Lightning Round – 2013/08/07

The Minter event has led to a discussion of bitterness in the ‘sphere:
Dr. Illusion: Stop whining and be responsible for yourself.
Matt Forney: Most people don’t want to be helped, be one that does.
Aurini: The unknown unknown of MGTOWs is that men need women.
Young Hunter is disgusted.
Francis: Selling shit to the manospambots.
Kid Strangelove: Enjoy the world, it’s not so bad.
YouSoWould: Idolize no one.

A major player leaves the manosphere. I didn’t read Rob regularly, but what I did read was usually good. Check out his obituary for some of his hits.
Related: A eulogy for Rob. Another.

Game distilled. Sadly, I’m a “sperg”, so this is difficult.

What if you don’t like STEM or the trades? Enter sales.

The essential question: Does this bring any additional value to my life?

The fall of Hugo Schwyzer. Hehe.
Crush their spirits. (See them driven before you…)
Grerp is back with a post on Schwyzer.
More on the Schwyzer “saga”.

Comparative advantage and pussy.
The used car lot analogy.

The GoTo guy
Guys opting out.

Good is not always nice. Also, I didn’t know Kratman (one of my favourite SF authors) commented on Vox.

Roosh laments the loss of his ability to feel romance.
“Getting laid isn’t the addition of pleasure to your life. It is the removal of a punishment.”

The most hateful hatefacts.
Related: What will be the next insane antitruth?
Related: Does habitual dishonesty make clear-thinking impossible?

Donal on attraction and desire. Similar themes to a post of mine.

The ego filter.

The List and rebellion.

The subtle destruction of Biblical headship.

Rethinking the Christian marriage script.
Related: The dangers of a long engagement.

Women, be a low maintenance wife.

Sexual harassment talk is the persecution of omegas by gammas.

Dostoevsky on feminism. I’m about to start reading the Brothers Karamazov, so I found this interesting.

101 ways to castrate yourself.

A feminist defines patriarchy as the separation of private and public sphere by sex and the appropriation of individual sexuality by the community. She’s consistent on the latter. It seems like it might be the basis of a good working model.

The manosphere (MRA part) reaches the Canadian mainstream.

Australia: More pay for equal work.

15% of rape reports are false.
Related: Sexual assault and the US military.

Roy Baumeister: a red pill ally in academia.

Science: Woman are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear.

Defending male space.

Egalitarian libertarianism has no future.

Why you need entitlement.

How to talk to children. Maybe taking questions literally is one of the problems of those lower in the socio-sexual hierarchy.

I’ve never understood lying on the internet either.

New reactionary site: Theden.

The benefits of monarchy.

Was Benedict the last Catholic pope? A good discussion in the comments.
Related: The problem of Pope Francis.

Gay couple suing to force church to “marry” them. Because it is all about freedom and fairness.

Traditional Catholic taxation.

The first rise and fall of the English left.

The continued decline of the journalism industry.
Related: I wonder why?

The government tracks everything.

The university as a civil seminary.

Is the college bubble popping?

Are you smarter than an 8th grader from 1912?

Slaves to obesity.

Does smoking have some positive effects?

Xenophobia is a natural survival instinct.
Related: On racism.

White boy on school bus is culturally enriched.
Related: Britain is being culturally enriched.

28 years in jail for judge who was bribed to send black kids to private jail.

Sometimes I wonder if liberals are literally brain-damaged? How utterly retarded do you have to be to not understand the distinction between having something imposed on you and not forcing others to subsidize your desires? It is almost impossible to overstate the absolute stupidity of the comments section.

A feminist really stretching to find her 2-minute hate. It’s kinda funny.

Hahaha… The delusion of the left is a wonder to behold.

Americans are more compassionate than socialist Europeans.

Unions picket child’s funeral.

Many of the buttons you are conditioned to press don’t do anything.

Woman brags about raising adrongynous boy and grumpy girl. Why do feminists seems to have a war on smiling?

FreedomWeb shut down by FBI.

The US government is re-writing economic history.

Chinese banks in trouble.

Just another example of the hypocrisy of the leftist elites.

Barack Obama, the left, and the growth of the state.

Congress exempted from Obamacare. The people exempted keeps adding up.

The US government subsidizes Al-Qaeda.


(H/T: BoingBoing, SDA, Vox, Patriactionary, Nick, GLP, the Captain, Foseti)


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