Lightning Round – 2013/08/14

Roosh disassociates himself from the manosphere.
Related: Martel responds.
Related: Reaction and the manosphere.
Related: A response from Dr. Faust.
Related: Krauser and Tom talk on the issue.
Related: It doesn’t matter.
Related: ABlack spade (cards) saw this was going to happen.

Truth unites the manosphere, but there is more to life than biomechanics.

Chad embraces the traditional lifestyle. Welcome brother.

You know enough right now.

Belated strengthening: raise your boys for conflict.
Related: How to screw your boys up for life.

How to stop living your life in transit.
Related: Don’t fake who you are.

Advice to my 15-year-old self.
Related: How to avoid financial regrets from college.
Related: Cyrus the Great on wealth management.

The crapshoot career: do what you suck at.

Newcomer Anarcho-Papist has created a taxonomy of the reactosphere.

A woman’s love can’t be reasoned.

The many levels of game.
Related: On shit tests from 1910.
Related: A new niche: blind game.

How women tool men.

Explaining trade-offs to women.

Manosphere analogies need improvement.

Remember, leftists greatest hate is reserved for leftists who aren’t pure enough. Also, look at the double-standards she holds towards the middle of her piece. Hilarious.
Related: Feminist excited by misogyny.
Related: This is amusing: sex positive feminists decrying the fruits of the sexual revolution.

This is what a male feminist’s mind looks like.
Wow… Watch the breakdown on Twitter (archived here) or in .pdf format.

Roissy with a good set of links.

Requiem for the patriarchy.

Rethinking Christian marriage: a plan.

Just another example of churchuanity.

Marriage advice: #2 misses the point and I’d be wary of #4.
Related: 8 signs a girl’s a keeper.

Managing money in a marriage.

Love and control.

The status of being married.
Related: Desperate for attention.
Related: Advice for young women looking for marriage.
Related: Some graphs and stats on never-married women.

Having children is important for women.

Child-free narcissism.
Related: The dark side of child-free.
Related: Higher female intelligence and longer lifespan lead to less babies.

Woman cannot achieve the same social status as men.

M3 with a smattering of sources on rape.
Related: Girls commit more dating violence than boys

Winner of the beta of the year award.

The collapse has already come. Collapse and disaster are different.

The history of leftism against freedom.

The Captain advocates heightening the contradictions.
Related: Enjoying the decline on food stamps.

Why am I a believer?

Kicking away the crutch of religion from the broken is “the cruel and thoughtless act of a self-centered asshole.”
Related: Don’t do heroin.

Anti-racism is a white thing. Related.
Related: Anti-racism is anti-white racism.
Related: Burn the witch.
Related: Jason Richwine needs to read some Moldbug.

Time preference and civilization.

The biological vote.

We should focus less on avoiding invading other’s property and more on protecting our own.

Wizard privilege.

High intelligence whites more likely to be hypocritical about race.
Related: The latest in stupid liberal offence-taking.

Evidence white women are the most beautiful.
Related: The white slave trade. More. More.

Traditional religion and eugenics.
Related: Soft eugenics. A bit more.

Hope for Norway?

The police state grows.

The US government can yank your passport very easily.

Lavabit goes down, as does American freedom.
Related: Silent Mail goes down as well.

The US to import thousands of refugees from jihad-filled country.

Carl Rove is an idiot.

It is official Democratic strategy to politicize tragedy.

American forests being destroyed and shipped to UK for renewable energy.

Skeptic of Darwinism.

Is the McDouble the greatest food in human history?

The dangerous side of birth control.

Slate feminist on child care. Like most on this issue, she can’t math.

The falsehood of comparative statistics.

The skills men lack.

Marketers know that women will intrude into men’s domains, but men avoid women’s.

The mirth the idiot left brings me.  We made a teenage pregnancy problem, now we are reducing it to less insane levels.

The insanity of hypocritical prudery surrounding breastfeeding.

The best period of American growth was before the Fed and income tax.

Krugman is an ass: when Keynesian becomes socialist.

Detroit’s debt and your debt.

Krugman is an ass: Japan shows inflation doesn’t work.
Related: Japan’s debt reaches one quadrillion yen; that’s 1,000,000,000,000,000 Yen.

The more tyrannical the vaccinators become, the more sympathetic I am to the anti-vaxxer cause.

Is libertarianism becoming popular enough to be hijacked.

Nudging: the new authoritarianism.

Jezebel verges on crimethink. Related. (Googlecache)

Proper mass orientation.

The handrail of the law.

Missing the point: we all have an “F” grade, but Jesus save anyway.

Pro-life doctors banned from presenting at conference.

Dr. Gay Hitler lived in Ohio. Hehe.

15 tips for language self-study.

40 maps that explain the world. I like maps.

Test your geek IQ: I got 209.

The economics of indie game publishing.

(H/T: BoingBoing, the Captain, SDA, Instapundit, Vox, Borepatch)

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