Lightning Round – 2013/07/24

The Need and the Void.
Related: Relationships and oneitis.
Related: What game really is.

Why should a man marry?
Related: Marry for money.

Advice for gammas and omegas.

Love is dying.
Related: News you already knew: Marriage is declining.

I missed this: Sis apologizes for her controversial Reddit comment. I wasn’t the one wronged, but insofar as it concerns me, I forgive her and hold no ill will and encourage the same from others. She is still welcome here.

Karl hangs up his hat.
Actually, he doesn’t. (Yay!) He seems to be channeling Elric: “Blood and souls for Arioch.”
But he is begging for money.
Radish on Starship Troopers, my favourite novel.

New blog: The Puerarchy.

The efficiency of being a dick.

Never give an inch; the barbarians will devour you either way.

Be bold.
Related: Your time will come.
Related: Perception isn’t reality.

How to live well.
Be a go-getter.

Hail Caesar.

Maverick Traveller with a good post on desire.
Related: You can’t convince a girl to like you.

Roosh with a good post on ego and sex.

Eye contact.

Advice for women.
Related: Love him like his dog does.
Related: How to be a lady.
Related: Men want Cinderella, not the ugly step-sisters.
Related: The parable of the cordwainers.
Related: The beauty exception.

The tragedy of the hook-up culture.
Related: Women will submit, but to whom?
Related: JB on feminism, hook-up culture, and race.
Related: WK on the hook-up culture.

“It’s amazing that women can easily rebel against God, biology, society, their husbands, but they’ll drop on their knees for a cad. It’s no wonder PUAs are so full of themselves.”

On weakness and women, from the Bible.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing; unChristian advice from a Christian magazine.

Resegregate the sexes.

Dominance and virtue.
Related: Virtue game.

Control defines a man.
Science: Dominance, not looks, matters.

GBFM with many a truth-bomb.
Related: Read da great bookz for men.

Beers, boobs, and defining masculinity.

Forfeiting the patriarchal dividend. Related.

What’s great about Facebook.

The decline of sperm production.

Who’s having babies?

Craftsmanship. Do it right.

Working in the trades.

PUA roundtable in NYMag. No Roissy, Roosh, Mystery, or Strauss? Also, why is half the roundtable on PUAs female?
Related: Slate understands neither thin-slicing nor probability.

Don’t subsidize the feminists in the SMP.

More feminist narcissism.

You know you’re desperate when

Sometimes a woman’s evil intent is obvious.

Promiscuity is a form of self-mutilation for daddyless daughters.

What’s wrong with equal custody?

White privilege as substitute religion.
Related: White privilege is an inexpungible original sin.

Steyn on the downfall of Detroit.
Bankruptcy: Coming soon to a city near you.

The cause of social decay.
Related: Socialism destroys trust and social capital.

An economic survival plan.

The death spiral tightens.

The collapse of Portugal.

Revolt of the Masses: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

Religion and reaction.
Related: If it helps, I am religious and a reactionary.

Problems with the church.
Related: Evangelicals continue their leftward drift.
Related: The religious left are the biggest suckers of all.

Networks of influence; profiles of the Cathedral clerics. Part 2.

Theology and clear-thinking.


Women now have more power to control men without criminal charges or a trial.

Girls day is for girls, boys day is for all.

Thank goodness we integrated the military. Thank goodness.

NSA can search your e-mail, but not its own.

The power of the shield.

About an honest conversation on race.
Related: WS gets honest.
Related: Trayvon doesn’t matter.
Related: The no-fact zone.
Related: Zimmerman pulls man from truck.
Related: The most important message of the trial was that Jeantel can’t read.
Related: Zimmerman’s chief crime was acting ‘uppity’.
Related: The Croatia effect.
Related: Welcome to the USSA.
Related: Racist liberal cannot imagine a black guy not punching a stranger.
Related: Some liberals are actually capable of investigation.
Related: Zimmerman was a Democrat and tutored black children.

Black man with pistol kills white teen, is acquitted. Where’s the reaction?

The fun begins.

Black privilege.

Some people are too idiotic to suffer to live.

Why do liberals believe minorities are too stupid and/or irresponsible to obtain ID?

A little more proof of the nature hypothesis.

The ministry of truth in real time.

Watch Ender’s Game opening weekend.

China works to lower divorce rates.

Politics is a waste of time.
Related: Some political one-liners.

Politically ignorant congress.

For the Moldbuggians in the audience: Stuart Anglicanism.

The new prince has been born. Not sure what to think; as a monarchist I support the increased profile the monarchy has, but as a Jacobite, I support the ascension of the Stuart line to the throne.

Immigration and human rights violations.

A homeschool curriculum discussion.
Related: The best students are home-schooled.

Vaunted Scandinavian education system not so good.

Does some behind the scenes changes in the Marines’ leadership signify something greater.

UK’s war on porn.

Less research is needed.

The joys of banking regulation.

More positive reviews of Modafinil.

Abortion “logic”.

How many times will you see your parents before they die?

Surprise Results: Woman are less informed about the news.

Tim Hortons moves back to Canada.

(H/T: SDA, the Captain, MF, Foseti, Ian, Vulture, BB)

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