Lightning Round – 2013/08/28

How to fix your inner game. Why to fix your inner game. Read them.
Related: Internal value and external value.

Richard Nixon on the meaning of life.

Vox gives some advice for the omega. Related. Great stuff.
From the comments: “The three key phrases. Yes. And then what happened? How do you feel about it. Repeat/”

Legionnaire defines the aspects of masculinity.

Why women probably won’t make it in the manosphere.
Related: Masculine and feminine discourse.

Face your fear.
Related: Live or die.

Stay on the road.

Don’t uptalk.

Don’t fight, win: Part 2. (Part 1). I don’t know; I like to view debates as a quest for truth rather than trying to win.

The best of Rollo.

You are living in a perfect skinner box.
Related: An afternoon with Stig.

Forney makes me want to read another book.

Science proving game.

Luck exists and is not a magical ability.

The Captain with an amusing anecdote.

Leap on the contrast of a year.

Could game have prevented the holocaust?

Trust the hamster.

Whether you pay or not depends on the kind of woman you’re looking for.

Keoni is enjoying the decline.

Faith in the truth.

The biological vote and conservatism.

The sanctifying role of motherhood.

Rebelling against Christian submission is literally Satanic behaviour.

Fighting nihilism among traditionalists.
Related: A defence of defeatism.

How conservatives can win.
Related: Reactionary strategy from Orthodox Jews.
Related: The beauty and violence of systems: let nature work.

Christians did not build the Cathedral: the humanist heresy.
A response.

The modern mind cannot be evangelized.

The destruction of the oldest civilization due to Muslim immigration.
Related: Muslim brotherhood destroys 47 Coptic churches.
Related: List of churches torched by the Muslim Brotherhood.

If race doesn’t exist, neither can racism.
Related: Racist = White person.
Related: Words and meanings.

The wrong guy game.
Related: All this random randomness is confusing.

Chuck exposes the Oberlin hoax.

The decline continues.
Related: % of never-married single mothers is 11x higher than in 1960.

Law Dogger pines for the old country.

“Apparently a handful of stingy men are dating a disproportionately large share of American women…” Alphas in action?

Now that is alpha.

Sis deletes PCM.

Stop and stare: feminist nonsense.
Related: Feminism as prostitution.

Solipsism as a moral compass.

Quakerism and progressivism.

Wright with reading recommendations and a defense of philosophy.

I find it hilarious that the system made to bully people is complaining about the people bullying back.

Even good laws harm you.

On bullying.

Vox is pointedly not mentioned by the Guardian. Hehe. If you haven’t been following the McRapey saga, you’ve been missing out.
Related: The crocodile humour of the SFWA.
Related: The ideological war in SF.

“My picture was stolen and turned into a fat-shaming anti-feminist meme.”
Related: Scalzi reacts to being made a feminist meme.
Note that simply a picture and the word feminist is enough to elicit such strong responses from both these people. It’s almost like they naturally know that they should be ashamed and preemptively try to reassure themselves.

Humour: Getting over yourself. (Also, is the new meaning of solipsism gaining traction?)

It is all about equality; it has nothing to do with power.

Intelligence and working class pride.

Even some liberals are recognizing that school is a prison.

A lament for the education system.
Related: An embarrassment to higher education.
Related: The devolution of universities’ common reading.

When welfare pays better than work.
Related: Liberals are liars. “Very few people actually qualify for all eight of the programs… fewer than two million households get TANF and only about four million get housing assistance.“ Only 4 million households… Is there anyone stupid enough to believe this BS?

I, Pedophile. Related.

Loneliness is deadly.

Why you should never trust advice columnists.

CDC study: guns help in self-defence, no proof gun control works.

Our laws should protect victims.” Therefore, our laws should remove their ability to protect themselves. Liberals and anti-freedom advocates are dumbasses.

Harrison Bergeron is one of the best short stories.

EU on the way to becoming the USSR.

The post-WW2 ethnic cleansing of the Germans.

23% of German men say 0 is the preferred family size.

Woman and military discipline.

No one is safe from entryism.

Doctor thinks most men who commit domestic violence are provoked.

Another alimony horror story.

IRS targets the American Legion.

US DoD calls founding fathers extremists. (I agree, but I’m a monarchist).

NRO on Duck Dynasty: a contrast to the rest of our degraded culture.
Realted: The lament of a permissive parent.

The value of copper.

Are atheists mentally ill?

Are liberals stupid? This article isn’t bad, but at the same time she complains both that daycare costs too much and that daycare workers aren’t paid enough.

Seriously, are liberals brain-damaged? How can you possibly be this stupid.

France running out of other people’s money.

Green German learns about unintended consequences.

(H/T: Phineas, SDA, RWCG, zhai2nan2, Maggie’s Farm, Instapundit, Clarissa, M3, Foseti, Anarcho-Papist, Rex Patriarch, Mangan, NRU)

3 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/08/28

  • Emma the Emo

    Lol, that fat feminist story. First, wasn’t her pic public? Could it really be stolen?.. Second, the insult wasn’t all that grand anyway, the meme was agreeing that this is what a feminist looks like.

    If it was me, I’d probably like it. Not everyone has their own meme.

  • Emma the Emo

    Agreeing with a feminist that feminists are often fat shouldn’t be seen as so negative. Fat is neutral!

  • theshido

    Thanks for the linkage, you’re doing a great service to the ‘sphere. Looking forward to more of your work.

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