Lightning Round – 2013/06/19

A Father’s Day call for repentance.
Related: Patriarchy 2.0.
Related: Fatherhood changes men.

Women’s place in society.

The neutering of man.

Game is stopping sucking.

Take up space.
Related: Use body language.
Related: On hiding emotions.

Perceived value.

Women want to be ravished.

Willpower is a muscle.

Living it up on a budget.

A good discussion on porn.
Related: A column on porn.

How leftists “think”.
Related: Rules for trolling.

When women play the virgin card.

Forney on self-shooters.

Horses and the red pill.

A parable.
Related: Danny with a cautionary tale.

Psychologists: Dread works.
Related: Hyper-hypergamy.

Life history and mate value.

WRE, even the mancave.

Are feminists and leftists less than human?
Related: Agency as privilege.

Arguments for ending women’s suffrage. Another.

Civilian gun owners safer than police.
Related: Terror is the state of being of the anti-freedom types.
Related: Make the Whitehouse a gun-free zone.

Remember who the state believes is most dangerous.

Bulbasaur on Moldbug’s castes.

Google unpersons Mangan.

The first and last Vikings. Part 2.

Detroit: a mystery of decline.
Related: Detroit is the future of America.

Cleveland prosecutes cold case rapes;  Slate’s close to committing a hatefact?
Related: What a stupid law.

White majority gone by 2043.
Related: Open borders is a selfish position to help the rich get richer.
Related: War in Syria and 800k new Democratic voters, I mean, Muslim immigrants.

Menopause caused by men.

8 out of 10 women believe men never grow up.

Single mothers earning $29k gross more than people earning $69k.

Feminist says feminists have lost.
Related: Feminist opposite day.

It seems to be vaguely hypocritical for a feminist to complain about men involving themselves in girly activities.

This made me laugh. Read first for background.
Related: Vox has a little more fun.

Women should have it all, whether she wants it or not, paid for by the taxpayer of course.

A female SEAL by 2016. The double-speak is strong here.

RL Rosie the Riveter quit after two weeks.

Paternity and personal genomics.
Related: NYT: Is forced fatherhood fair?

A psychologist tears apart Schwyzer.

Every time I think I’ve seen the limits of the depths of depravity in progressivism, someone raises the bar. Of course, it could be a fake, hopefully.

The magical thinking of the Keynesian.

The Cathedral: family relations between the media and administration.

Is the Cathedral going to try to stifle free speech on the interwebs.

Parents fight school over Father’s and Mother’s Day.

Democrat thinks Obamacare is not fair when applied to congress.

Repeat after me: Voter fraud doesn’t exist.

(H/T: SDA, Observer, GLP, Instapundit)

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