Lightning Round – 2013/07/17

I’m busy this week, so this will be a bit shorter than normal, but that only means there should be more next week.

Be who you are is good advice, if you know who you are.

Date ideas.
Related: Beating shit tests.

Child support is a replacement for marriage.

Killing in self-defence. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

The morality of game.
Related: Self-improvement is the goal.

A view of privilege from the working class.

Being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Men are bitter and angry and that’s awesome.

The master and the slave.
Related: Accepting victimhood.

Hen-pecking and empathy.

The harm of high expectations.

The incipient pelagianism of the orthosphere.

The 12 points of neoreaction.
Related: A criticism of formalism.

Liberalism leads to declaring pregnancy unjust and barbaric.

Keystone death squads.

Jesus invented individual liberty. Related.

Making sense.

Do men have an obligation to protect women?

Zimmerman acquitted. Excellent.
Related: DoJ materially supported anti-Zimmerman protests. No conflict of interest there.

In defence of big weddings. It’s not the size, it’s the intent.

President stasi. On the other hand, this may be a good thing.

The purposeful destruction of the American Catholic community. In the comments, EA makes a plan to retake Christian community.

Libertarian suicide.

Why feminized societies will fail.

Progressives are getting increasingly batshit insane. How hard is this, really? If someone has a Y chromosome, they’re male, else they are female.

Distrust science.

War and victory.

Adam Kokesh, liberty activist, raided and charged.

Some talk on false rape accusation statistics. Another.
Related: If you have sex, record it.

I partially agree with a pro-abortionist. Pro-abortionists should tell their stories about how they callously killed their own child for mere convenience; it will be far more effective in showing the true nature of the issue.

Hypergamy in the WSJ.

New alternative to the Boy Scouts in the works.

Live-in nannies are stupid.

Family farm fined $700k by Michigan government for raising pigs in a pasture.

Republicans more knowledgeable than Democrats.

(The rage of the beta male).

(H/T: Nick, Foseti)

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