Lightning Round – 2013/05/22

There are no winners in a shit-test.

Beta training.

What kills love?

Dalrock on traditional marriage.
Related: A divorce story.
Related: Against marriage licenses.
Related: You do not have the right to marry.

How churches abandoned the Christian single.
Related: Looking for the one.
Related: Why I will probably never attend church services again.

The idiocy of the state replacing the family.
Related: Weaker men more likely to welfare state and redistribution.

Logos and Agape: reason comes before love.
Related: Some people need civilization beaten into them.

“The curse of Eve is the irresistible allure of the unknown.”

Science: Build comfort by talking about her.


Don’t you even have a life?

Body and face. I’ve always had a preference towards face myself.

The paleo attitude.

Some rhetoric advice.

Do not become misologic.

It is not weird to have feelings for a girl.
Related: Loneliness if deadly.

An alpha gene?

Science: ED caused as much by partner as it is by age.

The failure of overparenting.

Eating disorders and feminism.

Misandry does not exist.

Going ghost and the parasites.
Related: Obamacare a raw deal for men.
Related: Vox comments.

Be a security guard or join the military.

The loser I was; a story of porn.
Related: A story of self-destruction.

Always be in control.

Most sexually abusive men, were sexually abused by females.

An evolutarionary psychologist on PUA’s using his work.

Game, DE, and Reaction.

The Gods of the Copybook Heading in a nutshell.

IQ denial is a religious belief.

Is the right growing a spine?
Related: Even if people don’t accept biological IQ differences, maybe they should at least research them.
Related: The open-mindedness of the Cathedral.
Related: On race as a biological construct.

Not whether but which.
Related: “Indeed, our society has killed God only to leave these people searching for him up their ass.”

On r/K life cycle theory.

Now arriveth the consequences of anti-natalism.
Related: Hamsters hitting the wall.

Using ‘leviathan’ instead of ‘cathedral’. I prefer the latter; the religious connotations are essential to exposing the reality of the issue, the former strips that layer of meaning.

The abuses of the IRS. Big brother in action.
Related: The real scandal of the IRS scandal.
Related: The IRS scandal is not about the president.
Related: Polls: No one cares. Why the Republic is doomed.
Related: IRS told pro-life group it must promote abortion.
Related: IRS steals 60 million medical records.

EPA shows favouritism for liberal groups.

Bill with a list of executive orders.
Related: US military overturns Posse Comitatus.

Did the administration spy on congress?

Passport control is people control.

Obama admits he’s a socialist? Maybe overstating based on the context.

Gay pride has killed more homosexuals than the closet.

We now know what leftists are. They hate you.

Diversity saves.

They come for Victoria Day.

If she wants baby it’s murder, if he wants baby it’s choice.

Targeting boys with anti-teen pregnancy ads.

Hate-fuck hoaxer is a violent criminal. Hehe.

Eating disorders and feminism.

Göbekli Tepe and social evolution.

Socialism follows the same script it always does in Argentina.

Will shares some specialized dating sites. Hehe.

Creepy things kids have said.

Best conspiracy ever?

10 facts about sleep.

Map of world’s most and least tolerant people.

Trivium pursuit. Home-schooling the Trivium.

(H/T: SDA, Clarissa, Phineas, Maggie’s Farm, zhainai, Save Capitalism, Sarah’s Daughter, GLP)

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