Lightning Round – 2013/07/31

A note: The Omega’s Guide will now be running on Sunday mornings to provide those following along time to implement the suggestions.

A new blog inspired by yours truly: Rise of the Omega. I wish him well in his journey and look forward to seeing where it goes.

Looks like Dark Brightness went down, while 3MM is now protected. Update: Seems Chris’ site is back up.

Hawaiian Libertarian puts up his reading list.

“Your personal shortcomings and natural talents are not moral triumphs.”

A critique of the Christian manosphere.

Be a predator.

Metaphorical height.

Validation addiction and beautiful women.
Related: Why females should despair at the massive attention they receive.
Related: Two hours of a woman’s inbox.
Related: One hundred messages a day.

The importance of truth. Related.

Manosphere scandal: Mark Minter’s getting married.
Related: Mark Minter’s a phony.
Related: Who cares? Be positive.
Related: Kill your manosphere idols.
Related: A man of his word.
Related: A failure of principle.
Related: Freedom porn and the downfall of the manosphere.

Fearsome Pirate attacks a hamster.
Related: Aurini attacks the same hamster.

Strategic silence.
Related: Introverts are happier when acting as extroverts.

Danger, violence, and attraction.
Related: Hypergamy TO THE EXTREME.

The stabilizing influence of masculine dominance in women’s lives.

A dialogue on patriarchy.

An explanation for women why cuckoldry is such a big deal.
Related: On paternity testing.
Related: More on paternity testing.
Related: Beware fake paternity tests.

The hypocrisy of lying about your N.

Science on consumerism and mate-guarding.

Is the claim “men won’t commit” projection?
Surprise: Men less committed to live-in relationships.

Advice on a sexless marriage. A bit more.
Related: A counterpoint.

The real reason behind the domestic violence industry.

Leftists fear themselves more than they fear conservatives.
Related: Why to leftoids hate hatefacts?
Related: Victor Hanson begins an honest conversation about race.
Related: Shut up allies.

How to actually get rich.
Related; How to not be poor.

You can judge a book by its cover.

The script.

Girls crowding out boys.
Related: Female sport as parasite.

Do not have sex with feminists.
Related: Women past their prime are more interested in younger men than older men.

Wow… Why would someone marry this?

Feminism began in the 1820s.

Tweets from the barbarians over the new prince. What vile people.
Related: JB comments on some more savages’ views of the prince.
Remember: if you give in to the savages, they will only shriek more.

An interesting concept: bibliolatry. Don’t really buy it, though.
Related: Idolatry and God as a noun.

Why God doesn’t answer prayers. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Update: Part 4.

Good books on introducing your church. I was actually planning to ask this question concerning Catholicism sometime in the next few months, but Bonald beat me to it.

The Grand Ideal of Nonthought: “The groups that the modern nihilists adore and support have nothing in common with each other, aside from the fact that they are evil.”

The destruction of our education system and the mediocrity of teachers.

Roissy with some links., the antiversity, is now up.
Anarcho-monarchism in the Shire.
Oaks vs. sandboxes.

An introductions to Maine’s Popular Government.

The safety of federalism.

Seems CC’s positive opinion of the cops is getting worn away much as mine is.
Related: The blue rot.
Related: The FBI, spamming, and entrapment.
Related: Undercover cop taped planting crack in arrested owner’s store.

A story of church and organic community in action.

How to be civilized.

Obesity: Magical explanations and personal responsibility.

Innateness and the cultural arrangement of society.

Hong Kong vs. Detroit.

A high trust society in action.

The research on homosexual families.
Related: A story of two fathers.

A letter from a marine captain in Afghanistan.

Women: don’t cut your hair short.

JB analyzes the drone study.

Why certain people hate the Jews.

A review of “This Town”.

Why libertarianism has a women problem.

Humour: Why you can’t believe what you read online.
Related: You can trust the media.
Related: You can trust the press.

Child support outrage story of the week.

Anti-gun nut who buys a gun is a neurotic, paranoid lunatic, yet no one died.

IRS workers opposed to Obamacare for themselves.

Be careful of medical advice.

18 similarities between 2008 and 2013.
Related: The stock market is completely divorced from reality.

The Keynesian fallacy.

It’s been a while, but Krugman is still an ass.

Journalists lie, post picture of racist anti-Zimmerman protestor as Zimmerman supporter.

A miracle: Ygglesias gets it right, not just once, but twice in a single week.

First National Bank of Wellston, Ohio burglarizes woman’s house, refuses to compensate her.

“Fair housing” coming to a neighbourhood near you.

Feds demand users’ passwords.

DM in charge of creating a sex ed curriculum for young children is a child pornographer who opposed background checks for adults working with children.

Don’t fight Nazism by taking nazi-like actions.

Goods new: The honey bee is not going extinct.

(H/T: SDA, the Captain, Maggie’s Farm, Nick Steves, Vox, Foseti, Instapundit)

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