The Effects of the Red Pill

I don’t listen to the radio anymore, the only TV I have is Netflix, and I don’t read newspapers anymore except when linked to from some blog, so I’m fairly disconnected from the standard news. This weekend I was on a cart trip with some friends and we were listening to the CBC (the state-run broadcaster) and I realized exactly how deep the red pill has sunk into my thinking. Three particular items stood out.

The first was some news story about the protests in Turkey. The CBC was very much in favour of the protestors. The story was all about how oppressed the environmentalists, gays, and democrats protesting the regime were and how controlling the regime was for oppressing the greens and gays. They never got the side of the government or the majority of Turks who supported the government. Rather than supporting the protestors, I remarked how one-sided and biased the story was to my friends and found myself supporting the regime, simply based on how biased the CBC was on the issue. A few years ago I would hardly have noticed.

A little later a “debate” occurred concerning women’s declining fertility with age and when women should get married. One guest was against women marrying young so they could experience the world and be happy, the other was for women marrying young so they could find somebody and be happy. My friend remarked, ‘see, they cover both sides’. Then, red pill knowledge firmly in place, I told him how it didn’t both were the same liberal side concerned with happiness being the sole goal of marriage. Not a person addressed duty to family, God, or the nation, no one even mentioned are below-replacement reproductive rates, no one mentioned the health of the family or the country, no one mentioned the religious or societal foundations of marriage. Both women had the exact same argument: women should marry to be happy and no one should judge them for that, the only difference was at what age marriage would be the happiest. My friend then told me, they were never going to have that kind of debate on the radio; I told him that was exactly my point about the one-sidedness of it all.

Finally, a story about Nelson Mandela’s failing health came on. I was amazed by the almost painful cognitive dissonance of it. The whole story was about two things: 1) Nelson Mandela has been a foundational symbol of post-apartheid South Africa and his loss will greatly hurt the country, and 2) South Africa is in horrible shape, corruption is out of control, and it has been continually getting worse with people agitating to undo land reforms, etc., which is why the nation needs the symbolism of Mandela to hold itself together. The fact that this continual decline was a result of the regime Mandela helped put into place was enver even remarked on, even thought the entire story screamed this fact between the lines.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have noticed any of this. The red pill is a strong drug.

27 responses to “The Effects of the Red Pill

  • Amos

    But if we privatize CBC, then it’s certain that all arts and culture will be destroyed, never to emerge again, and evil, wicked, Fox-news types will spring out from the woodwork!

    I’m up in the air about the whole damn thing. On the one hand, having a state-run media outlet promoting conservative cultural values could orient society towards a more traditional bend, i.e., one that’s not self-immolating.

    On the other hand, no one from the younger generation listens to CBC Radio. And I doubt as they age that they’ll suddenly pick up the habit. As well, it’s certainly far from broadcasting anything remotely what you would consider to be conservative.

    Conservatism when we control the state. Libertarianism when we don’t.

    Burn, CBC, burn.

  • Leap of a Beta

    Unless the media is controlled by the state, the media will always pander to the desires of the people. The media doesn’t make the people liberal, the people make the media liberal. Just as it’s people making the church liberal, the government, etc.

    The laws were changed because the people demanded power and they were given it. Now they’re using it. Big surprise when it becomes a continual race to the bottom; driven by the lowest common stupidity.

  • earl

    Yeah basically anything about women’s issues revolves around their precious feelings. Experiencing any negative emotion is like murder to them.

  • Dannyfrom504

    Yes, yes it is. Once taken, you can never go back.

  • Dannyfrom504

    I hate iPhone commenting.

  • Sis

    I love hearing your perspective, it is refreshing.

  • CoffeeCrazed

    Okay. For outsiders benefit. CC is state-funded but I wouldn’t call it state-driven. Over the years they have defined their agenda which fits with some of the government we have had, but it is their own agenda.

    I too find myself looking at things differently, even throwing in some Heartiste-isms for good measure. And some people just don’t get it. My brother and I talk a lot and red-pill oriented themes come up. It is pretty frequent that the phrase, “you’re not talking about that again”, is uttered by him. Funny thing is, he always comes to me with topics and questions that are begging for the red pill response, but I sometimes think he is looking for some blue pill soothing.

    I have taken to evaluating relationships in this way. I do a side gig as a handyman and almost all of my customers are Indian/Hindu. There are some really good examples of red pill marriage there. When working at one of these places i could say, “make me a sammich”, and wife would ask “what kind?” and husband would be wondering what’s taking so long.

  • CoffeeCrazed

    CC=CBC … like Danny said…

  • fnn

    Funny that from a young age I was always dubious about the “pursuit of happiness” phrase in the US Declaration of Independence.

    You forgot to mention that Mandela is an admitted terrorist of the most indiscriminate kind-see Church Street bombing.

  • ANorthernObserver

    Major media tends to report whichever is the more sensational story. Russia passes law banning non-traditional relationships? Oh no! Never mind there were protests outside the parliament supporting the new law.

    Turkey has protesters and riots? It must be that eeevil government that’s oppressing them, which makes for a much more sensational and sellable story than a good government putting down illegitimate protest.

  • Tim

    Those are good points. And its not just the news which seems different.

    Watch a movie from the 50s or earlier and you’ll notice that it is those male stars that many of the men in this corner of the internet are trying to emulate, even if they don’t know it yet.

    If nothing else, we should aspire to dress as well as they did.

  • Thanatos

    “The media doesn’t make the people liberal, the people make the media liberal. Just as it’s people making the church liberal, the government, etc.”

    True,but possibly misleading to lower IQ knee-jerk types. See,it’s the liberal operatives that make the media liberal,as well as making the schools liberal, the churches liberal, and so on in the vein you mention.

    Liberalism is only partially a creation. It starts in the mind of a defective,degenerate, and deformed person. It’s a combination of envy and the desperate need to be anyone but the pudgy,androgynous,usually homosexual doughboy or doughgirl, as the case may be, that a liberal is.

    From there, since this antisocial mechanism is present in all of us to a greater or lesser degree,but is dominant in the psyche of the liberal,and can be stimulated in others, a single liberal or small group of liberals can refine this antisocial urge into a potent psychological virus,known as a meme.

    This meme hijacks the social urge among civilized humans to pity the pathetic,toxically and parasitically draining resources from the host to plug the empty space in the liberal which would be filled by self-esteem,community-based productivity or patriotism, and heterosexual love, in the non-deformed individual.

    This hole is impossible to fill and it vampirically preys upon all those that do not shun or eradicate it.

    Because the vampiric psyche of the liberal constantly needs more to feed upon from other individuals and is psychopathically blind to the suffering of their victims they seek out larger and larger platforms to suck up all the attention and pretend adulation they receive because of their pitiful state.

    Thus it is that the people come to be liberal and the liberals come to dominate the institutions.

    It is not because liberals are smart,like they always claim. 90% of their ideas are taken from other people and implemented stupidly by themselves. That’s why they’re always getting caught and you see them in the news.

  • M3

    Say what you will, i love the CBC.

    There is an element of truth to Colbert’s “Truth has a left wing bias”.. because i cannot recall for the love of all things holy, how many ‘FACTS’ i got from CBC vs. how much ‘SPIN’ and ‘EMOTIONAL HYSTERIA’ i got from CNN and FAUX over the rush to invade Iraq.

    Fox might as well have been ‘state run media’ since Bill Clintons impeachment and 4 time family values man Newt the Gin-Grinch stole traditional marriage made his ‘Contract with America’. Just my observations.

    Hate on CBC or BBC all you will.. say they have an agenda, they probably do.. (as does Fox which manufactures news, not reports it), when it comes to actually reporting on news and world events, the big international news chains do simply report properly without trying to spin out a convoluted narrative.

    Or does anyone still believe Saddam’s drones of death, alluminum tubes for WMD and connection to AlQuada.

    But i will acquiesce that CBC’s debate shows, round tables and town hall’s are very left wing biased. But i find them just as useless as CNN’s now defunct CrossFire which i thank Jon Stewart for single handedly killing. It truly was ‘hurting America’. For that matter so are most conservative talking heads too, who blame Obama for everything, EVEN while Bush was doing the exact same things and plunging the US into a nightmare.

    The Red Pill goes beyond politics of liberal/conservative. I’m an Atheist and a Libertarian and i see the RedPill everywhere too, regardless of political persuasion or ideology.

    Just my 2 cents. Disagree at your leisure.. 😀

  • Anonymous

    I lived in Canada for a time. The CBC is like NPR here in the States. I noticed the exact same thing about the Turkey and Mandela stories.

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  • Steve Johnson

    Hey M3 – I think you should check your red pill and see if it’s just a thin coat of food dye over a blue pill.

  • M3

    @ Steve

    LOL. Thanks mate, i’ll double check but i think i’m good.

    The redpill is an alagory to the pill taken in the matrix.. NOT the politcal landscape of red/repubs/conserv vs. blue/dems/libs.

    I’ll wait to see if you’d care to elaborate why you think i’m taking a placebo instead of the redpill, before i go more in depth with a retort. Cheers!

  • Steve Johnson

    “Hate on CBC or BBC all you will.. say they have an agenda, they probably do.. (as does Fox which manufactures news, not reports it), when it comes to actually reporting on news and world events, the big international news chains do simply report properly without trying to spin out a convoluted narrative.”

    The pure voice of the cathedral has an agenda. They don’t “simply report properly” without trying “to spin out a convoluted narrative”.

    And yeah, Fox news is the official voice of the outer party – what you’re barely allowed to believe if you reject the voice of the inner party (but if you do believe that stuff then you’re icky).

    If you see the world as divided into Fox news vs the BBC and think “well, they disagree therefore one is reporting the truth” then I think the best reading you can do rectify that belief is the original post.

  • M3

    Fox is not official news of the outer party. They were not the official news of the Dems when Repubs controlled all 3 branches of gov.

    CBC may be ‘state’ controlled, but it still answers to the people and no one can claim either Liberal or Conservative leaders of Canada get a free ride during corruption or scandals here. Libs got raked over killing a helicopter contract that cost millions. Conserves will get raked over no bid no contest for buying useless F35 fighters for national defense.

    I’m not simply harping on Fox here. ALL of your media.. even what you call ‘liberal’.. is still state run prop shit. Corporate media only serves one master. Profit, not truth. To get factual news that doesn’t worry about pissing off advertisers and has a proper ombudsman that answers to the people and not a board of investors is what keeps a well informed populace and democracy running.

    What you have currently is an idiocracy with TV soundbites and talking heads clashing and screaming over one another to make newz ‘entertaining’ instead of based on fact. This was inevitable when Reagen removed the fairness doctrine.. and then media was allowed to peddle shit that wasn’t even true:

    I’m not the only one to notice it.

    If you think i’m just here to spout of bleeding heart lib shit, i’m not. I abhor CNN as much as Fox. I hate Salon (except for Glen Greenwald) as much as i hate the Washington Post. I hate Huffington post and Daily Kos as much as i hate WorldNetDaily and the Drudge Report.

    I can choose to hear the AP report “Army finds cache of alluminum tubes in Iraq. Administration says to be used for WMD. CIA says tubes most likely used for conventional rockets”


    I can choose to hear bleating emotional and hysterical pleas from MOST major US media outlets screaming ‘OMG OMG OMG.. the sky is falling, SADDAM WANTS TO KILL US WITH NUKES IN 45 MINUTES KILL HIM AND MURDER HIM TO DEATH WITH FIRE!”

    One reports facts. One acts like a crazy feminist. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

    You may freely respond to my comment with a counter comment but i won’t add anything further. We can keep going back and forth with this debate but i would rather not inundate FreeNortherners blog with a politics kerfuffle.

    The RedPill should always be framed as mans awakening from the feminine imperative and being able to realize his dreams on his own terms and not towards the fulfillment of the states objectives, nor feminist desires for subjugated and docile male gender.

  • samsonsjawbone

    A few years ago, I wouldn’t have noticed any of this. The red pill is a strong drug.

    Hahahaha, I listened to CBC that same day, and had all the same thoughts as you – including the very thought about how I wouldn’t have formerly noticed all these things.

    Like you probably do, I listen to the CBC because it’s what we’ve got, but I can’t help noticing that they run stories featuring teh gays all the time.

  • samsonsjawbone

    Just my 2 cents. Disagree at your leisure.

    Oh, I agree with you to a great extent. I don’t like CBC’s liberal slant but it’s nothing compared to the amazement I get from the occasional glimpse of sensationalist US media.

  • Free Northerner

    @ M3: You should read some Mencius on the inner and outer party:

    Mencius is as strong a cleansing of crooked thought as you will find this side of the Bible.

    The CBC’s distortions of fact are more subtle than those of Fox or MSNBC, but for that they are all the more dangerous. Fox and MSNBC are pikers in the propaganda wars compared to CNN, NYT, CBC, and BBC.

    As for the red pill and the feminine imperative, it is so much more than that. The rabbit hole goes ever deeper; I wrote more about it here:

    @ samson: I don’t listen to CBC normally; the only reason I was, was because it was my friend’s car.

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  • Steve Johnson

    “Fox is not official news of the outer party. They were not the official news of the Dems when Repubs controlled all 3 branches of gov.”

    All 3 branches of gov.

    How quaint.

  • Emma

    What in particular about the work of Nelson Mandela do you disagree with?? In a very messy, layered and delicate situation; he did a lot of good. Have you spent anytime in South Africa or is all your knowledge purely textbook/theoretical??

  • Free Northerner

    He was a terrorist who participated in the murder of hundreds. He instituted a butcherous regime in South Africa that is engaging in ethnic cleansing. He helped create the current corrupt “democracy” that is slowly destroying South Africe. He conspired with communists.

    I have not spent time in South Africa and wonder why anyone would want to.

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