Lightning Round – 2013/06/10

Advice for college men.
Related: Advice for the young.

A masculine man is a man of action.

Creating a tribal culture.
Related: Donal responds.
Related: The way forward: Creating a gang.

There is no ‘we’.

Woman are moral agents.

Stuck like Piglet.
Related: Feminism and Islam.

What you desire is not always what you will like.

Instapundit with some links and discussion on forced fatherhood.

Game is a lie.

JB talks on love and takes an ungrateful woman to task.

Science: Options and instability.

Being a good follower.

RESULTS: The more self-control people reported having, the more satisfied they reported being with their lives. And contrary to what the researchers were expecting, people with more self-control were also more likely to be happy in the short-term. In fact, when they further analyzed the data, they found that such people’s increased happiness to a large extent accounted for the increased life satisfaction.”

Celebrating the American Revolution.

On Detroit: The future, today.

The perils of near limitless wealth.

Regime change reflections.

Dicipres is starting his own reading list.

The Christian ‘amazing sex’ meme.

Accidental pregnancy” isn’t.
Related: JB reminding us women lie about birth control.

The pro-abortionists and Democrats being honest.

The female sex-drive is weak but omnivorous.

Why the American economy isn’t growing.

Bureaucracy, food, and perversity in Toronto.

Thoughts on aesthetics.

Breivik’s Norway.

Did Bloomberg let slip a hatefact?

On school lunches.

Science: Our lifestyle is killing is. Also, take Vitamin D.

Men and woman have different goals in cohabitation.

On a back to Europe movement.

The hikikomori, coming to a country near you.

Feminism: Rape jokes are evil, but threatening and hoping for the rape of legislators is a-ok.
Related: Feminist writes a hilarious poem.

JB on Barbie.

Cops aren’t rocket scientists.

The police state grows.
Related: Up to a year in jail for not baking a cake.
Related: The government is taking your mail metadata as well.
Related: Even the third amendment isn’t safe.

The revolution never ends.

A bizarre new application of political correctness.

Zimmerman is more black than Warren is Indian.

“If you expand the sample to include small metropolitan areas you can get even lower unemployment rates, though generally they’re in places (Bismarck, Fargo, Iowa City, Sioux Falls, Amex, Burlington, Grand Forks, Lincoln, Billings, Casper) that are also cold.” Why could that be?

Number of Americans on food assistance outnumbers private sector workers. Success!
Related: Socialism always ends the same.

Sometimes baby rabies is more obvious than others.

Pournelle on sexual harassment in sf.

“As President Obama has said, democracy is about more than elections.” We are now infecting Egypt with our newspeak.
Related: Wasn’t supporting democracy in Eqypt wonderful? It sure was.

A cool little map of literal place names.

Humour: 5 Horrifying Side Effects of Common Meds. Trust the doctors.

A MRM rock song.

(H/T: BoingBoing, SDA, Maggie’s Farm, Instapundit, Smallest Minority)

6 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/06/10

  • dannyfrom504

    thanks for the linkage Sir.

  • Gruesome

    I find it astonishing indeed that not a single major blog in the androsphere has been tracking the Adam Kokesh saga since the Philly Smokedown. Kokesh is now behind bars in Fairfax, VA for his solo armed man march on Freedom Square in Washington, DC on Independence Day (you all saw the Final American Revolution clip on YouTube now, didn’t you?). Think about this for a moment. The fly has just challenged the elephant! The androsphere didn’t even make a fart about it. WTF?! A man just stood up to THE MAN! Can you have balls that are more titanium than that? Yeah, yeah, withdraw your support for the system, GTOW, ETD (enjoy the decline) and all that. Holy Moses! Does anyone realize what just happened here? Or are we all waiting for a Joan of Arc before we take notice?

  • Free Northerner

    Y’all are welcome.

    @Gruesome: I think I posted something in a previous Lightning Round, but you’re right not much has been said of him.

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