Guest Post from Europe

Below is a guest post from a reader that would like to remain anonymous. The post touches on a number of topics. As I’ve stated before, I am willing to put up guest posts as long as said post is of some value and is somewhat related to the blog’s general purposes.

1. I GENUINELY believe that the Abortion/Anti-Family/Birth Control/Divorce/Feminist/MarxistSocial PONZI Scheme Agenda will eventually cause TOTAL Economic & Social Collapse as some people have predicted. This will mean the END of the Cradle-to-Grave Western Social Welfare system. We will see states recognize ONE type and ONLY one type of Household, the MARRIED household. In the LONG-TERM Total Economic & Social Breakdown, which will make the Economic Mess TODAY look like a toddlers’ playschool tiff, will benefit Society, especially children. This will mean that a GOOD man of 40 – 45 years of age can marry a lady half his age and father 10 children. The young lady of 24 will have NO PROBLEM marrying a man of 40 years of age and having 9 children as HE will have a house & an income to make a family lifestyle practical. There is NO CASE known to History since people started living in caves of ANY Long-Term successful society that was NOT organized along Patriarchal lines or ‘Love, Honour & Obey YOUR Husband Ladies’ to the non-verbally-gifted in Society. On the other hand a woman older than 35 will have great difficulties becoming a mother. The State will have to make Marriage an ENFORCEABLE contract. So the spouse who wants out from a NON-Abusive spouse will be allowed or indeed forced to leave NO children, NO money & NO house, rendering the INNOCENT spouse a widow or a widower, almost. We will see a return of LARGE families of 8 – 12 children as CHILDREN become new Pensions. Sooner or later the Pensions’ Laws will be changed to link a person’s pension to the number of children that a person had. So the BIGGER the family, the BIGGER the pension you get.

2.01: Some time ago, I pointed out in a Family discussion that Society needs 3 children per couple to replace the people who die and 5 people of working age per pensioner to keep the pensions’ systems safe. I was accused of wanting to keep women PHYSICALLY chained to the kitchen sink, only being released to go to the Maternity Ward.

3. 01: As we speak “Same-Sex Marriage” is the new Liberal Agenda demand, being compared to Martin Luther King & Civil Rights, according to our Deputy Prime Minister recently. The Government has introduced Abortion into Ireland, while the same politicians who make their “Reproductive Health Care” speeches on Monday will make their “Looming Pensions Crisis” speeches on Tuesday, metaphorically speaking.

4.01: I listened to The Communist Manifesto on Youtube in which we hear:
4.02: The “Children’s Rights” and the “Bad Parents” speeches,
4.03: The “State Education” speeches,
4.04: The “End of the Family” especially the Marriage Family speeches,
4.05: The “Abolish Countries and Nations” speeches.
4.06: Some 75 years ago, Anatonio Gramsci a Marxist Philosopher concluded that the World Revolutions that Marx & Lenin had predicted were NOT going to happen. He said that Marxists should infiltrate Society’s CULTURAL Institutions and so undermine Society. We see his programme being enforced. How little things change!!!!

5.01: As you know, Augustus the first ACKNOWLEDGED Emperor of Rome, during his 41 Years as Emperor from 27 BC – 14 AD was NEVER tired urging the Roman élite to have children and to stop spending their time having fun with the Girlfriends & Boyfriends. Augustus even had his “Bachelor Tax” to encourage procreation. When Pliny the Younger in 100AD approximately, uses the word ‘burden’ to describe how the Roman élite viewed their 1 child “families” it is estimated that there were some 1,000 Christians from a population of some 60 million in the Roman Empire, both East & West. While the estimated population remained reasonably stable over the next 200 years, the Christians increased to 1 million approximately within 100 years and some 6 million people 10% of the population a century later. One of the reasons for this Christian advance was DEMOGRAPHICS, big families to the rest of us. A second reason, flowing from BIG Families, is an efficient Health Care system. If you come from a LARGE family, it means that you have plenty of relations to help pay for doctors and provide care to the sick people when there was NO Insurance or Government Heath Care System. The Romans, just like the West TODAY, were into their “Whatever-you-want-yourself-Joe/Do NOT Judge me” type of families. When the Plague would strike Roman cities a LOWER proportion of Christians than the GENERAL population died, due to the Communal Christian Health Care system. Additionally Christians searched the streets to find the sick people not unlike Mother Treasa of Calcutta’s nuns today. In addition, Christians taught that we are ALL equal before God. Also Christianity taught people about the After-Life whereas Romans NOT UNLIKE Europe today, believed that we live, we die — Period – Finished – Over.

6.01: I have no doubt that in 100 years time the historians will say that those Churches (Rome & some Reformed Churches) got things a TRILLION percent correct when those Churches said some 50 years ago now, that artificial contraception would lead to an absolute social disaster. Time will prove the statement from Cardinal Hume of Westminster ‘A Contraceptive Mentality inevitably leads to an Abortion Mentality’ to be correct. Time will prove the SUPER-NON-PC statement from a former Archbishop of Dublin, some years ago now, that Planned children are LESS loved than Unplanned Children. We will see artificial Contraception being BANNED and treated like Cocaine today. In 1900 the American Association of Atheists said that by 1950 Christianity would be dead in the USA. This prediction was based on the fact that 42% of College-educated Americans said in the previous Census that they did NOT believe in God. The USA is now the MOST religious Western country. Ah, yes, Time is a GREAT & GLORIOUS Storyteller. I am NOT making a religious point, merely saying that Time has proven the Men in Rome correct.

8 responses to “Guest Post from Europe

  • d0jistar

    While this raises a vital point, it leaves unanswered the problem of inputs->outputs in child-rearing. We live in a winner-takes-all highly automated economy with increasingly smaller roles for labor. Now increasingly mid-level white collar knowledge tasks are being automated in the first world, even as the developing world follows a step or two behind. What jobs are these large families’ kids supposed to do, exactly? Children are not an economic asset; they require a huge amount of capital up-front in order to increase their chances of success in life and are financially a liability in a modern society. If your kids aren’t going to a top tier university (and you probably know this before you have kids, be honest with yourself), and you don’t have family connections to help them get a real job, why bother having any?

    You know what places have lots of kids? Really poor countries. They live in hovels and have crappy jobs, if they’re lucky to get any. As every country develops, the birth rate goes down. Thailand’s birth rate dropped almost as fast as China’s over the same time period without any one-child policy. Having a smaller birth rate is perhaps necessary to develop as development is essentially defined as having more capital invested per person (this is basically why we are better off than 200 years ago or central Africa).

    I think many of us would make the argument that having kids to provide for old age is just as stupid as assuming you’ll get a government pension (European countries are more generous with pensions — if they can afford them). Your kids will just cost you $300K for a degree in post-structuralist transgender studies then get hooked on drugs and get an STD in a commune in south Asia on the journey to find themselves. Plus, you probably had kids late since marriage is a increasingly a rare capstone event for the educated affluent and you need lots of money to live in the right neighborhood and send them to the right schools and tutors — so you have fewer remaining years to get a return on your investment. Just save the money that you earn yourself and don’t have kids or rely on the government. Of course, if _everyone_ does this… who will be left to buy all those financial and real assets you want to sell when you’re 80? It’s kind of the same thing, really.

    But there are studies that this may be reversible over time since one of the major factors on how many kids you have is how many kids your parents had (no point considering whether this is nature or nurture, irrelevant). Over time, the small breeders theoretically will die out and the big breeders will triumph. So in 2100, in theory, the world will be populated mostly by the poorest Muslims and Catholics. Makes me glad I’m not having kids; their kids would just die in the coming Crusades.

    And the big questions are, if you’re like me, you ask yourself: why should I assume the burden of child-rearing to support society? I already pay a lot of taxes and face constant legal discrimination from a society that vilifies me because I’m an evil white male; I don’t feel like I owe it any more. And, secondly, why should our contemporary society of feminist “multicultural” socialist leftist mob-rule be preserved anyway? It was a mistake; let it die. Maybe the Asian Confucian-sphere will figure out governance and demographic sustainability, maybe not; I like their values better anyway. Nihilism: I choose YOU.

  • Francis Begbie

    This writer is Irish, is he? Send me a email ken if yous are. Be on the same side en aw.

  • Dr. Faust

    There is no way to predict the future. I don’t know how to tell if someone is true or not. Evidence just isn’t enough as it can be faked or false. How much of science controverts itself? Especially the soft social sciences. I have no idea what will happen in the future and I’ve tried to see things clearly but I can’t.

    So while it’s true that no society has ever advanced beyond mud huts without the patriarchal family, those societies also didn’t have smart phones and washing machines. Anything about the future is a coin toss. Predicting anything is impossible and I have no idea what’s true.

  • Stig

    In broad general agreement…only slightly OT — I’m a Prod born and raised into a rainbow denomination who would like to return Rome and. Find it is very difficult to do. Punishment for our forefathers’ apostasy I suppose.

  • Free Northerner

    @ dojistar: You are correct; in a strict hedonistic, utilitarian calculation kids are may not be the best choice, but some things are worth more than immediate pleasure. Also, a lot of the negatives can be gotten past by raising your kids right.

    @ Faust: It’s impossible to predict the future, but you must attempt to prepare for it, and can make a reasonable guess.

  • The Scolds' Bridle

    Is GBFM posting from Europe? He must have forgotten his lzzollozl-inator.

  • Meditate and Mediate

    “We will see states recognize ONE type and ONLY one type of Household, the MARRIED household. ”

    Relationships should be privatized. The state should stay out of ALL of them, hetero, homo, monogamist, plural, or otherwise.

  • Free Northerner

    I’d agree with privatizing relationships myself, at least in our current context.

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