The Cathedral Footsoldiers

The Karamazov Idea has gone down and just a week or so after I added him to my blogroll. It seems he pissed off the feminists (this link is the second highest Google result for Karamazov Idea) and was threatened with being doxed. (Before he went he made this good post examining empirically the types of women who get tattoos. Check it out on this archived page.)

You may also remember that earlier this year CDM-N went down in a similar situation. A similar thing could have happened when Lindy West of Jezebel attacked Victor Pride, but Victor Pride fought back and he’s now given up his anonymity. Numerous other blogs in our little corner of the internet have had trouble with being doxed, outed, or real life attacks.

In larger culture, this has also happened to public individuals like John Derbyshire, James Watson, and, recently, Jason Richwine. It doesn’t matter how small or big you are, they will try to shut you down. Even in national politics we can see this, such as the recent IRS case.

Now, this is a common tactic of the left, using their bullying power to shut down people whose ideas they don’t like. The religion of the Cathedral is Truth and heretics must be stamped out. Thankfully, they haven’t gotten to burning people at the stake, yet, they simply try to take away your livelihood and economic future.

The left, supposed “free-thinkers” who love “critical thinking”, will try to remove your livelihood from you simply for expressing an opinion, or in Richwine’s case, simply presenting facts. But of course, we all know the left doesn’t like actual free-thought or critical thinking, these are simply code-words for intellectual stultifying conformity.

Eventually, unless something changes, these kinds of witchhunts will simply result in shooting. At some point, the right is going to get sick of fearing constantly for their jobs and their family’s food simply because of their political opinions. This will result in them realizing we have all the guns and the cowards at Jezebel, Gawker, et al. have purposefully disarmed themselves. The ‘fight’ at this point will be rather one-sided, maybe enough so to simply be a ‘cleansing’.

But that’s for the future. Right now, for us here in the manosphere/alt-right, this means we have to be aware of their tactics. There are three ways to deal with this: either need to have nothing to lose, such as Victor Pride who works for himself, or we must be willing to accept the costs of being the leftists’ enemies, such as Vox Day who has said before that he has lost work because of his writings (but I can’t find the link), or we must simply be anonymous, then back out when the threats come and let someone else takeover, such as with CDM-N and Karamazov. (There’s also the possibility of just being a fun guy like Danny, who no one seems to take offense to).

For myself, for now, I choose anonymity, it’s easier, but as a single man with no family to support and in a unionized government job, I’m not overly worried about being doxed.

Remember, be aware of the risks, but don’t let them stifle you. Leftists may be controlling, close-minded, tyrannical assholes, but they are not omnipotent.


Martel remarked at SSM’s:

In regards to blogs shutting down and the like, I though WE were the supposed oppressors. If we’re so damn oppressive, then how is it so easy for the oppressed to completely wreck our lives?

There are countless oppressors like Rollo and Roissy who have to blog anonymously (even me, although I’m not in their league yet), but victims of oppression like Amanda Marcotte and Jessica Wakeman use their real names. It’s like the oppressors are afraid of something but the oppressed aren’t.

However much the left might pretend they’re “fighting the power” or how oppressed they are, they’re lying to gain ideological points. The left has a firm grip on the levers of power.

The power differential is easy to see; leftists do not have to worry about being fired or having their anonymity slip because there are no repercussions for being a leftist. Rightests have to steel themselves and prepare, because being a heretic can end your career and economic livelihood.


Now having said that, I just want to examine that blog post about Karamazov’s post and its comments a bit.

The title of the blog post attacked Karamazov, “Karamazov Idea” Says Tattoos Make You A Slut. Of course, IIRC he argued that sluts where tattoos, not that tattoos caused sluttiness; the writer failed to distinguish cause from effect, but then again logic and feminists tend to have an adversarial relationship.

Now, one thing that will surprise no one, is that despite being against judging people on sexual history (the quip about “slut assignment” being case in point) they do seem to be a sexually judgmental lot. Some quotes from sluts who are opposed to sexual judgmentalism:

I have a $100 wager running that if this guy ever sees a naked woman in real life, he curls into a fetal position and vomits on himself.

I’m thinking that Christian Mingle wouldn’t even fuck him.

Sounds like someone was rejected by a woman with tattoos!

He’s totally a virgin.

Frustrated virgin dud really hates women who’re giving it up to everyone but him.

You’ll get laid someday little buddy.

Seething Dude w/ mommy-issues compounded by can’t-get-laid issues is seething.

Something tells me this guy has been rejected by too many tattooed women.

Pretty sure this is a sixteen year old boy who is super sad that he’s never seen pair of boobs in person.

That guy is a fucking douche. Majority of the female population has some kind of ink. So therefore no pussy for him. And he’s mad. I can read the anger through his little bitch boy post (s). He needs a high five to the face by a fierce tattooed up chick.

The only response I have for “Realism” [ed: one of the few sane people in the comments] is “HELLLOOOOO VIRGIN!” and this:

They are infuriating at first until you realize that they are just the new generation of guys who play Magik the Gathering and hold resentment that their moms made them zip up their jacket in front of girls.

Dude, you’re a 23 year old “man” with obvious mother issues. Sort yourself out before you die alone.

mommy issues… right???

Come hither, young Karamazov. I want to show you something fun you can do with your penis. No, it doesn’t involve sticking it in me. But it will be fun, and probably the closest thing you will experience to actual sex with a woman.

Here’s some of these people who are against discriminating against people based on their body:

Agreed… this guy has a teeny tiny little penis.

What this guy looks like in my mind. [image of fat, ugly man]

If only you had an echo chamber to console your tiny, lonely penis.

He does – it’s called his right hand. [ed. following prior comment]

He reminds of the dudes in grad school who used “intellectualism” and an interested in Christian theology as an excuse to say nasty things about women.

FWIW- those dudes were unattractive, socially awkward and didn’t get into their top choice PhD programs (or any).

Now, it should come as no surprise to most by now, but feminists are hypocritical when it comes to judgment. Men can not judge the sexual history of women, but at the same time those same women will happily judge a man’s presumed sexual history. “Slut-shaming” is evil sexism, but “virgin-shaming” is great. Shaming fatties and tattooed sluts who chose to deface their bodies is wrong, shaming a man through libelous accusations of having a small penis is thoroughly acceptable.

Remember, for the Jezebel and Feministing types, modern feminism has little to do with logic or principles and is simply the ideological wrapping-paper for the selfish entitlement complexes of sluts. Hypocrisy and illogic are all you can expect.

I wonder how these people would react if Karamazov called someone a cunt:


Here’s a bit of irony:

Does any woman really care what this asshole or any man, for that matter, thinks?

This is being asked while 9 pages of women bitch and act offended by what he said. I know logic isn’t the feminists’ strong suit, but if any feminist reads this: [Protip]: not caring is the opposite of spending 9 pages bitching and being offended. Also, it’s kind of hard to argue no woman cares, when at least one spent enough effort to track him down in real life and threaten to ruin his anonimity. One woman even cared enough to start their own blog solely because of this post.

It seems women care a hell of a lot when someone points out that maybe making stupid choices in life is not the wisest move.

The best quote though, is this one:

I’ve been seriously toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for quite some time now but have been on the fence. Now, thanks to the Karamazov Idea… I know I definitely want one! So thanks a bunch douche bag!

You can really see the high level of decision-making skills in these gals: “Imma gonna permenently deface myself to spite some random guy on the internet I’ve never met and I think is a loser.” Fantastic.


Anyway, the point of this post: feminists are often hypocritical, but they have have the cultural power to hurt you, so be aware of that.

Or maybe they’re not hypocrites, but are just inferior beings who hold others to higher standards than they hold themselves.

13 responses to “The Cathedral Footsoldiers

  • The Shadowed Knight

    A solution to doxing would be a personal visit to the attempted doxer by a PI after a little backtracking by some friendly network savvy hackers. Send a little note asking them to cease and desist their silencing tactics. Just let them know, we know where you are, and we can reach out and touch you. Nothing violent, of course; that would be uncivilized. Just a personal request for them to consider changing their ways.

    The Shadowed Knight

  • Leap of a Beta

    I’m pissed about the whole thing. Every argument they had was either ad hominem attacks or anecdotal evidence, “I’m not a slut and I have tats, so you’re obviously wrong.”

    Prove it, Ms Anonymous. Show me some data. Show me a study. Hell, even just a convincing argument concerning psychology would open up an interesting discussion if you were able to find psychological reasons why having a tattoo doesn’t make you a slut.

    But Karamazov found facts. Trends. While there may be outliers and some outside of the trends, you make policies and decisions based on them.

    So. While if I’m pursuing a hedonistic night of pleasure I’ll look for a girl wearing high heels, a dress, and sporting some ink…. I won’t approach her if I’m looking for something long term. She might be outside of the trends, and be a virgin woman with a christian heart sporting some ink and wanting to look nice while she’s out with some friends for the night; but reality and statistics tell me that I’d be much more likely to end up with sunk costs than wife material.

    But suggesting that people react to provable reality angers the followers of feminism and goads them into action. Thus the machine searches for manflesh to chew up, spit out, and push the whole lumbering beast forward.

    I can only hope Karamazov comes back eventually. Stronger and better in the new name and bastion he makes his own in this corner of the internet..

  • alcestiseshtemoa

    Maybe it’s a good idea not to call it the “Cathedral”? Sounds too RCC. The powers that be are more Puritan Protestant, or even Jewish Atheist, than Catholic.

  • oogenhand

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Things are never a two-way street with the Left. After all, they are oppressed. Given their preference for violence, it is likely the Antifa who are the ones with chimp-sized manhoods.

  • Emma the Emo

    Oh lol, that last quote is EXACTLY like the ones on Vox’s hair thread. He said short hair is not good on a woman. Lots of caring women said they would cut their hair off now, to spite him (and to “keep men like him from hitting on them”).
    This is what a person with no control over their life looks like.

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  • Leap of a Beta

    Reblogged this on stagedreality and commented:
    I’m reblogging this because the silencing of opinions pisses me off, yet is something feminists and the left love to do. If you don’t like an opinion, shame the person giving it. If that doesn’t work, threaten personal attacks on their livelihood to ruin their career. If that still doesn’t work, make up such horrible claims that their career will be ruined whether true or not (such as rape, sexual assault, etc). With the environment they’ve fostered, it’s an easy, reliable way to win.

    And is usually instigated over something as relatively unimportant as saying, “Men are likely to think that women with tattoos are sluts, because women with tattoos tend to be sluttier. Here, look at the proof.”

    Free Northerner explains exactly as I would have, so I’ll show off his work. I think some of my readers could use his insight to some of the hypocrisy I see the left flaunt daily.

  • tg moderator

    Anonymity is essential. I have tried to keep my blog separate from my real life as much as possible. I have a yahoo email address that is used only for the blog. I am starting to buy almost everything with cash. Even grocery store discount cards are a source of tracking info. As Mark Knopfler put it, “We live below the radar, they want to spoil our fun…. In the meantime. I’m cleaning my gun.”

  • Bert

    >Anonymity is essential. I have tried to keep my blog separate from my real life as much as possible.

    Do you use a VPN to avoid IP tracking?

    @Shadowed Knight:
    >A solution to doxing would be a personal visit to the attempted doxer by a PI after a little backtracking by some friendly network savvy hackers.

    That could be very expensive. Hong Kong hackers can dox folks in Singapore, for example, but it’s insanely expensive to hire a PI in Hong Kong, even if you can locate the correct IP block.

    Even getting a PI in Canada could be inconvenient. And what if a Canadian gets doxed by a New Zealander?

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  • Martel

    I’ve got a decent anti-doxing insurance policy. It’s called “BLOW ME”.

    If you’re not particularly good at expressing your views, the left will sometimes interact with you a bit, hoping your inability to express your views well will delegitimize you.

    But if you’re any good at all, they know they’ve got to respond with “Racist (homophobe/misogynist/greedy oil exec, etc.) SHUT UP!!!!” They’ll shout down your speeches, try to shut down your website, go after you with the IRS, or do whatever it takes to keep people frome even hearing what you have to say.

    Even if you’re politically agnostic, if you contrast their behavior with that of the right (seen any attempts to shut down MSNBC? me, neither), it should become obvious who has more to fear from the truth.

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