the constitution.

More from Tracy: married but not a wife. How about contractually-bound temporary housemate?

Women are selling positive pregnancy tests.

More on breast-feeding.

Are anti-depressants ruining American women.

The real female equality.

Eve, the original feminist.

More on the pay gap.

“The clear-eyed man and the cynic can both agree that the estate of man is wretched indeed, but the difference is that the clear-eyed looks at the ruin men make of their lives, the self destructive behavior, the blind folly, the addictions, the sins, and see the glorious cathedral as it was before the ruin. He can see the image of God.”

ENCODE and its implications.

Societal evolution in action.

A round-up of racism hoaxes from August.

A reminder to keep your kids out of public school. You might give them a mind as servile as Allison’s. You and yours are expendable for the greater good.
Related: If you send your kids to public school you’re a bad parent.
Related: Steve Sailer defends Allison Benedikt.
Related: The 7 lessons of schooling. (I think I linked before, but it’s good).

The fascists live on in Germany.

You live in a police state.
Related: US military caught manipulating social media.

Will post-college testing drown the college industry.

The illogic of open borders.

You can trust the media on Syria.
Related: Were the chemical attacks in Syria done by the rebels?

Ygglesias, the lesser Krugman, is still stupid.

The “drug” problem is a spiritual problem.

Two sleep nights.

More on Duck Dynasty. 9 things you should know, and 9 more.

Proof for the Protestant work ethic.

(H/T: Wintery Knight, SDA, Dalrock, Trog, More Right, Eumaios, TRS)

5 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/09/04

  • donalgraeme

    Thanks for the links sir.

  • deti

    Quotes like this are why Tracy Clark-Flory is the quintessential Modern American Woman:

    “ (In reality, I’ve only just recently expanded my cooking repertoire beyond Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese and things you put in the microwave. He, however, will roast a chicken and make a rustic tart from scratch — all in one night.) I am a daughter, partner and friend — but a wife? I can’t help but imagine saying “I’m his wife” with heavy air quotes, a roll of the eyes or exaggerated feminine cheer.”

    Modern American Woman becomes Modern American Wife. Men, this kind of sneering, disdainful attitude is what you can expect nowadays as pro forma from a wife. Shameful. Disgusting.

  • C. M. Sturges

    Thanks for the linkage Free Northerner, I haven’t been posting as much but I appreciate it when you include me on this list.

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