The Archetypal Modern Woman

I think we now have the physical incarnation of the manosphere archetype of The Modern Woman. From this point on, when someone wonders what the manosphere means by the modern woman, we have a specific person we can point to.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Tracy Clark-Flory.

You may have heard of her before, but the dude did not take my advice to RUN NOW, so the story just got better. But before I get to that, I’m going to outline exactly how she makes the perfect archetype of the modern woman.

We can start with the double-name, which came pre-marriage, suggesting she comes from a feminist line. She has your typical worthless degree (BA in English from a Californian liberal arts college) and a job at the liberal rag Salon writing about sex and relationships.  We can see from her profile picture above that she was fairly good-looking, a solid 7.

That’s a good start, but it gets ever so much more entertaining.

During her pretty years, she spent her youth on hooking-up and casual relationships. In her owns words, at 24 she “had roughly three times as many hookups as relationships,” but she’s not a slut as she “never had a one-night stand, only several-nights stands.” She passionately defended the hook-up culture arguing it never hurt her going through guys like she was “making an enthusiastic check mark next to every box” on “the Career Center’s job placement questionnaire.

She did indeed have fun times in her youth, but they did not last. A couple of years later, she still defends the hook-up culture and encourages one night stands, but she softens saying, “maybe we’re beginning to also allow ourselves more nuanced feelings about our hookups.  Like Klausner and Anderson, we can now acknowledge regret over a one-night stand, without being considered, or seeing ourselves as, forever ruined women…”

Just a year later, she begins to express second thoughts about casual sex, stating that most people find friends with benefits relationships to be “overwhelmingly negative.” “At some point [she] realized that, despite [her] insistence otherwise, [she] actually wanted those sorts of intimacies, only with an actual commitment.”

Her descent into absolute sluttery isn’t quite done yet though. Two years later, in 2012, she sees her favourite male porn star in a bar, and decide she has to fuck him. So she does. The sex is the narssicistic, hollow, rote sex one would expect from such an encounter:

It’s exactly what I had breathlessly watched him do many times before, but this time it seemed mechanical and theatrical. Instead of being entertained, I was doing the entertaining, and I suspect he was too — but for whom, exactly? We were the only audience.”

“Despite the emptiness of it, [she] felt a sense of accomplishment over my conquest.” Yet, a little while later she begins to question herself and “began to feel shameful”, “What kind of man will want to be with a woman who’s slept with a male porn star?”

But don’t worry, her hollow, meaningless sex had meaning and made her a better person. She now has “a whole new appreciation for the difference between fantasy and reality, and how much sexier the latter can be when you aren’t striving for pornographic perfection.”

By pure coincidence, “not too long thereafter I got into a relationship with just such a guy.” This had absolutely nothing with the the profound sadness and hollowness she felt from her “conquest”.

At this point she’s careening towards the wall face-first:

The combination of aging and her empty experience with the porn star send her into a frenzy of self-introspection. She realized she “spent her twenties having lots of good sex, but faked her way through nearly every climax.” She “now climax[es] reliably, sometimes even effortlessly, with Steve [which] seems nothing short of a miracle.” She finds out she likes having relationships, even ones which grow out of hook-ups.

Realizing that she likes relationships, she then does exactly what every modern women does when faced with age and emptiness, starts demanding “real courtship.” Just half a year after she shags a male pornstar on the first night and writes about her awesome relationship with Steve, she finds a new beau. But this one is different, this beta boy doesn’t start with hook-ups, like Steve, no, he brings her aging self flowers. She is “shocked to find that traditional courtship is pretty great.” Yay for her.

But unlike the porn star or Steve, beta boy does not get sex that same night. Nope, beta boy is special and “there’s a specialness in waiting until you’re comfortable enough with someone to get naked together while totally sober.” Beta boy has to work for what she gave the rest of the world so freely. He had to go on five dates, pay for big meals, pick her up in a cab, etc. before he got what McPornstar and Steve got for being available in a bar.

With her newfound love of traditional courtship (ie. making beta boy earn her sex and love), she then starts trying to convince everyone that men love relationships, but dislike casual sex, because that would be convenient would it not?

Recently, we found at she has a happy ending to her tale. She’s getting married to beta boy and is talking about becoming a mommy. In a shocking twist, it turns out beta boy was actually  someone she first met “around the same time that I wrote that first hookup essay.”

Looks like beta boy’s been pining away for five years and finally made good (after she spent the last of her youth on dozens of other men).

She could have had his love the whole time, but “even if [she] could, [she] wouldn’t in a million years go back and shake [her] 23-year-old self and tell her that she’d already met her future fiancé.” She just loves her memories of empty fucks with pornstars and her relationship with Steve far too much to give them up for boring old love with beta boy.

But this is good for beta boy because she “would have loved him the same.” Why her “hookup years made [her] more accepting of [her] fiancé’s imperfections.” Can’t you just feel the love she has for him.

Having had her alpha fux and having secured her beta bux, she is still encouraging other women to follow in her path. Her story is a “reminder that the hookup hand-wringers are wrong, and not to be trusted.” It’s a story of true love winning out; young women can fuck whoever they want and still end up with a pliable beta to pay for their children.


So, in a nutshell, Tracy Clark-Flory is the the stereotypical, nay, archetypical, modern woman. She fucks uncountable alphas, ignoring the beta who likes her, throughout her years of youth and prettiness. She realizes how empty it all is, but only once the wall approaches and the good times are coming to an end, so she uses the last of her fading feminine charms to husband-up the barely tolerable beta.

All that’s needed now is her complaints about how beta boy won’t divide the chores properly, followed by a story of how she’s falling out of love with him, followed by her divorce within the decade. Then there will be stories about how being a single mother is hard, how dating as a single mother is hard, and how there are no good men left.

If we’re lucky (and beta boy isn’t) there might even be a hilarious story of how she pined for Steve throughout the years of her marriage to beta boy.

So, whenever someone demands an example of alpha fux/beta bux, or wonders what we mean by the modern woman, we only need to point them to this post.

Here’s to you Tracy Clark-Flory, you are the Archetype of the Modern Woman!

You won the mating game. You got the alpha fux and have almost attained the beta bux. To you we raise up a rousing course of “da professional womenz ode.”


I’ll say it one last time, just in case he comes across this:

To the guy marrying Tracy: RUN AWAY. Run as hard and as fast as you can before you are legally bound to her. Do it; this will not end well for you. I hope, for your sake, you find this and take heed my warning. If you don’t lulz will be had at your expense in the future.


A lot of the information was cribbed from Susan and Vox.

55 responses to “The Archetypal Modern Woman

  • donalgraeme

    Thank you FN. This will now be my go-to post whenever I need an example of a carouseler, or anything else repugnant about most modern women.

  • el sid

    Free, seriously man! that’s a 7! what’s wrong with you?

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    “da professional womenz ode”


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  • Free Northerner

    @ Donal: No problem.

    @ el sid: You don’t think the first pic is about a 7? (the second’s definitely not). Make-up and lighting may be helping a lot, but she’s thin, young-ish with a moderately cute face. She’s not beautiful, but a youngish, plain sort of pretty with a slim build would fit my definition of a 7.

    @ I don’t think I’ve seen that first before. Did I just inspire a GBFM verse? Awesome.

  • nightskyradio

    Here’s to you Tracy Clark-Flory, you are the Archetype of the Modern Woman!

    Sounds like a “Real Women Of Genius” commercial…..

    Today we salute you, hyphenated name aging alpha fuxing beta butthexting feminist modern woman.

  • nightskyradio

    Here I was thinking this post screams out for someone to post GBFM’s “One Cock Rule” (which I wanna record) and the G has already dropped his new remix like it’s hot.

  • Leap of a Beta

    She seems like a real winner. Lets keep her around, and see what kind of stupid antics she gets up to.

  • Emma the Emo

    “With her newfound love of traditional courtship (ie. making beta boy earn her sex and love), she then starts trying to convince everyone that men love relationships, but dislike casual sex, because that would be convenient would it not?”

    I’m suspicious of studies that say men are emotionally damaged by casual sex. Heck, I’m also suspicious of studies that say even a little casual sex is ruinous for women (their tolerance threshold is lower, but like with men, it’s not black and white). Certain gender stereotypes, when they show up again and again in different times and different cultures, are true. They are just collective observations They don’t explain why people are the way they are, but they do observe that people are the way they are. This is why I’m suspicious when there is some study that supposedly disproves an major transcultural stereotype.
    “Men don’t really like casual sex”
    “Women are just as ambitious and risk-loving deep down, as men”
    “Women rape men as much as men rape women”

    Of course, if you survey people a certain way, interpret the answers through your own value system and ideology, and play with the numbers, you can “prove” anything you want.

  • laidnyc

    The real root of Beta Boy’s problem is that he can’t get sex elsewhere.

    Even with her wall victim status, she is still going to be hotter than his other “options”, if he has any at all. That is why he’s willing to overlook all her negatives for once a month sex.

    He won’t listen to the rational voices telling him to run.

    The only thing that can save him is game.

  • earl

    This story is pure nightmare fuel.

    I disagree that her story will ever have a happy ending. Has there been any woman that did this lifestyle that has ended up happy? Most are either single cat ladies, or divorced from a schlub and end up with their kids hating them.

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  • deti

    Well done, FN.

    A quibble: I’d call TCF a 5.5 or a 6. She’s above average, able to pull alphas for sex but not commitment.

    She is truly the archetype of the modern American woman. She’s got it all:

    –worthless degree.
    –Job as a writer.
    –Politically liberal.
    –Long history of alpha fux.
    –Has epiphany, realizes she’s not hot enough to get commitment from the alphas she likes to fuck. Rationalizes she doesn’t like it and it’s “empty” and “meaningless”.
    –Secures beta bux through the usual speechifying and machinations. (I’m different now. I’m not like that anymore. I just want a nice guy.) Makes beta boy wait for the sex because she “wants to do it the right way this time”.

    I give her marriage seven years. Probably less.

  • deti

    And TCF can’t avoid her history of alpha fux because she’s written about it. It’s in black and white.

    I only hope beta boy knows he’s getting male porn star leftovers.

  • deti

    One last thing:

    This lesson illustrates in stark relief the following:

    1. Most women are not attractive enough to marry an alpha. You’re good enough for sex, but not good enough to marry. Sorry, but there it is.

    2. Most men are invisible to most women,

    3. If you’re a beta boy getting married to a woman with a history like TCF, rest assured you’re getting her only because she has no other decent options; or because you are the least bad option. She does not want you; she wants a wallet, a security blanket; or a title.

  • Flaming Man of Iron

    Wow, just wow. They really do exist. I’ve read about this woman before, and she strikes me as quite immature.

  • earl

    Well deti I figured out the best way to not be invisible to women.

    Walk up, say hi, tell them my name…get theirs.

    Then you can start the sales game.

    Doing nothing will almost assuredly make you invisible to most women.

  • Remo

    And in a few years the beta boy will lose his children and wind up in prison. He’ll be on the hook for child support, alimony, and lawyer fees and he’ll never be free of any of it. He will be a slave for life to a woman who never respected him, and always wanted someone else. His entire life will be one wretched freak show of forever wanting something good for himself, believing the lies that you can work hard to obtain this and that he’ll be appreciated for his efforts. When he’s finally 60 or so, having been lied too since the day he was born, he’ll collapse of something stress related and the state will respond by prosecuting him for not being able to pay her pussy money that month. He will be used his entire life, and his numbers are legion and no one thinks this is wrong.

    It is stories like this that make me want to doubt the existence of GOD. I am a Christian and I truly believe that evil is not loved by our LORD but things like this when he truly doesn’t care by letting it happen continuously gives me a genuine crisis of faith.

  • Yep It's Me

    Not that it matters, since it’s all from a personal/internal perceptive scale, but what we tend to forget about the Scale, is that it’s a bell curve and most people will fall within the range of 4 to 6 – because, yes, you guessed it, the majority of people are average.

    She squarely sits within the world of average – with whatever number you want to attach to it.

    Thanks for article – someone should do an infographic style timeline for the Archetypal Woman.

  • Frank

    I didn’t think reading stories like this would make me anymore jaded.

    I was wrong.

  • Wilson

    Is it really beta to knowingly marry such a woman? I mean most betas end up with something similar, but they only have hazy knowledge of what they are getting, while this guy knows too much. Marrying a retired prostitute would be more beta than this.

  • earl

    “It is stories like this that make me want to doubt the existence of GOD. I am a Christian and I truly believe that evil is not loved by our LORD but things like this when he truly doesn’t care by letting it happen continuously gives me a genuine crisis of faith.”

    God isn’t telling these people to fornicate. There are several passages in the Good Book that properly lay out what fornication does…keeps you out of the Kingdom of Heaven. I’d say by the demons unleashed through fornication…it’s a pretty good idea to stay away from it.

    There is no need to blame God for human behavior. If you aren’t doing it…or are involved with a person that is doing it…then you shouldn’t have your faith shaken.

  • Remo

    Earl – how many passages in the old testament talk about evil people prospering while good men suffer? Whatever crimes this beta boy committed by not being born alpha enough to reject this whore is not a reason to bear such a punishment. Sad thing is – he has been lied too and those that lie to him and profit from it pay no penalty that I can see – certainly not in this world.

    I’m not blaming GOD for human behavior I am disturbed because in this instance he doesn’t seem to care about human behavior. And how can any man not be involved in it without remaining unmarried and or celibate his entire life considering this woman, this freakish nightmare of a person is now the AVERAGE woman you encounter and its rare if you encounter any other kind?

  • Anonymous

    hey FN, this was a great post — funny stuff, you can’t make this shit up. Some of TCF’s best material:

  • earl

    ” I am disturbed because in this instance he doesn’t seem to care about human behavior. And how can any man not be involved in it without remaining unmarried and or celibate his entire life considering this woman, this freakish nightmare of a person is now the AVERAGE woman you encounter and its rare if you encounter any other kind?”

    God gave us free will…that means sometimes we make stupid or foolish decisions. Some men will take any crumbs of womanly attention they can get.

    It’s also not like this is the first time in history this type of stuff has happened. Remember Noah’s flood…the women at the time were getting it on with fallen angels and producing Nephilim. That’s hypergamy on steroids…no man can compete with the powers of an angel.

  • frogmallet

    It seems possible (even likely) that TCF is not actually a real person but, instead, either a phony personna created by some manosphere theorist to bolster arguments or perhaps by a feminist to refute manosphere ideas.

  • Free Northerner

    @ Emma: My analysis was that it was more or less poor thinking on their part.

    @ laid: It might be desperation, it might be brainwashing. I’ve never met the man, so I can’t say.

    @ earl: Happy ending was somewhat facetious. I’d bet significant sums on divorce within 10 years.

    @ GBFM and NSR: Ask and you shall receive.

    @ deti: I’m sure beta boy knows; it would not be easy to miss your girlfriend posting about fucking a pornstar on a popular website.

    @ Remo: Earls’ right. God gave men choice. Some exercise it poorly. God gave man the law so man could live well; those who ignore it suffer and cause others to suffer, but our failures and pains on this earth are only temporary. God gives a longer mercy to those who ask it. Also, this is not the worst evil unto man, simply an excellent example.

    @ deti and Yep: Seems a number of people disagree with my numerical ranking. I already wrote why I chose it in an earlier comment. Although, I was not using a bell curve, just a simple decile system. A bell curve would have put her about 5.5-6, depending on how many sigmas 10 represented.

    @ anon: Hehe… That makes it both more amusing and kind of sad for her. It must be lonely to have to go to sex with strangers for comfort in troubling times.

    Other observations: Looks like peacocking worked for Sam. Even the most feminist of woman wants to be dominated. It must suck to marry someone with scars from where she allowed someone else to violently dominate her.

    @ Frog: You mean she’s a Poe’s Law kinda women?

  • Oz

    It’s not a “rousing course” of anything. It’s a “rousing CHORUS”.

    English. The words actually mean something.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Dunno what the above commenters were thinking, but this woman wasn’t too attractive when she was young. My thoughts on the future divorced husband of hers:

    1). He’s a closeted gay man who gets off on hearing about the men she was with. This is what happened to writer Tracy McMillan (“Waiting to Exhale”).’

    2). He’s a social climber using her fame to up his social standing.

    3). He’s younger and naive and doesn’t quite know the score yet.

    Also, how old is she that she’s going to have kids? She looks older than my mother.

  • Hamster Nuclear Meltdown

    […] But unlike the porn star or Steve, beta boy does not get sex that same night. Nope, beta boy is spec… […]

  • Mrs. west

    First….that is no 7. Seriously?!!!!!
    And….now I need a BATH after reading that. EW.

  • slumlord

    GPFM you’re a genius.

  • Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

    >> Marrying a retired prostitute would be more beta than this.

    a retired prostitute is NOT inwardly longing for commitment from the carousel Alphas who dumped her. TCF is.

  • bringthereality

    I just want to know if GBFM will let me do my musical interpretations of his lyrics…

  • finndistan

    “All that meaningless sex makes me realize how special SpecialBoy is”

    “all that meaningless sex happened fast, because it was meaningless”

    “all the meaningless sexual no strings attracted because it was meaningless”

    “now that we are in a relationship, sex has a meaning, so it cannot be fast, it can not be easy, it cannot he naughty. “;

    “all this rare, difficult and vanilla sex is special, because we are in a relationshit, so you have to invest more to get more”

    “what about the other men? Their easy, now unavailable sex? Who cares? Their sex was meaningless, even if it was same night no questions asked ass to mouth sex with a few booty calls following. In, out, 5 minutes. What SpecialBoy has is special. Those were not special. Comparing is insulting.

    Etc, ad infinitum…

    SpecialBoy is fucked. Not by her.

  • Dagonet

    I stopped reading to scroll down here to the comments and tell you–

    That girl is a 5. Maybe a 6 on her best day.

    I’m gonna go back up and finish reading the post now.

  • Lightning Round -2013/08/21 | Free Northerner

    […] week my blog post, the Archetypical Modern Woman, shattered my blog’s records. It was over 3 times the number of views of my previous most […]

  • DeNihilist

    5 at the moist :).

    Why is it that so many guys think that she was getting laid by alphas all the time? Remember, a girl of her SMV would think that a guy who was a stuttering 6 was an alpha. Also she is a writer, so has Licence to “create”
    She may have had a couple of drunken cow-girl* fucks in her time, but I would hazard to guess no more then that!

  • Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


    i can show you the way, neo, but you must be the one to open the doorzllzo.

    take da red pill and you will see the butthetx fiat matrix for what it is:


  • 1-10 Scale: An Analysis | Free Northerner

    […] week I wrote about the Archetypical Modern Women. It was my most popular post ever by views and was also one of my most commented posts as well. […]

  • LiveFearless

    Your article is too well researched to avoid a few paragraphs being songified by a solid nine on the one to 10 scale. This story is a song.

  • Bob Wallace

    I not only don’t find her attractive, I find her repulsive.

  • 8to12

    I agree with @Bob Wallace, knowing her sexual history makes her repulsive.

    1 in 5 American woman have herpes (80% of them don’t know it, because the outbreaks–when they have them–occur internally on the vaginal walls). If 20% of ALL WOMAN have herpes, what are the odds that this particular woman, given her sexual history has it?

    What are the odds that she will transmit that herpes virus to beta-guy husband? 100%.

    The statistics for other venereal diseases aren’t any prettier.

    It’s stories like this that make me want to pull my hair out, because I can’t grab beta-guy by the collar; shake some sense into him; and make him realize he is making the biggest mistake of his life.

    Beta-guy will be known for the rest of his life as the guy married to the woman that had sex with a porn star. His friends, family, eventually even his children (if they are able to have any) will view him that way. He’ll be a joke in the eyes of others the rest of his life.

    People will look at him and think: you married…THAT!

  • johnsondaniel70

    Bravo! A perfect example of today’s woman. I wonder how far society will continue to accept this as “normal”. Sad that most men are willing to accept the “fact” that their future wife was probably riding the cock carousel at some point. As long as men keep taking ex-sluts as wife material, we will have these pseudo-women lecturing and promoting their pathetic culture. Simple supply and demand principles.

  • Mal Hizedek

    WOW….and to think for such a long time that I thought I was the only one who thinks this way—-thanks for renewing my faith in “men” ….seriously what can I do to help?

  • johnsondaniel70

    Still trying to leave the blue pill behind. Still trying to get over the girl I’ve loved the most. A beautiful Asian who made the mistake of trying to impress me with her sexual past just out of the blue. Someone I considered very intelligent at some point. A woman who could’ve conquer the heart of any man just by being herself. I never expected the painful truth and the disappointment she brought with a confession that I didn’t need, but appreciate after all. The decision to let her go has been a long psychological, spiritual, and emotional journey. What has become of this world? Where are the true women?

    Thanks for your blog and for opening a space for us dreamers. Allow me to share a “poem” that has been part of the many escape routes I’ve tried to get back on my feet again.

    SEVEN PENISES (by Daniel Johnson)
    A poem by a Beta man dedicated to the love of his life

    I met a girl once who stole my heart.
    She rocked my whole world right from the start.
    The one and only I thought I’d met
    when out of nothing she smiled and said:

    I had a boyfriend long time ago.
    He was my first love, he was my all.
    He was a promise, he was a dream.
    He was the first dick inside of me.

    Then I decided I must leave home.
    Moved to the US, I came alone.
    All of a sudden I knew I was free.
    No one was watching or judging me.

    I met a nice guy, we became friends.
    He had a girlfriend, I didn’t care.
    Our friendship flourished, no strings allowed.
    We got to know us sleeping around.

    Then I met someone who was polite.
    He was so friendly, he was so nice!
    He said he liked me but had a girl.
    It didn’t matter, I was his bitch.

    Took salsa lessons just to be cool.
    My teacher told me I was so cute.
    He liked my hairstyle and soon I was
    his pet in private and in his class.

    I worked and studied at the same time.
    I met this Indian, very fun guy!
    He said he loved me and it seemed right.
    We fucked each other, but didn’t last.

    I enjoyed clubbing, but didn’t drink.
    ‘I feel empowered!’, I used to think.
    A cute Korean I met one time.
    We ended having a one-night-stand.

    One of them told me that he was sick.
    He said ‘I’m steril’ and said ‘no trick’.
    ‘I want no condom while I’m in you’.
    He came inside me, it felt so good.

    Another ‘forced’ me to suck his dick.
    I didn’t want to, but still I did.
    Without a warning (that wasn’t right)
    he shot his semen right in my mouth!

    While I was working I met this guy.
    We started dating and he found out
    that I had opened my legs for six.
    I didn’t tell him. I had a list!

    He said he wanted to marry me,
    but after finding the stupid list
    he sadly told me he wasn’t sure
    so we enjoyed being fuck buddies more.

    Why are you crying? Are you upset?
    I am with you now. That was just sex.
    You make me feel good and ladylike.
    They are just nothing when by your side.

    Please try to love me for who I am.
    Don’t think I’m easy. I’m not a tramp.
    I know you’re thinking I am a whore,
    Whores expect money, I asked for none.

    I asked for nothing, that is a fact.
    They said they liked me, I liked them back.
    What is so shocking? I’m not a slut.
    Everyone does it, why should I not?

    Why are you bothered by such a past?
    An insecure man, that’s what you are!
    You should not picture dicks in my ass,
    in my vagina, or in my mouth.

    You should not picture cum in my tongue.
    I am a lady. Love me as one.
    I love you so much, don’t let me go!
    You always treat me like none before.

    You’re such a monster! You’re like them all!
    How dare you judge me? Try to understand.
    I was as lonely as one can be.
    Past should not matter, come back to me!

    This is the story of her and me.
    I dearly love her, but had to leave.
    I’ve always noticed the gem in her.
    The one who hasn’t, is her. What shame!

  • Oz

    That has to be one of the worse-written “poems” in existence. Bad whether you consider verse, rhyme or even free verse. Just. Awful.

  • johnsondaniel70

    Thanks for your criticism, Oz. You’re entitled to have an opinion. Literary correctness wasn’t my purpose when I wrote it. I had fun and served me well and that is good enough for me.

  • Opus

    I almost choked on my coffee (hilarious).

    I don’t believe for one moment that she fucked a porn star, and thus I regard as fabricated everything else she says. Her ratings (out of ten) is that she is an average looking woman and on the down side thereof so she is a 5.

  • Lightning Round – 2013/10/09 | Free Northerner

    […] Tracy Clarke-Flory? She fantasized about being a stripper and now is banning her beta husband from going to a strip […]

  • deti

    And we now have the Archetypal Modern Christian Woman.

    Or , if you will, simply what the manosphere means by “Christian Woman” or “churchian woman”.

    I give you Jenny Erikson.

  • Will S.

    I think Tracy Clark-Flory must be lonely and horny; here’s one of her latest droppings at Salon:

  • The 2013 Anti-Progress Report | Radish

    […] Theden publishes its first articles, on generational segregation and the patron saint of Skittles. Free Northerner presents the archetypal modern […]

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