Lightning Round – 2013/07/03

SSM mistakes holding women to base moral standards for pedestalization. Three points:
1) Women have agency; being a woman is not an excuse for sin.
2) People have agency; temptation to sin is not an excuse for sin.
3) Teaching sin is a graver sin than the sin itself, which is why that thread should elicit special disgust.
Related: All mortals are debased and need a master.
Related: EW weighs in.

Reactionary books.

You need sex. An interesting comment.

Some good advice for conversation.

Making exceptions into rules.
Related: The poverty of NAXALT.

An economic treatise. Part 2.

“Some people are better than others. If you are inferior it isn’t a complex. It’s a cold, hard slap in the face from daddy reality.”

Work smarter not harder.
Related: An intro to the trades for you young’uns.

Dr. Illusion is not so negative about the death of patriarchy.

Hyper-hypergamy, the state, and black men.

Red pill contradictions.

Science: Be a ‘no, dear’ man.

Conservatives and the marriage strike.

Jim ties a lot of stuff on marriage together.

Christians who don’t support young marriage, don’t care about chastity.

Tempest on the RedPillWomen reddit.

A Christian’s duty is to God, not man.

Hehe… a fun story of a young natural.

Young Hunter returns a few days after I remove him from my roll with a good post on the Wall.

The double standard is created by women.

What has been read cannot be unread.

Catholicism, America and puritanism.

Marriage and ownership.

Men on Strike from society itself.

It’s nice to know you’ve helped people.

The corporate boyfriend.

A series on the laws concerning sexual assault.
Related: Danny’s false rape accusation. He must be lying because women never lie about these kinds of things.

Behind every successful woman are numerous poor ones.

“I think one of the most valuable things you learn in school is to get up in the morning and do something you don’t want to do every single day.” Public schooling defined in a nutshell; it’s almost sadistic how this is seen as a benefit, even if the commenter back-pedaled.

Some Roman history.

Weird fact of the week: The first American slave owner was black.

Radish: No reason.

CNN posts Zimmerman’s SS#.
Related: The media and a Zimmerman witness.
Related: GLP comments. GLP’s Zimmerman stuff.
Related: The real charge against Zimmerman.
Related: No hope for Zimmerman.
Related: Rachael and voting.
Related: What the racist left is really saying.

Tax single mothers.

Free Justin Carter.

Teachers are substandard.

“(as opposed to people who think they’re entitled to sex with women because they are dudes and sexual fulfillment is a right like health care). “ What more can I say? Slate women talking about PUAs.

Safety standards that are forced on every other part of health care, don’t matter for abortion clinics.

The reality behind striking down DOMA.

Colorado and Magpul fighting back against the tyrants.

More nails in the scouting coffin.

Good thing we’re supporting democracy in Syria. And Egypt.

70% of Americans are on prescription meds.

Most Americans hate their jobs.

Advice for sugar babies to maximize their benefits.

Reinterpreting the civil war.

Voting fraud is a myth.

Cop T-shirts and police culture. It probably reflect poorly on me, but I found many of these hilarious.

(H/T: SDA, Foseti, Instapundit)

7 responses to “Lightning Round – 2013/07/03

  • dannyfrom504

    thanks for the linkage Brother. i appreciate it. long time no see.

  • sunshinemary

    SSM mistakes holding women to base moral standards for pedestalization.

    It isn’t the holding women to moral standards part; men should hold women to more than just base moral standards. As I pointed out in my post, men are well within their rights to point out women’s sin to them and to correct them.

    What I was referring to was the shock and disappointment men felt that a “red pill” woman batted for Team Woman. My point is that there is no surprise in this whatsoever and that all women will do this. That doesn’t mean they should get a pass on it. By no means. But it shouldn’t be shocking to anyone.

    When a child misbehaves, are you shocked? Of course not. But do you let them get away with it? Of course not.

    Christian women, even those who call themselves red pill, are still going to exhibit the same characteristics as all other women, though hopefully less often. They will still need correction. They will still need help with sanctification. It’s an ongoing process. Actually that’s true for men, too, but I don’t concern myself with men’s sins on my site.

  • Young Hunter

    Thanks for the linkage, sir. And for catching my return.

  • Elspeth

    I appreciate the linkage, FN..

  • TempestTcup

    Thanks for the link! These lightning rounds are a wealth of knowledge – I found the last one through SSM & before I knew it, I had about 10 tabs opened. Like I do right now 🙂

  • His Lordship

    Thank you for the kind linkage–though kneeling would be preferable.

  • Free Northerner

    Y’all are welcome.

    @ SSM: I did not register shock, although deti seems to have. But even so, is registering shock that someone would jeopardize their eternal soul for no personal benefit at all pedestalization? To think so, you have to reduce women to having absolutely no moral agency and/or absolutely no capability for foresight, the latter seems unlikely, while the former seems unbiblical.

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