Lightning Round – 2013/05/29

Both nihilists and civilizationists are necessary.
Related: Why it had to be PUA’s.

You might be a patriarch if

da manosphere summarzied by daGBFM

No guts, no glory: love does exist.

“When the sky gods war or the earth goddess dances, when the human curse of zealotry or simple stupidity lays waste to our delicate civilization, it takes Men, doing Manly things, to bring us back from the edge of barbarism.”

The proper framework for marriage.
Related: The fallacy of mutual submission. More.

Why ‘you always find someone when you aren’t looking’ works for women.

The male equivalent of the slut is the beta orbiter.

The blue pill and the red pill: reality and ideal

Victor Pride with some more motivational writing.

The reason the red pill tastes bitter.

Approach factors.

Do desert dates instead of dinner.

Why PUA’s don’t have all the answers.

Fat girls don’t deserve love.

The pretense and necessity of responsibility.

Treat mediocrity as a crisis.

Heavy is the head.

Study sends shockwaves through feminist groups. Hehe.

Should we redistribute based on sexual desirability.

My condolences go out to Danny.

The Captain and Private Man on Samsung.

The Captain is asking for some help.

Gender Nihilism.

5 easy steps to get him to propose.

Aging, selfish, entitled women is angry no men want to have children with her.
Related: An MGTOW reply in the MSM. Going mainstream?

Being single has its perks.
Related: Women 40% more likely to develop mental illness.
Related: 30% of women are sexually dysfunctional.
Related: Women commit the majority of domestic violence.

Non-institutional false rape accusations also occur.

The same site that attacked Karamazov, has turned to another manosphere denizen, Frank. Is this the start of a trend? I find it amusing that people who communicate mainly in .gifs  and substitute emotion for reason are insulting his intelligence.

Blogging, the MSM, and trust.

Reducing the links in your blogposts.

Is the tide turning? The comments on this Schwyzer article are almost all pro-male.

In defence of the use of ‘the Cathedral’.

The sociology of reaction.
Related: Going forward: the specialization of reaction.

Heroes of the Dark Enlightenment. I hope I’m important enough to get the card treatment next issue. Also, Radish seems to be going by Karl now. Wonder if that’s his real name.

The Cathedral demands its sacrifice.

The progressive glossary.

Is the doom and gloom overhyped?

Has intelligence been declining since the Victorian era?

Revenge on the bankers.

Frightening facts about the US economy.
Related: US treasury will take from pension funds to avoid default.

Sweden is being culturally enriched. So is Britain.
Related: Stockholm continues to enjoy being culturally enriched.
Related: They don’t want to integrate.
Related: Only dark explanations explain Sweden.

Islam in Europe: how it ends.
Related: According to SDA, this is not satire. I weep for the Vikings.

On SHTF; what the collapse could look like.

Canada firearms laws; persecuting the innocent.

The police state is warming up with some political, unlawful arrests.

The scary part of the IRS scandal is the general reaction.
Related: Foseti on the IRS scandal.
Related: The personal effects of the IRS scandal.
Related: Gibson targeted by federal raids for political activities.
Related: Pravda edits the news: MSM neutrality? A lie.
Related: Obama met with IRS union head before Tea Party targeted.
Related: Obama administration on why government should be smaller.

Britain is increasingly becoming a police state.

The growth of the fourth branch of government.

Why there can be no conversation about guns with the freedom haters.

60% of Jamaicans think they would be better off as a British colony.

Permanent affirmative action.

Workers find out what’s in the health care bill.

Abuse is one thing, but the NYC school system cannot abide this.

Public school is literally more lethally dangerous than guns.

John Dewey is one of the most evil Americans of the last century.

The federal government issues speech code recommendations for universities.

Rob Ford and the politics of class.

Susan Walsh and the Atlantic manage to somehow miss the obvious demographic question. Sometimes I wonder if they are being purposefully ignorant of if goodthink is simply that ingrained.

The pope is theologically wrong or at least on the very edge of wrongness.

It’s been a while, so once again: Paul Krugman is a lying intellectual whore.
Related: Lobbyists should write bills I approve of.

Monsanto is big government.

Shell: We can’t’ find capable women.

Mother Jones: Blacks more likely to be murderers, pedophiles, and rapists.

The glories of the union.

The business of Cards Against Humanity.

Bad advice tumbler.

The fatkini; because sloth and gluttony are nothing to be ashamed of.

Freeze your eggs for when you realize you made a mistake in life.

Feminist just discovers that boys like groups, girls like pairs.

Veganism kills.

Does it say something about our society when so many movies about the apocalypse and the white house are being released this year?

The MGTOW’s continue to make good arguments.

(H/T: Instapundit, SDA, Bill, Foseti, Save CapitalismTIWMGTOW, CC, Maggie’s Farm, Shining Pearls, Castles & Cooks)

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