Lightning Round -2013/08/21

This week my blog post, the Archetypical Modern Woman, shattered my blog’s records. It was over 3 times the number of views of my previous most viewed day. Most views came from The Red Pill Reddit which seems to have grown rapidly. Last time they linked I got less than half as many views. Also, shout to Viva La Manosphere who does a good job at aggregating content.

New blog: I am Legionnaire.
“If the morals standards you hold for yourself are ones that you can always live up, you aren’t holding yourself to high enough standards.”
Also check out Theden and Amos and Gromar.
New aggregater from Forney: The Electric Camel.
Also, added laidnyc. He’s been for a while, but I just found him.
Fearsome Pirate’s blog goes private.

Can the Red Pill subreddit survive?
Related: The manosphere in the Guardian.

The 3 Laws of the Red Pill.

Martel with a great one: House upon the Sand.

There is no manosphere schism.
Related: Anarcho-papist writes on the “manosphere schism.”
Related: Moralist and hedonist game.
Related: Neoreaction and the manosphere.
Related: Transcending the Manosphere.
Related: The manosphere knitting club.
Related: The Captain takes a stand against the manospambots.

From the comments: GBFM’s One Cock Rule.

“They fear the kindness will evaporate once convenient.”

Empower men by not congratulating them for having sex.

Advice for a break-up.
Related: Closure is BS.

Kids and other advice.

The hour makes the man.

Roosh on the paradox of choice.

Spot the alpha male. Also, it’s kind of sad when a girl that could be very attractive ruins herself.

Don’t get defensive.
Related: Navigating the status minefield.
Related: Don’t force conversation topics.
Related: Don’t ask questions, make statements.

Submission is a voluntary offer.
Related: The bargain of obedience for security.

More man-up churchianity, with an addition.
Related: Even manospherians are encouraging the rebellion.
Related: GBFM on the topic.

Laidnyc says not to marry a woman over 25. Similar to my advice.
Related: You date younger women because you’re insecure.

Forney reviews a book I should read.

CR has an interview with Hugo Schwyzer.
Related: CH’s disgust with Hugo really shows through.
Related; Rollo on Hugo.

The self-delusion of the spinster. Related.

Possible hidden consequences of the current divorce laws.

Is the pill a threat to femininity.

The extroversion backlash (is silly).

Starting a blue collar business.

The USSR vs. the US: the collapse gap.

Donal on the decline. Echoing Ace.
Related: The future of the West.
Related: I notice this too, talking with my friends.

Feminism is dysgenic.
Related: The dysgenic legacy of feminism.
Related; Co-parenting. The decline continues.
Related: Bronies: sign of the decline.

Pissing on the broken in America.

Detroit commentary: Missing the point.

Churchianity: gender-bending style.

Is the constitution broken?

WRE: Even the “strong female character.”

JB on the #slanegirl.
JB on the wage gap.

The 3 big factors of happy relationships: communication, partner knowledge, and life skills.

An alpha in action. This woman is insane.

A concise summary of reaction.
Related: True conservatism.

Reactionary youth. Guess I don’t count because I sit on the edge of the manosphere, the reactosphere, and the orthosphere.

All the workings of the Cathedral are just the personal interactions of the elite.

The real enemy.

The futility of left-wing cancer.

The media as commissar.
Related: A list of crimes less important than the using the word “nigger”.
Related: Funny how this brutal double-murder received no national attention.

Vindictiveness: Zimmerman’s wife up for trumped for perjury charges.

IQ, the Cathedral, and cognitive misers.

Why whites are privileged.

Lynching facts.

Guns make you safer: 18 facts.
Remember, disarmament is for the little people.

The naked authoritarianism of our liberal democratic governments.
Related: Lavabit founder may be charged for closing down Lavabit.

The banning of the clowns.

I wonder how the military will fare when the right-wing Christians no longer feel welcome.
Related: A bit more.
Related: Calls to lower military standards begin. Also, female colonel defames war hero.

Some abortionist quotes.

The media in action. Hehe.

Vox with a bit of science.

Stupid patriarchal nature.

Why the news looks worse than it really is.

This guy’s enjoying the decline.
Related: What’s a non-surfer dude to do?
Related: Budgeting for food stamps.

Vox can really turn a phrase.

Eating healthy: Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Liberals are racist. Why do they always assume minorities are irresponsible?

The “smart racism” study linked last Round had problems.

Another reason to homeschool.
Related: Homeschooling infographic.
Related: The products of the public school system.

Icons and the spiritual.

The culling of non-sociopaths from the banking industry.

Communism is hard and economics is cruel.

A test: which famous economist are you most similar to. I got Pete Klenow.

Libertarian populism doesn’t exist.

New peer-reviewed paper shows only 36% of geo-scientists believe in AGW.

The divorce of SF and competence porn.

Sexual scandal in the atheist blogosphere (atheiosphere?).

The joking computer.

Duck Dynasty shatters cable records. I applaud that; it is by far the best reality TV show I’ve seen. It’s entertaining, manly, and implicitly conservative with a solid moral core. Maybe it might bring TV from the liberal, female ghetto. (MF)

(H/T: SDA, MF, Whited Sepulchre, GCBH, GBFM, M3, The Captain, CM, Borepatch, Instapundit)

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